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My alergy presents as very loose and fluid ilight>chestilight> ilight>congestionilight> - if unchecked it get to the point of sounding like pneumonia. i am alergic to Mt Red Cedar and some other alergens - mostly fall and spring, but recently realized dairy products and some fruits cause the same effect. Perscriptions such as clarnex and singular used to keep it at bay and i didn't need to be on it constantly, but recently it is getting worse and i always seem to have a productive cough.
i feel like my head is swollen, i feel flush, the back of my eyes hurt, and it becomes better (no fever) after i sit up or go walking around until i lay back down again. i have tried ilight>chestilight> ilight>congestionilight> otc medicine (mucinex, tylenol, ibuprofen, antihistamines, nasal sprays, antacids of all kinds). For the last three weeks, also, i have been sick.
i have had severe ilight>chestilight> ilight>congestionilight>, a sharp pain deep in the center of my ilight>chestilight>, it causes shallow breathing because it hurts to breath in and causes a severe cough attack. This has returned 3 times now in the past three months. The first time i came down with this, i went to my primary care dr.
Except for the other symptoms i'd have thought i pulled a muscle wile lifting weights. i also had a slight feeling of ilight>chestilight> ilight>congestionilight>. After about a week i developed a minor cold but the other symptoms went away. Within a week, though, i was waking up with night racing again, anxiety, chest tightness. This lasted about three days. Then it subsided to the knot again. i have continued have minor symptoms for the last couple of months.
Plus, i wake up in the morning and my ilight>chestilight> is congested. Sometimes when i first get up, it hurts to take a deep breath, as if it would hurt when you inhale water. However, once i stand up and cough once or twice, it goes away for the entire day and i forget about it. The only time i ever feel this during the day is on a weekend if i slouch down on the couch with my feet at the edge of the ottoman and my knees drawn up.
it wasn't anything painful, just uncomfortable, and i assumed that i was developing some ilight>congestionilight> due to a cold. 2 weeks later, i still have the ilight>pressureilight> in my ilight>chestilight>, but i never developed a cough or fever or anything else that i would associate with a common sickness. it seems to get worse when i do have to walk up stairs or exert myself, but it never goes away even when i have been resting for several hours. This morning i was almost late to a class so i was out of breath when i got there.
May any of this be side effects of lavoquin or his chest congestion, which now im questioning if it is a congestion anymore. How can you decipher chest pain from chest congestion vs.
Someone finally did a chest x-ray and that revealed Cardiomegaly and Lung ilight>congestionilight>. Both are mild at this point, and i emphasize AT THiS POiNT. My blood ilight>pressureilight> was 169/69! i can't imagine what would have transpired if i hadn't pressed to get my thyroid dose increased. i am livid! The ER doctor told me the cause of these symptoms is purely undertreatment for hypothyroidism! He said my dose should be around 100 to 112 mcg and that 88 mcg is way too low.
when i lay down my head feels like it is very full, or ilight>pressureilight>. i have a lump in my throat feeling on and off. Sometime i feel lightheaded and feel like will pass out but have not. Palpitations, tachycardia intermittent chest pain. sometimes wake up at night feeling like i can't breath. Echocardiagram is normal. i think i have panic attacks but i also think there is something physically going on and that is making me have them i think.
6 yr old Yorkie/Maltese mix. She has had severe nasal ilight>congestionilight> for 4 weeks. Wheezing thru the nose, also gurgling purring sounds when exhaling. Lungs are clear. Has had a 10 day round of antibiotics and decongestant with no improvement. Had a 3 day breathing treatment, no improvement. 3 days ago her left eye appears to be bulging out. Went to vet again, pressures are normal. Was given another antibiotic, and eye drops. Was asked to come back on Monday to have someone else look at it.
i was recently diagnosed with Pelvic ilight>congestionilight> Syndrome! Does anyone else have this or know of some good resources of information on this. Since i have had several children, and have also have interstitial cysitits, along with Meduallary Sponge kidney disease, with multiple stones and infection, i spend a lot of time in research to find answers. i am also an iC support group leader and work with other Pelvic Pain organizations, yet find little to nothing about this condition even there.
i have had severe sinus ilight>congestionilight> for over a year now and have had a headache everyday as a result. About 2 weeks ago the pressure seemed to get worse along with painful swelling in all my glands from the shoulders up, and worsening post nasal drip. Now it hurts to even open my jaw and the antibiotics they gave me i can't take due to complecations with my UC. Any Suggestions???
Severe, severe fatigue, sinus and head ilight>pressureilight>, foggy mind, want to lay in bed all day, tremors, find myself gazing unfocused, shortness of breath that i can't satisfy, feeling of pounding pulse and burning/nubmness in my veins especially in extremeties of head and hands and feet, slurred speech, swollen tongue feeling, constant ringing in ears, cold hands and feet, cramping, can't think straight. Can anyone help me?! Please. it has been a lifelong struggle and i am about to be overwhelmed.
