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Hello. A concussion means that you have transient ( short lasting) symptoms of a traumatic brain injury. The symptoms may include memory loss, reduced ability to plan and organize, slowing of response to stimuli, etc. You can tell how sever your symptoms are only after you have recovered from the concussion. Post concussion syndrome involves prolonged symptoms. Usually headache is a common symptom. Memory is also commonly affected. It's less than a month since you have had the fall.
Post-Concussion Syndrome After Mild Brain Injury Patients with long-term symptoms were more likely to have radicular symptoms, anxiety, sleep disturbance, blurred vision, "symptoms of cranial nerve or brainstem dysfunction," and signs of osteoarthrosis of the spine. These patients were also more likely to report more pain immediately after the accident.
Two other neat things are the short term and long term memory lose. After a certain amount of time events are completely erased or I have a very hard time recalling them. For example I was almost raped and I had no memory of this (again friends and journals). But that could just be "trama lose" or what ever its called. Though its more like I'm forgetting everything that happened 6 months back - to events that happened before my concussion (about a year and 1/2 ago). The symptoms may resolve after some time or may persists. After initial treatment, it is important to go to your follow-up appointments for evaluation and monitoring. Take care and keep us posted.
Medication is rarely the long-term solution. It can help manage symptoms but it doesn't make the problem go away. Some doctors elect to split medication dosages so that levels remain fairly constant. The doctor did this for me with buspirone (anti-anxiety med). Instead of 2 x 15 mg he opted for 3 x 10mg. Yes, doctors have been known to prescribe additional meds to counter-act some of the adverse side-effects. It is risk vs benefit.
I had my first episode about 1 month ago the first thing that happened was when I woke and opened my eyes the room looked like a strobe light was on -darkness than the room -darkness than the room very fast than the spinning.I have had the spinning 2 times now but not the strobe effect since and have not been able to find anyone else who has.My doctor thought it was some side effect of a medication that I had just started taking but then it happened again and I was told it was bppv.
This does not have any long term complications. The person just needs support from family members and has to learn to live with the memory loss. This would involve learning to cope with memory loss, finding new ways to remember things, improving concentration, keeping the brain active, eating healthy and exercising. Post traumatic stress, anxiety, work or study related stress, improper sleep, anemia, low vitamin B12, metabolic disorders like diabetes etc can also worsen the memory.
The symptoms of post-concussion syndrome often improve after the affected person learns that there is a cause for the symptoms. Indeed, education about the disorder can ease a person's fears and help provide peace of mind. It also helps to have a a strong support system. Take care and keep us posted.
Any bump , jostle or fall can trigger chiari symptoms to a concussion would deff play a role, 3..with out a doubt. Do request copies of ur MRI's and the reports, and research NS's to locate a true chiari specialist.
I have issues remembering simple things like take out the trash to long term things like next Monday go to the Doctors. I still have headaches and all of this scares me. Is there a chance all these concussions have done some serious damage to me? Is there anything I can do? Please help, thanks.
Anxiety festers to a life-threatening level, and my short-term memory is now shot, but my long-term memory has actually increased sixfold over the years. My heart pounds often, but I am actually able to run mile after mile and I lift weights. I just recovered from a relapse...but every single time I binge for weeks and weeks at a time taking 16-32 at a time, about 1-3 times a day. I feel as if my mind is no longer the way a human mind should be.
I started getting ocular migraines after the car accident too . Well, so far no epilepsy or other serious long term effects. If you were diagnosed with post concussion syndrome like me, it should gradually get better too. I gave myself panic attacks worring about it---but, all ok ! Good luck and try not to worry if you've already had all the tests.
I am so sorry to hear about your accident and I do hope you recover from your symptoms soon. The symptoms associated with a post-concussion syndrome (PCS) can last from a few weeks to several months, and is dependent on the severity of the concussion. Have your symptoms worsened during the last 8 days? The symptoms you mentioned do indeed fall under the known symptoms associated with PCS.
Post-concussion syndrome is characterized by a variety of neurologic and non-neurologic symptoms including fatigue, memory problems, and so-called dizziness (whether light-headedness or vertigo). Symptoms can last several weeks to months but typically improve over time.
I am also implanted with a spinal cord stimulator . Now the Doctor says I have a concussion . My neurological symptoms are getting much worse. Ringing ears, sensitive to light, nauseous , thinking causes worse headaches, hot and cold sweats, fingers go numb. My question is how long will I need to stay down and quiet? They say to have total rest both mentally and physically. I shouldn't be writing now but need some input. The answer I am getting is until the symptoms go away and stay away!
I want to be my old self again, and I want someone to tell me how to get there, but no one seems to take this seriously. I typed up a long list of symptoms, medical history, everything, and my doctor wouldn't even read it. Do I really have something wrong with me? If so, where should I go next to get it fixed, or at least recognized? I am 21 but I feel like and old lady. I just want my life back.
Is it normal for symptoms to worsen so long after the injury? Is there anything I can do to help reverse the trend?
He's also extremely hungry and thirsty. I've read that all of these are possible phenobarbital side effects. How long do these usually last before the dog gets used to the medication? I'm hoping that these are not signs that something else is wrong, though I am aware of the possibilities.
I'm 50 years old, and have a mixed basket of symptoms, a bunch of test results, and no diagnosis yet by the neurologist.
Initially I was told I had a concussion. My symptoms worsened in time. In an effort to seek more help I was referred to a local brain injury rehab progrom. My symptoms consisted of a visual midline shift, extreme photophobia, a loss in prioprioception, issues with my speech and my ability to word find. I dealt with a lot of bilateral tightness of my muscles. I also had a 4 degree left sided head tilt. This was helped by a chiropractor with NUCCA treatments.
This does not have any long term complications. The person just needs support from family members and has to learn to live with the memory loss and other such problems that you are facing and undergo behavior therapy for that. Memory loss and cognitive impairment is also a common symptom of frontal lobe injury. In the car crash that you have been involved in, you must have directly or indirectly hit your forehead jarring the frontal lobe of the brain just underneath.
I was in the in the hospital for 4 days, evaluated and sent home, with a neck brace, left hand in a brace, and a walker. I could barely speak, had little memory (short term or long term), couldn't walk more than a step or two, etc. I was blessed to have a Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist, and an RN visit me, in my own home, 1-3 times a week. I eventually got my speech more manageable, with "word sticks" very common.
He has lost 80pnds from vomiting at least 3 times a day, he is hardly out of bed because the pain is so bad. He is on long term disability because he hasnt been able to work since last year. You would think that someone would figure this out...but as of this far nobody has. If you hear anything please let me know...he will try anything.
I have terriable legg cramps, sweets and I can not sleep. How long does this last? It is driving me crazy. I do not have any cravings for the vicodin. Just the withdraws are killing me. I have been drinking water and taking baths. But it doesn't help any. I'm thinking about going to the emergency room and see if they can help me with my withdraws. I have heard about a pill that helps, but then I'm scared of taking another pill as well. Please let me know how long this is going to last..........
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