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1236893 tn?1408490528 After experiencing the discomfort and embarrassment of a colonoscopy in Payson, I decided to have my next one carried out while visiting friends in San Francisco , where the beautiful nurses are allegedly much more gentle and accommodating. As I lay naked on my side on the table, the gorgeous nurse began my procedure. "Don't worry, at this stage of the procedure it's quite normal to get an erection," the nurse told me. "I haven't got an erection," I replied.
Avatar m tn during a prolonged erection [approx. 1-2 hours] , I frequently [maybe 2 times] have to stop in order to urinate. Ejaculation is normal. I am 59 years old , not on any medication , my PSA and colonoscopy tests are normal. Please advise.
Avatar n tn at age 25 i was able to achieve, and maintain an erection until orgasm. recent years, i can achieve erection easily, but am unable to maintain for very long. erection will fade after short time, and return after short time, and after much effort i am able to sustain enough to ejaculate. as far as the pain i have, it does occur during sexual acitivity and also occurs at random times when working or just hanging around. the pain is always the same.
Avatar n tn It grew for about 5 years + before the doctors saw it in a colonoscopy. Apparently she had blood in her stools for several years prior and I know that for up to 10 years she had issue with dairy and if she ate anything that made her bloat or constipated it would cause PAINFUL gas. She also would have horrible bm's on a regular basis.
1002520 tn?1251582386 Content provided by: MSN Why Do Men Fear the Urologist? by Kristopher Kaiyala for MSN Health & Fitness (in black) ( counterpoint comments, in RED) (Well here you will just have to guess what I input... doesn't come in color, sorry) Duh! And there you have it in a single guttural sound.
Avatar n tn The red penile bump occurs during and after erection. At other times, it doesn't seem to be there. I,. then developed clear discharge from anus with constipation. Referred to gastro, who put me on cortisone suppositories. He found some skin tags and hemroids. Went back to uro for penile problem. He said it takes months to resolve this problem. He asked me to read book "Headaches In Pelvis." I have been seeing a counselor who has been helpful. Uro put me on Elavil 0.8.
Avatar m tn I tried ejaculating but when i did the semen came out somewhat painful and very awkwardly. Ever since then i could not even get an erection. Now whatever this miserable thing is, its causing me a lot more than sexual dysfunction. I started to become constipated. SEVERLY. it got so bad that i went days without eating, and almost a month without a bowel movement. i even had to go to the ER because it was hard to breathe. After that i started living off of laxatives (powder miralax).
Avatar n tn Another week went by and I would experience my morning hard ons but sometimes when my wife pleased me the erection would stay and other times not. BUT it was an aching erection? I immediately went back to the urologist 2 weeks later and explained the pain so he checked again and said no, problems and offered to change the Antibiotic to Levaquin. I asked him if I didnt have an infection why is he prescribing an antibiotic he said it acts as an anti-inflamitory.
Avatar m tn Regarding the blood in the stools, a lower endoscopy should be considered - this can be either a colonoscopy or flexible sigmoidoscopy. Hemorrhoids, or more concerning things like cancer or polyps, should be ruled out. Blood in the urine can be evaluated with a cystoscopy to rule out bladder cancer. A heart rate between 80 and 84 is within normal limits. If there is concern about irregularity, an echocardiogram and Holter monitor can be done.
Avatar f tn Contact a gastroineroogist who does colonoscopy. He would diognose your problem. Or consult your family doctor who will guide you to right doctor. You may tell him about anal intercourse. There is no shame when important health issues are concerned.Maybe that your issue may not be because of anal sex. It may be piles or something else. You need Doctor's advice.
Avatar n tn i started to notice that my testciles ached and penis had a sick feeling on and off. just before ejaculation i have noticed a slight rash on the shaft of my penis only during erection and on the head of my penis small 1/8" red spots near the hole would appear and then dissapear and look like faint grey spots under the skin then be gone completely. My penis does not look right, looks kind of sick when i ejaculate, not like it used to normally. i then feel like i am being posioned.
1056839 tn?1299647963 I have had lots of gastrointestinal trapped gas and pressure for over 2 years now and after jogging one day about 1 year ago I started having testicle pain and abdominal pain, eventually over the last year I slowly started to experience more and more pain and irritation during and after each erection that is only still getting worse and worse.
Avatar n tn I always immediately lose the erection and slowly, bit by bit, the air passed back out of the urethra. Sometimes the air remains inside a day or two. This is painful and immediately ends "the moment". Also, frequently the day after sex or masturbation, I become constipated. I know it sounds strange but this has gone on long enough that I know there is some correlation. Has anyone heard of these problems before?
Avatar n tn ) Numerous medical tests my PCPs (such as CT scans, MRIs, blood and urine analysis, colonoscopy and endoscopy, urological tests, etc.) prescribed to diagnose this condition failed to indicate any clinical anomalies.
Avatar m tn I immediately noted a pain-free erection for the first time in over seventeen years. The following day I had my first normal bowel movement in over seventeen years. It was as if I entered a time machine and traveled back in time. Perhaps the problem is not between my ears as (Dr. A) suggested back in 1993? I sought new medical advice in May of 2010 through (Dr. D). I must now point out that (Dr. D) and (Dr. A) were in the same practice back in 1993. I must have caught (Dr.
Avatar f tn I had been having some urinary symptoms like frequency but thought little of it, and then thought I had hemmroids, so they did a colonoscopy...The results were they found a tiny mass that the doctor wanted to remove...I wanted a second opinion, and a biopsy, so I went to another colorectal doctor...He did a biopsy (waiting on the results) and did a rectal exam. Said he thought my prostate was okay, (although he was quite elderly and a little hard to understand) he seemed to be competent.
