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I'm a lot older than you but I've taken adderall for about 5/6 years. I am able to concentrate and focus better than before....I've never felt like a zombie (at least not from the adderall....but I digress). It will cause insomnia if you take it too late in the day.
Concerta may be worth a try. It delivers a dose of medication over a 12 hour period which is more consistant for the child - no peaks and valleys of medication. Also, the once a day dosing avoids any issues with taking medication while in school. Try looking at OR www.adhdhelp.
They were diagnosed years ago and also was on adderall it made them angry and aggressive, concerta has worked much better also tried straterra was the drug from hell for my 14 yr old he also has impulse behaviors you just have to go by trial and error what works for one does not work for all. I also find that after take a medicine for a while the dosage is no longer effective or the medicine itself is not seems like an immunity can built. Any way hope this helps.
Many children tend to tolerate Adderall better than they do methylphenidate, and experience less of a rebound impact as the medication is metabolized.
I letter learned that Adderall and Concerta witch he had been on both could cause Seizures. Doctor sent my son for a EEG and thou it would come back normal. I got a call saying he was sorry and that my son EEG Didn't come back normal and that he was sending us to see a Neurologist and that Doctor was not nice and wanted to know how I didn't know my son was having Seizures. They put my son in the Hospital and did a Video EEG and stared him on medicine to try and stop the Seizures.
First of all I do not drink alcohol ever, I mean never in the last three years and never while on this medication in any event. I do not smoke or drink coffee or use any stimulant at all besides Adderall. So here it is: 6-7 A.M.: 1 capsule 30 m.g. RX 1-2 P.M.: 1 capsule 30 m.g. RX THATS IT!- Note that this is already more than the recommended dose, but my doctor seems to feel that my extraordinary problem with hyperactivity justifies the increase.
I've tried several times to stop taking this medication, but never saw more than a week pass before I decided that I'm much better-off on the meds. In my struggle to end what has now become an addiction, I've been trying to find frightening adverse effects that my habits will have. I am now very frightened of my future.
he said he used to take Ritalin.... and he didn't like that... says the adderall works much better for him. Is there anything I should look for or be sensitive to if he misses or does not take his meds????
My son just has been switched to Concerta and I hope that he will do much better than on the Adderall. And second, to Jennifer375, you obviously have children without ADHD and have not struggled to have them do well and succeed. Our children suffer from something you CAN NOT understand, and to be honest with you I have had numerous conversations with my son's doctor and physiologist and they both state that when his medication is used PROPERLY there are no long term affects.
Hi there, My 5 yr old son has just started CONCERTA and is on 18mg per day. On the first day he took it he had what i would call quite bad side effects........ 1)mouth moving constantly 2)eyebrows up and down 3)fingers in mouth and chewing on fingers.
I recall, though, that I had a bit more clarity and focus than I do now with Adderall (mixed amphetamine salts). My question is two-fold: Should I ask my physician (who is very understanding and patient) for the switch to dexedrine? And if I do, would four 15mg dextroamphetamine spansules be equivalent to 60mg of mixed amphetamine salts? I believe d-amphetamine is more potent than the other blends that are in the mixture of amphetamine salts which make up Adderall.
Then poof I was back to my normal not being able to concentrate because of my weird moods again. I have not tried Adderall or Concerta because my doctor recommended a drug called Vvyanse but I found it works for alot longer than the Ritalin. Its only in the one pill instead of the multiple pills (Ritalin). The only thing is, it is very expensive and if you do not have medical insurance then I would not recommend asking your doctor about it.
Different meds work better on one subtype than another. You need to find out which on they have to start. Low dose Dexidrine I think works better on inattentive type ADD and SCT, where as Rittalin will drive them up the wall, overloading them causing mood swings mania etc. I have heard that Rittalin works best for ADHD. You will notice the effect within min of taking the meds if they are the right one for the individual.
I think it is working somewhat although he still has his meltdowns! The dr prescribed concerta now along with the abilify and dropping the strattera. This morning is the first time with it and he is very evry happy, loud, not really concentrating well and he is only taking 19mg. What should I do i can't reach his dr until monday!! Thanks for your help!
My doctor thinks we may try something else to counteract the fatigue side effects of Paxil, once I concerta is out of my system. Honestly, this experience with concerta has me thinking of to phasing antidepressants altogether. I should mention that asside 50mg of Paxil I am also taking 0.5 mg of risperidon. I thank you again for your very thoughtful response.
My medical insurance won't cover the Adderall but will cover Provigil and I'm wondering if one or the other is better.
