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With my first i lost it 3 weeks before i went into labor. And with my second i lost it 2 weeks before my water broke.
With my first pregnancy I lost my plug when my contractions started. With my second pregnancy, I started losing it weeks before I went into labor. With this last pregnancy, I didn't lose it. I got small contractions and they took me straight to perform the c-section so I never seen my plug. From what I know it can be hours or weeks.
How do you know you're close to delivery? How far apart are your contractions as well. Losing your plug isn't an indicator of labour only because you can lose pieces of it and depending on how far you are it can also regenerate. You can also lose it for weeks before delivery. If you're contracting every 3-5 minutes or less and they're at least 30 seconds or longer you can call L&D and see if they want you to come in.
Can you go in to labor before you even lose your mucus plug?? I'm 37 weeks and feel like my body is getting ready for labor any day now but I haven't lost my mucus plug. ftm so I'm not really sure what to expect or how the start of labor is suppose to feel I just know I have been feeling really different these last couple days!
I lost my plug a week before i went into labor
and my braxton hicks are getting stronger . with lower back pain. I would look out and make sure your mucus plug doesn't have blood in it or even brown . or if your contractions are getting stronger and closer together . or if you are leaking fluids.
I will be 32 Weeks Saturday & today I lost my mucus plug. I lost a little of it yesterday but today I for sure lost the rest of it. With my oldest I don't remember even losing it but with my second I lost it at about 36 Weeks. But i'm not even 32 Weeks yet. Anyone else this early along loose it? I know it could take another couple Weeks to a month before labor happens, i'm just a worry wart!
It's been a while. I remember losing my mucus plug a month of so before going into labor. Unfortunately, mucus plug doesn't really tell you if labor is imminent. Even dropping, dilated or fully effaced is not. When those really painful contractions comes, you'll know labor is coming.
I'm 39weeks today how come I haven't lost my mucus plug yet?? :( how early/late does it come off?
Im only 30weeks and im pretty sure some of my mucus plug just came out. How long after that do you go into labor? Anyone ever experienced this? This is my third child but ive never had this happen...
ok so i havent posted any questions in a while but i really cant rap my mind around this early can you lose your mucus plug?? Can it be weeks before and i was just doing some research and they said on the net it can grow back??? true or not?? I just went to the bathroom( only pee) and i seen this really thick clump of clear but like yellowish ball of something in the toliet...could this have been my mucus plug?? Ive heard its a sign your cervix is dialating?? is this true also??
Does anyone know how dilated u have to b to lose ur plug or how soon after losing it u have contractions etc.
aww this is more 3rd pregnancy and im not to experienced with this either i had mucus jelly stuff a few weeks ago and dr confirmed i was ,losing bits of my mucus plug so i stressed as i was only 13 weeks then so i thought i was going to have early labour and losse my bubba.
It definitely sounds like you might be losing your mucous plug. This can happen hours or weeks before you deliver.
With my son I lost my mucous plug and same evening my water broke. When I got to the hospital few hours later, I was only at 1cm.
Thank you. I just dont want to worry about things too early along. With my first pregnancy I didnt lose it until around 37 weeks but it looked the same just more than I am having right now. I will wait a little bit to see how it progresses for me.
For those who have had children how long after you lost your mucus plug did you go into labor? I lost mine this morning I'm only 33 weeks. I'm a ftm and a bit nervous. I'm not cramping/contracting but had a restless night and have felt round ligament pain for the past two days.
My question is, was the spotting/bleeding from having sex, or was it from losing part of my mucus plug? I've never spotted during/after sex before, and I've BD'ed just as much as I normally do before I got pregnant, so this is new to me, any advice??
So this morning around 10:30, I belive I lost my mucus plug (bloody show). And since than I have been having a constant back and abdominal cramps. I cant time them because its just a constant pain like a menstral pain. I have read that after someone loses the mucus plug it could be anywhere from hours to weeks before baby comes. I guess im hoping for the hours for me. Has anybody experience this in the previous pregnancies?
So since my doctor checked me today i have been losing my mucus plug. I know it's not the normal spotting because i have clumps in the toilet tmi i know but it's happened twice and they were about quarter sized only 2 with a little bit of the green soooo my question is how big is it supposed to be or idk how much are you supposed to lose lol. I'm 2cm, 39w.
I doubt your losing your mucus plug, I bet it's just alot of discharge and maybe trapped sperm if your having sex. But I could be wrong. Mines increased also. But with my first one my mucus plug was about the size of a quarter and it reminded me of almost like an egg. It was a round blood ball looking thing surrounded by a big glob of snot. It fell out while walking around the hospital just hours before I gave birth.
Okay question what if im losing my mucus plug little by little one day I will one day I wont but never brownish or with blood does that mean anything I will get cramps here and there!
) and I am convinced I am gradually losing the mucus plug. Getting bits of jelly-like discharge pretty much every time I use the potty. So far no blood. Anyway, anyone else start losing their plug this way? How long from the time you noticed it did you go into labor or lose the whole thing / get blood?
Do I have to loose my mucus plug or have my water break before going into labor?? I will be 38 weeks in Tuesday and I am pretty sure I have been having on and off contractions.
Can you loose your mucus plug n pieces ?? (I think I am ) & how long after loosing your mucus plug do u go into labor????
I agree that if there's any blood tinge you should be seen just in case it's bloody show, but I've lost my mucus plug several times in all 3 of my pregnancies and had it grow back..I made it to past 39wks with both of my previous pregnancies and show no sign of pre-term labor with this one (i'm 27wks). any cramps, contractions, pain, or fluid leaking you should IMMEDIATELY be seen...
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