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If you develop nausea, vomiting, excess sleep, severe headache, difficulty in walking and balance, tremors, seizures, vision problems, ringing in ears etc then consult a doctor immediately. These symptoms develop if there is a brain injury or bleed. Otherwise this pressure will go in a few days. However, it is important to get a medical evaluation. So please consult your doctor once. Take care!
I also hit the back of my head and had a severe concussion and brain contusion (bruising of brain) 1 year 10 months ago and still suffering with 24/7 dizziness, stuffy head, ringing in ears etc., When it comes to Post concussion syndrome it is really a collections of many many symptoms and confusing. You are only 3 weeks away so it may be too early to call it and most people recover within few weeks or months. I am the unlucky one.
I'm not seeing stars anymore but I am dizzy and sometimes nauseous. My ears start ringing at random times. Sometimes not too bad but sometimes it really bothers me. My head feels really heavy most of time too... Should I see a doctor or is it just a minor concussion that I shouldn't worry about.???
Ringing in Ears are getting worse, and Headaches worse. Had an accident in '03 docs said - no permanent damage, I guess should not have signed the papers from my lawyers. Anyway, problems not getting better, some worse. THere is also a clicking ringing sound in my right ear that wasn't there originally. Sometimes the pitch of ringing changes, and makes me more dizzy, and have to stop everything until it stops.
nausea, vomiting, excess sleep, severe headache, difficulty in walking and balance, tremors, seizures, vision problems, ringing in ears etc then consult a doctor immediately as these are signs of head injury. These symptoms develop if there is a brain injury or bleed. Since you had nausea, vomiting, excess sleep—whatever may be the cause—its best to get it evaluated in a setting of a fall that you do not have much recollection about. Take care!
For the first 5 months i suffered with horrible head aches, dizzyness, concentration/ processing / thinking problems, slow movements and slow speech, balance was horrible, i would sway back and forth like a drunk person, couldn't multi task, couldn't sleep well and my memory was absolutely horrible. Constant ringing in my ears and and even seeing double. I couldn't do anything. My mom says i had no personality and i was like a zombe. I spent many hours on the couch watching tv.
Hi, How are you? It is possible to have post-concussion syndrome for months and even years after the incident. This condition is a complex disorder in which a combination of post-concussion symptoms like headaches, tinnitus and dizziness are experienced. There are no specific treatment for post-concussion syndrome but treatment for the individual symptoms you experience is made by your doctor. Regular follow-up with your doctor is highly recommended. Take care and regards.
I took have pcs and a chiropractor helped a lot with the buzzing/ringing I had in my ears after my concussion. I hope this helps, achilles2 PS Has anyone tried neurofeedback (nf)? I saw a neuropsychologist for my pcs and he prescribed nf and it helped a ton.
Thank you very much for your suggestions. You and your sister suffereing for very long time and definetely brave. I live in Washington D.C. area and I did tried neurofeedback. I The psychologist who treated is very well known to treat TBI patients and she is very good understanding my issues too. I was able to go for around 15 sessions. It did help somewhat may be to bring down my anxiety. My main issue is persistent dizziness, feeling heavy headed (not headache) and fatigue.
Hi, Another cause of headache and ringing in the ears can be anemia. I would suggest you get your blood hemoglobin levels checked as well. At the same time I would advise you to eat regularly, maintain hysration and make sure you get sufficient physical exercise during the day. Take care!
the appointment is weeks away. I am still experiencing head pain, ears ringing, some occasional jaw pain, trouble sleeping and days when I just don't feel well.. ...going on one month now. Also forgot to mention my left nostril seems either dry,burn & sometimes at night plugged for a bit. I have not been able to lay on my left side because of head pain/pressure. I had previously had a Ct scan a couple of weeks ago that showed no bleeding or abnormality.
I had a concussion after a car accident back in 1993 and had headaches--dizziness--ringing in the ears for about a full year! It got gradually better over that year but still to this very day if I am over tired I get dizzy--16 years later. I had all the tests--also a permanent condition--one pupil remains slightly larger that the other. I started getting ocular migraines after the car accident too . Well, so far no epilepsy or other serious long term effects.
The Epley did help so I know I knocked some crystals loose and they are floating around in my ears. At a little over a month I went in and I was having vertical nystagmus. He seemed concerned about that and ordered more test. He did a caloric test, VNG and some others. I also have had problems with my memory and feeling like I don't understand what someone is asking me. I had trouble thinking of names or words when trying to talk to someone.
I have had the CT scan the MRI everything looks fine but I did suffer a sever concussion and whiplash the Dr. said. I have very similar symptoms as samanthalee. Ive been off of work for a month and now allowed to go back with strict limitations, Im very moody, I dont feel comfortable enough to drive yet, even when riding in a car with someone and they turn a corner too fast I get dizzy and sick for hours later. The specialist said this could last up to 6 months!!
If you develop nausea, vomiting, excess sleep, severe headache, difficulty in walking and balance, tremors, seizures, vision problems, ringing in ears etc then consult a doctor immediately. These symptoms develop if there is a brain injury or bleed. Otherwise this pain and pressure will go in a few days. You can also take a mild pain killer for this. If you live alone, ask someone to sleep over. I sincerely hope you will find this information useful in your journey towards better health.