Phenteramine does make you anxious,,, more so than the adderall or Concerta. I also take a low dose of Topamax to help with the weightloss. remember, my Concerta is controlled release so that may make a difference in how it reacts with the Phenterimine.
and in all honesty, i can't concentrate in school for 1 minute without some kind of stimulant, I used to take ritalin but that was definitely interfering with sleep, and i didnt feel concerta at all, so after those 2, adderall helped in many ways. My school record has been terrible until i started on it, and that's something I don't want to risk, unless it does become serious. hmm and i called the psychiatrists office today, they said my appt is 2 weeks from today, so not much help.
Sometimes the patient knows and understands themselves and what might be better for them, even better than the Doc does... I just know this way is not working, and I hate that I can't suggest other avenues with him. Has anyone been swithced to Dexidrine from Adderall and found better results with Dexedrine? From what I have read about the switch, it seems to be highly individualized with various results...
Is she taking Adderall XR or the intstant release? Extended release is better than the IR. Regular Adderall poops out With in 4 hours and makes for a hard crash and mood swings. 18mgs is acually a pretty low dosage for her to act that way. Any amphetamine can cause "bad behavior" its one of the side effects. But usually you see that with much higher dosages and with people abusing the drug for a period of time.
In this case, it seems like the medical professional is trying to ween your friend of of cocaine/methamphetamine by having them take adderall. This sounds kind of like what methadone (also addictive, although less than heroin) is supposed to do for heroin addicts. What I can tell you is that adderall is basically a less powerful form of cocaine/methamphetamine, and in my opinion is just as addictive.
One of them is a 20mg XR and the other is just a regular 5mg. The first 2 months i was taking adderall everything was great, i was doing better in school and I actually started to enjoy studying and learning new material for a change. But for the last month or so, i've noticed a change in my behavior. I feel almost disconnected from reality if that makes since. It's kind of like this semester hasn't really set in yet, even though im over a month into the semester.
I have no permanent damage and to be honest I am so glad I stayed on the concerta, i am focused and my head is more clear than it's ever been. If you give it time the side affects do wear off and eventually your child may not even have to take it anymore(: As for just stopping it, I would highly go against that. You should not feel stupid for trying to help your child, my mom felt the same way until she saw that I was getting better.
Some children when they go on med's like ritilin concerta etc. than they need help sleeping some doctors use hydroxazine (a rx for benedryl) or clonidine (this one is different it's my second choice my son needs this one and I cannot get him off of this it is a blood pressure medicine that allows the child to fall asleep) it is a tough decision. Two of my sons are on concerta and we are okay with it my oldest son needs to be upped on his dose it's starting to not work as well.
I neer really tried it because I didnt know they had stuff out there to help other than medication like Concerta and Ritalin, etc. Did you have any luck at all with the homeopathic stuff, or was it still too much of a struggle for your son to function enough to make it in school? I really want both my girls to succeed in all they do, but I hate the fact that they need medication to do it. I feel like a parent that is failing because I cant help my children enough without medication.
Thank you for your feedback! I'm definitely going to talk to my doctor about this. It's just hard because I don't know much about what's normal & thus rely on him. My doctor is of the belief that everybody is different and there is no set medication that works for everyone. I completely agree with this sentiment, but I guess I'm hoping for a little more than "here's 60 pills of 20mg generic adderall and 90 pills of 10 mg of generic Ritalin each month.
For me, a low carb diet and lots of exercise helps me be more productive than adderall did. ...well not more productive than it did at first, but the initial superpowers of adderall quickly go away. Before you know it you find yourself "chasing" by taking more and more.
... Adderall will make anyone do better on a test, get more work done in the office, keep you more awake during the day, make you enjoy organizing... but honestly it is over prescribed. People who truly have adhd and add will feel centered and have control of there life when they take adderall. anyone can claim they can not concentrate in school, but that is not add or adhd that is life.
She took about 280 -300 mg of adderall all in less than a couple of hours was basically like on speed. She is 120 pounds, 16 years old and is about 5'4''. She couldnt eat and was having panic attacks, and puked, but refused to get help. She wouldnt let me help her and i was afraid of her. She crashed later about 24 hours after her last pill and slept for 13 hours. Then when she woke up on Thursday she went to school without taking her 25 mg cause her heart was still pumping.
Some people who have been on ADDERALL have had strokes and heart problems and there have also been people who have had sudden death. One of the other side effects is Seizures . My Son was on ADDERALL and then Concerta . They both have the chance of causing Seizures. Now my son has Seizure's and at first you couldn't always see them and as time went by he started to have different kind of Seizures.
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