Hi everyone...i hope your weekend has been great (and calm, heart-wise!) so far. i had an EP study on March 28 during which they discovered i had Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome. The doc was able to ablate thankfully. Both before and after though, i've been dealing with frequent PVCs (and possibly PACs...not sure). i've gone through the major work-ups over the past 7 months or so...EKGs, Holters, event monitors, stress echo, stress test, CTA coronary...
i have been taking metoprolol and diltiazem for sixteen months and initially the medications brought the SVTs under control. Fourteen months ago i started coughing blood and experiencing ilight>chestilight> ilight>congestionilight>. This took my attention off any heart issues and sent me on a long search for the cause of the bleeding. After many tests and visits with various specialists i never did get the answer. The bleeding resolved itself after 10 months (last October) and has not reappeared.
i also have constant burning in my ilight>chestilight>. lastly, i have some nasal ilight>congestionilight> still but no noticeable drip. As far as the damage i do to myself.. i smoke marijuana every day for the last 5 years. Has anyone else had something similar?
if i lay flat i feel pressure in that area, so i have to sleep propped up on my back. i have good BP (110/69); ilight>chestilight> x-ray - clear; ilight>chestilight> CT-clear (does not look at heart? only lungs?); EKG-clear; echocardiogram-clear; 24 hr heart monitor-clear. My concern is that none of these tests actually show directly under the sternum where my sx are located, and it is my understanding that some main heart are located there?
Also at this time i started having terrible congestion accompanying the ilight>pressureilight>. As of today, the ilight>pressureilight>/ilight>congestionilight> are always in one of three positions: completely on the left side, completely on the right, or completely in the back of the sinuses, where mucous drains into the throat. it is there 60% of the time on the left side, 30% on the right side, and 10% in the back sinuses.
For the past 3-4 months, i've had the following symptoms: - Nasal ilight>congestionilight> with no nasal discharge, this is pretty much constant. it only abates when i exercise or take antihistamines/nasal sprays. - A sort of pressure over my face, primarily the forehead. i don't really know how to describe it, but something like a dull pain, perhaps. Rarely in the mornings, appears during the day and gets worse in the evening. - Cold hands and feet, but the hands are considerably colder.
what can i take for ilight>chestilight> ilight>congestionilight> also there is nothing when i blow my nose. nasal passage is very dry . i have chest xrays etc all normal. i take blood pressure med and cholestrol folic acid and a baby asprin a day. is there any thing over the counter that i can take to relieve the congestion, i have no cough. i have had several doctors and none of them has suggested what to do. they say there is nothing wrong with my lungs.
As i wrote before, Amiodarone and midodrine can cause headaches by themselves, but some of this sounds like venous ilight>congestionilight>. One thing i would suggest to your neurologist would be to order an MRV which is an MRi of your veins in your head along with a regular MRi of the brain. Another cause of symptoms that are similar to what you describe is called superior vena cava syndrome, which is blockage of the body's main vein in your chest.
A month ago i began suffering with head ilight>congestionilight> and mild headaches now and then which i had originally attributed to allergies. The symptoms did not respond to the allergy medication i began taking but i thought it would pass on its own. However, within the last two weeks i have begun to have several severe headaches a day accompanied by severe neck and shoulder pain.
i was wondering about something, about 3 weeks ago i went to my doctor because i had ilight>chestilight> ilight>pressureilight> which was something i never experience. She hooked up a ekg machine to me and my heart came out normal and she put a stethoscope to my back and said my lungs sound goo too. i'm a ex smoker (quit just recently) She said it was due to anxiety because the pressure comes and goes and she didn't find anything else wrong with me.
Hi, about a month ago i got the flu for 3 days and a few days after that i got the ilight>congestionilight> and bad cough well the cough is gone and i have ilight>chestilight> pain it has lasted a month it is a squeezing, pinching, sometimes a cool feeling in the center, sometimes it squeezes and sometimes it feels like pressure, it's worse when i wake up in the morning, when i turn certain ways it hurts. it feels like my center chest needs to pop but doesn't, like when i tighten my chest muscles it hurts.
Your chest pain could be from the ilight>chestilight> wall but in general this is made worse by body movement or ilight>pressureilight> over the area. it is unlikely your symptoms are cardiac related but you should talk with your doctor.
About 6-7 months ago i developed (as if overnight) extreme sinus ilight>congestionilight>. Usually my nose is completely blocked up around the clock, especially in the morning. Blowing my nose tends to do nothing, except for the rare occasion that while standing in a hot shower i can get a bit of gunk out now and then. i also have had extremely red chapped lips ALL the time. My family physician did blood tests to test for vitamin deficiencies and found nothing out the ordinary.
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