Contractions at the top of my stomach

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Today I worked my butt off at work and half way through my shift the top of my stomach felt tight and very very painful, as if I had done a bunch of crunches and as though my stomach muscles have been stretched .. The pain has been there for the past 5 hours. Every now and then it'll hurt more than usual... I guess all I'm asking is what am I feeling? Are these contractions or just my body being tired? I'm a first time Mhm and im worried.
I've been getting false labor contractions a lot as well as braxhicks, my midwife told me the braxhicks you will feel on the top of your belly, for me it's like the feeling of tightening my abb muscles, where as the contractions are at the bottom of your belly and for most women they start out feeling like period cramps with minor back aches, so far that info has helped me a lot :) just waiting for labor!
I was told that contractions start at the top of your belly but I talked to my boss and she said hers felt more twards the bottom before she had her kids
Ok I wasn't small before I got pregnant..I was down right chubby now my stomach is hard at the top and flabby at the bottom..what I was wondering was when I'm having contractions I know my stomach is suppose to get hard but will the flabby part at the bottom get hard too?
Hm. Google where the top of your uterus is at your number of weeks. If you're not showing you're probably under 20wks (just guessing) so your uterus won't be up very high at that point. If you're feeling the tightening much above your belly button for example it's probably something besides contractions. Just my thoughts.
I am 33 weeks and 4 days, and today while I was in Wal-Mart and on my way home I have a few sharp pains at the bottom of my stomach on the side.. what could this be? Thanks for the help!
I know the pain of contractions feel like period pains but is it just at the bottom of your stomach like a period cramp or all over like the top as well. I'm 38 weeks pregnant and have been having weird pains all over my stomach area.
I feel my contractions at the top of my belly. How far along r u?
Then it climbs - like how the cars of a coaster climbs that first hill, agonizingly slow. Around this point I feel my stomach muscles tighten from the top of my bump down to my pelvic area and it sorta radiates across. Then you have the apex - this is when I feel it in my lower back and its painful enough to take my breath away. This is where birthing classes are VERY helpful because they teach you how to breathe here without hyperventilating.
You are probably doing all of that work right now and I'll bet you will be at the hospital before the end of the day today. Let us know when you leave, ok? Good luck!!
Can anyone let me know what you think. They run from the top of my uterus down to my pelvic bone then into my back. I am 38 weeks and 2 days and this is my first baby so I would really love some info.
i get those all the time, i dont think its necesserily a contraction, but i think she moves to the top of my belly or something, it is painful but i would call your dr to make sure, one bhc should not last all night long, im 29 weeks and i will have days where my belly is hard all day( well it seems like it, im not sure if it lasts ALL day long) but i know its very uncomfortable, try to get some rest and keep drinking that water, with my dd i went into early labor because i was dehdrated, and i
I'm a try but if it don't stop in a hour or 2. I'm going in.
-braxton hicks tend to just feel like the uterus itself tightening all at once. Keep in mind that feeling the hardness at the top of the uterus can also be the baby pushing his/her butt out. It can feel almost the same, especially to someone who isn't familiar with what contractions feel like. If at ANY time you aren't certain if they are real or BH, call your doc and explain what you are feeling. They can determine whether or not you need to be checked.
feeling of the stomach. My stomach remains firm pretty much all the time as well but it's become kind of an obvious difference when I have a contraction, it's visible. It's like a bump on top of a bump. If you're experiencing cramps that don't subside you need to contact your dr as you may be experiencing pre-term labor and at 35 weeks you would do best by keeping baby in there longer to allow time for lung maturity.
basicly my spine in my neck from the bottom of my skull to c-3 is compleatly fused and most of the vertabra are only parchal peices there is a laundry list of other things that attach to it but they are unclear and kinda genral like this could happen this and that i expreance from the syndrom is nerve degeneration torticollis for the resrtiction of movement in the neck i can't lean my head on my left shoulder like most people.
Leave the ice or ice pack on their a while keep a cold towel for the sweats and try to fan your self as much as possible to keep cool because if your not staying cool this could cause you to vomit meantime Google hemroids and the symptoms all of us go through this episode and I have to admit its a horrible feeling good luck
I'm 35w/4d and I been having some back pain and it comes down to my stomach or sometimes on the top of my stomach and get so hard could it be some contractions but I'm getting back pain and stomach getting hard and the pain stay there for like 5 mins and go away and then the pain comes back more at nights?
I get them at the top middle of my stomach when I've been standing up awhile. Its from the heaviness of the baby pulling on me.
sounds like contractions..
With my first, I would stand up after sitting for a few minutes and my stomach at the top would get hard. Didn't hurt.. but then toward the very end they became kind of uncomfortable. While I was in labor, the contractions felt like my period cramps x200. It didn't feel very pleasant at all. I know some can have silent contractions, but usually you'll know if you feel them.
I am 23 weeks pregnant and the top of my stomach is in severe pain and I can find a comfortable spot to lay or sit, what could this be?
Today I worked my butt off at work and half way through my shift the top of my stomach felt tight and very very painful, as if I had done a bunch of crunches and as though my stomach muscles have been stretched .. The pain has been there for the past 5 hours. Every now and then it'll hurt more than usual... I guess all I'm asking is what am I feeling? Are these contractions or just my body being tired? I'm a first time Mhm and im worried.
I had may times in the past those kind of contractions... the exact SAME of the one in labor. I had too kids naturally, so I know! Usually it last for 20-30 min.But last week end I had an episode of 3 hours... it was horrible. Ctx that last for 2 to 5 minutes, stop 2 to 5 minutes and comes back. The same when we're at 9cm, ready to push. I went to ER and it stop after 1,5 hour there so I sign a refusal of treatment and promise I would do the tests to my office the day after. (I'm a midwife).
We even went into the hospital to get monitored for 15 mins last night, and since they can't put one of the things on the top of my belly they couldn't do it accurately. So we will see.... Also, tomorrow is my post op appt. So yay for me...
I just wanted to know if it was normal to experiance a sharp pain at the very top of your belly right underneath your boobs. I woke up this morning thinking someone had stabbed me it hurt so bad. It ended up going away about a minute later and hasn't happened since but basically I just want to know if that is normal.
i really dont recall my stomach tightening much either. just the pain. my contractions werent really that strong and didnt progress until after my water was broke. and of course getting further into labor, they became more frequent and more intense. hope this helps a little.
lately ive noticed its been on the top of my belly the most. real labor contractions are actually painful where as BH are not so much(just uncomfortable) and real contractions dont occur spontaneously, they happen more regularly. i get both low blows and high kicks even though she has been head down now since my 28 week U/s (32 weeks now) she'll get her feet in my ribs and she will also cause some pretty bad pelvic pains because her head is down there.
I'm 34 weeks pregnant, and I'm not positive, but think I may have had my first contraction? It happened yesterday, and it was a painful tightening of my uterus. It started at the top of it, and then traveled down. It hurt. Bad. (I can't even imagine what bad contractions feel like!) It lasted around 30 seconds, and then I had another one about 10 minutes later, and that was it.
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