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So i just read contractions are like period cramps +10. When i have a period i get really bad back cramps and not so Much abdominal cramps so i guess my question is will i have more back labor contractions then abdominal?? Or does it matter how your period cramps were?
Yeah ^ they're a lot worse than period cramps. But the pain is still manageable. At least for me. I waited at home till I was 9cm and went to hospital had my baby within an hour. I didn't want meds and the pain wasn't that bad for meds anyway. But could feel differently for everyone else.
Try not to worry. Contractions feel like period pains but they start off mild, gradually get stronger and then fade away again. The more contractions you get, the stronger they become. Also if you place your hand on your tummy you can usually feel it harden during a contraction. Trust me when I say you will know when it starts. Im on pregnancy number 5.
When labor hit with my daughter contractions were painful like really painful. So far all I'm feeling is what feels like period cramps not sharp more dull and dont last very long.
My period cramps don't even compare to contractions and I had horrible period cramps lol! I had a quick labor though so I had some really intense contractions.
Can someone explain exactly how natural birth is? Also how contractions are? Im not sure if I had them or not I think it was during sex because it was a cramping feeling on the side of my stomach. Can someone please leave me Comments! Thanks!
I have a question about contractions, this is my first pregnacny and what I read is that your belly gets hard during a contraction my problem is since I was about 18 weeks along my belly would get hard if I walked or did any sort of activity. The last 2 days I have had this pinching like feeling in areas, pressure pretty low by my pubic bone, and some mild menstrual like cramps.
I've had contractions (went into labour prematurely @ 26 weeks) but I'm a ftm so I haven't been in full blown labour but my contractions felt like pressure, like bub was pushing out but all over my stomach, and I was having bad period like cramps. But it may be different for everyone!
I have never had that....I haved delivered 2 babies vaginally. Real contractions are exactly like menstrual the most. I somehow during my first pregnancy thought labor pains would be my ENTIRE is NOT. The contractions are down low, across the lower abdomen, and in the lower back...They feel like a really bad period. The sharp pains in your breasts might be milk glands preparing for their duties....Hope that I far along are you?
Are they coming and going? Is it tolerable or not? My contractions felt like a period cramp that wrapped around my back. It honestly felt like I had to have a bowel movement and couldn't. If they continue either way I'd get it checked and see what's causing them.
hi,im 20yrs old & my period was 7 weeks an 5 days late. finally it came last night(4-13-08) it started off light pinkish color then in the morning it was reg.color now today i used the bathroom an a blood clot the size of a quater came out of me like a dark purple color! is sumthing wrong?i took 5 hpt an 1 blood test all neg. so i dont think its a misscarrige,im scrared.. please w/b.
I am not sure if I am having contractions or not?? I am having very uncomfortable period like cramps in my lower belly/ pelvic area. They come and go.. What do you think???
For me my contractions got close together and really intense. So much so that I couldn't talk during my contractions and had to force myself to breathe. Timing your contractions is really the key, if you get them 3-5 mins apart for at least an hour and they are really intense then it might be baby time. It typically doesn't happen right after you use your plug. I went into labor weeks after I lost my plug.
Well, I'm pretty sure they are contractions. They feel like period cramps. When I get my period my cramps are VERY mild, just like a reminder that my period is coming, haha. Well, today, they are pretty strong. Everybody tells me they are contractions. Anyway, my questions are: - How many am I supposed to get in an hour, - How aften are they supposed to happen, and - How long are they supposed to last?
Hey there, the problem with answering the question is many people have many different kinds of contractions, however im gonna give it a bash from what I know and have been told by midwives, here goes, the feeling in the top of the uterus could very well be contractions because this is where the tightest feeling will occur, thats why the midwives put the sensor pad up there during labour to monitor the contractions, however, depending on how far along you are they might also be braxton hixxs cont
I believe the contractions you all are talking about is labor contractions. Braxton hicks contractions are a painless tightening of the abdomen. They can, at times, feel uncomfortable. I started feeling mine around 30 weeks, I am now 39 weeks. The closer you get to your due date the more you will feel them.
Hi Texas09. I will be 45 next month and have been going through what I think is premenoupause. So, I am not at the stage where you are now. But, I hope that maybe I can help you in this way, nonetheless. My mom completed perimenopuse and entered into menopause at the age of 43. I remeber her telling me a year or so later, after no longer having periods, that she would get these feelings of "contractions" during the time she would have been due to having a period.
My contractions are never super painful until my water breaks. They get super super tight and extremely uncomfortable with a whole lot of pressure. Are they time-able?
I had one legit contraction this am that lasted for a min and I had trouble breathing or moving during. So, when u guys say ur having contractions are they BH or painful, can't breath or walk kind??? Just wondering!! Thx in advance ladies!
Are cramps good or bad? Like the ones you get during your period?? I've always been one to get them in my lower back and my butt. I've been getting them.. Also my contractions are starting down in my pelvic super strong and then they go up my belly.. Are those kind of contractions normal?? Seems to me like those would push baby up not down?? The contractions also go around to my back which I know can be normal.. But this is all way strong and way painful. I almost cried last night!
This time it'll come then go away and then come again and be worse. Has anyone else experienced this? And if so was it contractions or just BH?
Can walking a lot and being very active during the day cause labor like symptoms? I am 23 weeks and today I walked 2.5 miles which I have been doing almost everyday. I also did a lot of laundry, cooked, cleaned, played with my dogs. So a very active day. Later this evening and right now I am getting period like cramps. I feel like my blood pressure is kind of high, and I can't sleep (Maybe anxiety related due to the pains). Also, baby is usually pretty active around this time but isn't active.
I was always regular before these past 7 months, and I have never had period cramps! Do they feel like labor contractions? If anyone has any advice for me, I would really appreciate it! The only thing I can compare my experience to is labor pains and I'm worried my doctor is going to try to pass it of as a bowel problem or something. Thank you!
They didnt check if I was diolated because it was determined a bladder infection and that set off the contractions... It felt like really bad period cramps, and my belly was really hard, felt like a rock. I'm supposed to stay in bed, but I'm ready to do a 5 mile hike.. I HATE being stuck in the house, It's like a dark dungon here... James is still at home so that makes me want to get out even more. Or maybe I'll walk down to the Market Place and go tanning and buy baby stuff.
I have Braxton hicks contractions quite often. But for the last week have been having a lot if painfull menstural cramps/ feeling like I have to poo, contractions. It is hard for me to time them, because when I am havig. These cramps they either come very often and don't last long, for example have 3-5 bad cramps lasting about 30 seconds every 5 minutes but then they stop for hours and hours. Like last night. I also get nauseas when I get them.
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