Avatar m tn Diabetes is very big in my family so naturally i have been tested several times, i have had a colonoscopy to make sure nothing is pressing on the bladder nothing was found, Ive been tested for all STD's and STI's all negative (I am sexually active with the same woman for 5 years) I have been told they have found traces of blood in my urine but i have never seen any trace of red in my urine what so ever (trust me i look) nor have i ever had any type of discharge whats so ever.
Avatar n tn From 2001-04 I was a webcam "performer" and would often maintain an erection and masturbate for 3-4 hrs at a time several times per week before ejaculating. A friend told me I may be doing harm and said I should speak to my Dr. In late 2002, my GP told me he didn't think it was possible I could be doing damage and was not concerned. In 2004 I noticed strange symptoms that have intensfied to this day.
Avatar m tn These symptoms suggest to me that there could be something blocking my colon and not letting waste properly flow. I saw the doctor and got a colonoscopy and everything came out normal (except for some internal hemroids probably from wiping so hard) so the fact that nothing was found is very frustrating. Also, I have trouble urinating. I have a very weak flow and takes about 30 seconds or longer to get started.
Avatar m tn I noticed a burning sensation at the tip or my penis but didn't think much of it. My erection also didn't go down nearly as quickly as it had in the past. While in the shower I started to experience an extremely intense burning feeling at the tip of the penis. It was a terrible burning feeling and I felt like I needed to pee. I went ahead and peed in the shower and it seemed to help a little bit. The burning sensation continued for about 45 mins.
Avatar m tn Anyways to make a long story short she grinded me but I could not keep up the erection. We tried missionary but again I could not keep up the erection. Maybe I was too drunk. I just could not . At the end she got fed up too and for some reason the condom was wet so at the end i told her to throw it off and grind me.
Avatar m tn We went to have sex (I've had sex before, with no real erection problems except for the times I was on medication), and the first time, I ejaculated (fellatio). however, that night, when we tried to have penetrative sex, I couldnt get it hard enough. Then I remembered this comment a guy made saying 'if you couldnt get hard, you were gay'. I went CRAZY, and each time I tried to have sex, I was losing my boner everytime. this made me feel more gay.
Avatar m tn There are a few other prescription meds: Altace 10mg 2x for blood pressure (typically runs 140/80), higher than the theoretical "normal" of 120/70 Altace also has a certain quality that protects the kidneys in diabetic patients. GLIMEPIRIDE 4 MG TABLET 1X, for blood sugar control, LOSARTAN-HCTZ 100-25 MG 1X for blood pressure and fluid retention, VENTOLIN HFA 90 MCG INHAL 18 GM 2 PUFFS 4-6 HOURS AS NEEDED (Only used rarely @ bedtime and upon awakening, sleep apnea), Tamsulosin HCL 0.
Avatar n tn About 6 months ago I had a feeling of something in my rectum.. had a colonoscopy which was neg. About the same time started to get numb feelings in gentital area after sitting. Also the feeling of a nerve crawling in my anus. Pelvic MRI and pelvic xray both neg. Approx. 3 months ago started to get an erotic feeling in genital area. Then a tingling shivering feeling under scrotum and at times testicles are tender to the extent that it is very bothersome.
Avatar n tn First doctor thought it was prostatis and treated me for four weeks on antibiotic, after that went for second opinion, (both doctors said my prostate was large for my age), second doctor ordered a cystoscopy, he also filled my bladder and made sure it was emptying properly, i had all sorts of red tissue patches in urethra (we think this might have been due to a warming gel me and my wife were using at the time), he actually said he had never seen them before, biopsy came back as inflamed tissue
Avatar m tn • My head just feels really foggy as if its more difficult to think things through • Loss of sex drive and I no longer feel as though I can get as full of an erection. • I have an extreme sensitivity to alcohol that I never use to have. I don’t mean that I get drunk easy but I get hangovers very easy. Even from just having one drink it makes me feel worse the next day. • I have a rash on my lower legs and forearms that’ seems to come and go.
Avatar m tn • My head just feels really foggy as if its more difficult to think things through • Loss of sex drive and I no longer feel as though I can get as full of an erection. • I have an extreme sensitivity to alcohol that I never use to have. I don’t mean that I get drunk easy but I get hangovers very easy. Even from just having one drink it makes me feel worse the next day. • I have a rash on my lower legs and forearms that’ seems to come and go.
1056839 tn?1299647963 Now I am having serious problems every time I have an erection, I can get an normal erections and It does not hurt to urinate daily, but any sexual movement on the penis and I have immediate irritation to my navel area just under the skin, it really hurts seriously like a razor thin cut w/ lemon and salt on it, sometimes the pain is in the rectal area and feels exactly the same like a cut.
Avatar n tn The lack of morning erections and weakened erection is my scariest symptom is anyone else affected in this way or am i alone with this matter!?!?!? Ive had every test known to man done scopes, scans, ultra sounds and my bladder and prostate looked fine! Ive tried antibiotics, detrol for OAB, flomax for prostate, but no improvement!
167426 tn?1254089835 I oftent think of when I worked in the ER and men would come in with an erection that wouldn't go away and the docs just about jumped through hoops to get them inside and help them. On the other hand a woman comes in with pelvic pain and it's take a number and have a seat....UGH, that used to **** me off so bad because I would see it all the time. I sometimes feel like the docs would belittle the symptoms of women and pelvic issues.