Then a few days to a week the dizziness got alot worse, i became unsteady on my feet, developed ringing in my ears, nausea and the headache got worse. I've had an MRI and CT Scan and both were fine. Now I'm having a little problem with remembering names and other little things, plus I've noticed that loud noises and bright lights seem to bother me too. My Neurologist said that he thinks that I''m now suffering from Post Concussion Syndrome.
I am also implanted with a spinal cord stimulator . Now the Doctor says I have a concussion . My neurological symptoms are getting much worse. Ringing ears, sensitive to light, nauseous , thinking causes worse headaches, hot and cold sweats, fingers go numb. My question is how long will I need to stay down and quiet? They say to have total rest both mentally and physically. I shouldn't be writing now but need some input. The answer I am getting is until the symptoms go away and stay away!
The pins and needles in my hands and feet tend to come and go. Ringing in the ears, and sound sensitivity that literally startles me. Stomach problems like spasms in the throat and feeling like rocks sitting in my stomach. The fatigue OH the fatigue!! My muscles just ache which feels like I just completed a strengeous work out but actually I am barely able to get out of bed and the next day my muscles won't hurt at all.
Since then I have developed loud ringing in both ears, pressure in my head, fleeting dizzy spells and noise sensitivity. I also have neck pain and pain in both hands, wrists and forearms. CT and xrays night of accident were negative. This is causing moderate impairment in my daily living and I seem to get severly angry since these sx's have progressed. What is going on?
But, I also do get the whooshing, and the sudden severe dimming in my hearing, followed by a ringing and a change in the axis of gravity. It feels like "down" tilts and stays there until I get used to it. I have some form of unsteadiness in space and difficulty with lurching and falling 24/7 except when asleep. THEN, MS happened on top of that. Vertigo is a common symptom in MS.
I am the mom of a 16yr.old girl who has been dealing with lots of the symptoms I see posted here in the forum. I have never been part of a group online like this, but am desperate to find out what is causing my daughter's problems. Just to give you a background.....In 09 She received a concussion in a soccer game after heading a ball- she did not get knocked unconcious but she staggered and was out of it....then she had 3 episodes a couple months apart ....
I feel for you since I have all they symptoms you mentioned after almost 2 years. I have an appointment to see a Physical medicine and Rehab specialist. It seems like that there is no neck specialists besides chiropractors, neurologists etc., As you know by now drugs can only treat the symptoms and most of them have terrible side effects. Good luck with orthopedic surgeon and please keep me posted what he suggests.
People say tinnitus (which is ringing in the ears). But, mine is different (it's more like BUZZING in your HEAD). I have tinnitus but this is different. Have your mom go to either an ENT or a neurologist.
About 1-2 years after my head trauma accident, everytime i turn my head left to right..I hear this fizzing/pop rock/sandpaper like noise in the same place I had my concussion. Also, the fizzing noise can be heard sometimes when I dont turn left to right, and it would last about 5-8 seconds. Overtime, I have also had headaches (not normal), but like a keen/ sharp headache in the very same spot. I also get a numbness/(EX. sitting on ur leg too long) in my face,body, and hands somtimes.
I pinch my nose and blow and work my jaw back and forth to try and open my ears so the pressure in my head will ease up. The pressure in my head is so great, I can't describe it. but when my ears open , the pain slowly goes away. I have been to specialist and my primary care doctor, and they can't find anything wrong. One doctor did say it sounded like a Eustation tube, I don't understand how something can be so painful and the doctors have no idea what it is.
Docs inspection and diagnosis needed there. The head vibrating, ringing in the ears, pressure behind your ears triggered by sneezing, blotchy vision and also caused by other pressure on your head would seem to be all related to me. And not related to depression at all. Any head injuries? Concussion? The rest of what you describe is certainly standard depressive symptoms stuff.
I received a concussion at a sporting event, the CT scan was normal, however four months later I still experience nausea, body chills, and ringing in both ears. Can you please help me? I would like to know if I should see a neurologist or should just wait and see what tomorrow will bring.
Some other signs on sudden hypotension (low blood pressure) include sweating, nausea, vomiting, tunnel vision, ringing in ears or sounds appearing far away, lightheadedness, feeling dizzy and fainting. This hypotension can also happen if you stand up too quickly from a sitting or lying down position, and can be prevented by getting up slowly. This is called postural hypotension and can be made worse by things such as a hot shower, as this will further drop blood pressure.
I have Ménière's disease and my symptoms are fullness in head and ears, constant ringing and also like the sound of the ocean in my ears. Severe nausea, off balance and spinning. Causes high anxiety and after attacks, I am exhausted. I am treated by neurologist and Ent. Take diuretics, nausea meds, and anxiety meds. Low sodium diet too. Went into remission but fell on ice, had concussion and now I have an exacerbation of symptoms. Vestibular physical therapy is helping.
If are having nausea, vomiting, excess sleep, severe headache, difficulty in walking and balance, tremors, seizures, vision problems, ringing in ears etc then consult a doctor immediately.
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