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Avatar n tn 4) Whether or not I’ve managed IlIght>TOIlIght> go IlIght>TOIlIght> the TOIlet, the persIstent urge IlIght>TOIlIght> go IlIght>TOIlIght> the TOIlet persIsts throughout the nIght. It’s as IF somethIng bloated and heavy In my lower COLONs “swells” up durIng the afternoon/evenIng and blocks the COLON. It’s very unpleasant BUT NOT paInful. DurIng the late afternoon I’ve had a slIght rIse In temperature – 37. 9 celsIus.
Avatar m tn WHAT all Is out there that I could HAVE besIdes the IlIght>COLONIlIght> cancer that has me IlIght>TOIlIght> lose weIght and bleed a lIttle when I go IlIght>TOIlIght> the bathroom?
Avatar f tn I don't dare EAT anythIng the day before I need IlIght>TOIlIght> go anywhere and I try not IlIght>TOIlIght> go out In the mornIngs at all whIch are partIcularly bad for me. Yesterday I was In severe paIn and just couldn't sTOp wIth the bIle dIahhrea; TOday I'm elImInatIng blood clots IntermItantly wIth loose sTOols. NothIng helps or sTOps thIs problem. I'm worrIed about It because I thInk the gallbladder surgery Is dIrectly behInd my current PROBLEMS. I had sarcoId granulomas In my gallbladder Instead of sTOnes.
Avatar f tn I HAVE been havIng IlIght>PROBLEMSIlIght> wIth my IlIght>COLONIlIght>/ dIgestIve tract for the past eIght years or so and the sympTOms became worse up TO a poInt where sex Is paInful.
Avatar n tn ) Thanks for all the advIce and help, I'll let you know how the deTOx program works!
507504 tn?1291970704 I started dropIng weIght no matter WHAT I would IlIght>EATIlIght>. I went IlIght>TOIlIght> emergency room In 2007 and they saId I had colItIs.. they want me IlIght>TOIlIght> see a specIalIst well I went and he saId he would not rule out colIts but he thInks my COLON dId not wake up from the surgery. He never ran any test the test he wanted TO run was schedule for the follwong week and was cancel due TO I became pregnant.. I've had my baby thIs year.
Avatar n tn I HAVE also recently had IlIght>COLONIlIght> surgery due IlIght>TOIlIght> DIvertIculItIs and lost 8 Inches of my COLON. I am havIng the same PROBLEMS as I am readIng here. Soft sTOol and sore botTOm Is my bIggest Issue. I am raw most of the tIme. I am takIng lots of fIber so that Isn't the problem. I do need suggestIons on how TO bulk It up so that I don't HAVE TO wIpe as much. I saw that someone on here mentIoned probIotIcs for good flora.
Avatar m tn HemorrhoIds are normal and anyone can get them from a number of dIFferent causes from straInIng TO use the bathroom. Do you HAVE any medIcal condItIons, dIgestIve dIseases? I would suggest that you add In more hIgh fIber foods TO your dIet TO avoId gettIng any more hemorrhoIds and It can also help TO protect agaInst polyps as well. COLON polyps are typIcally harmless, but IF let untrEATed can cause complIcatIons In the future. They normally occur In older adults, but can also happen TO anyone.
Avatar n tn com for suggestIons) that would hopefully allow a lot of IlIght>WHATIlIght> you IlIght>EATIlIght> IlIght>TOIlIght> be absorbed In the small IntestIne. But no matter IlIght>WHATIlIght> you do, you're stIll goIng TO pass some substance through TO the large IntestIne. HAVE you dIscussed surgery wIth your doc? DependIng on where the strIcture Is, It may be possIble TO remove only a small portIon of the COLON and rEATtach wIthout TOo may PROBLEMS.
Avatar n tn FInally after havIng a less than pleasant confrontatIon wIth the surgeon he agreed IlIght>TOIlIght> do a exploretary lap and found the rIght sIde of her IlIght>COLONIlIght> IlIght>TOIlIght> be twIsted,streched and wrapped around the hypatIc gland. They removed the rIght sIde but of course not wIthout conflIct. As a result she aquIred a large hemaTOma and I need TO add she Is on he 4th perIod or dIscharge In 6 weeks thIs last looks brownIsh or deep purple.
Avatar n tn I forgot IlIght>TOIlIght> mentIon.... He Is unable IlIght>TOIlIght> IlIght>EATIlIght> more than a few bItes of food at a tIme...and prIor TO not beIng able TO HAVE a bowel movent...
Avatar m tn I had IlIght>PROBLEMSIlIght> In dIgestIon and any food make grEAT amount of gases and my IlIght>COLONIlIght> I thInk It Is not stable and I feel my IntestIne movIng In dIFferent dIrectIons and makIng noIse and sound and In the mornIng I always feel that my sTOmatch Is not well lIke I wIll vomIt IF I EAT any normal food but the grEAT problem Is that these grEAT amount of gases I cant prevent them for long tIme so they are movIng quIckly from the COLON TO the anal place and makIng sounds from the anal but they dont go out al
Avatar n tn I had a IlIght>COLONIlIght> resectIon about 5 weeks ago. They had IlIght>TOIlIght> remove the Ileo-caecal valve. The cause of the problem was endometrIosIs whIch had grown InTO my appendIx (was removed) and caused septacaemIa resultIng In the resectIonof about 6 Inches. I HAVE read up all the questIons and answers you HAVE on thIs Issue and the communal or general problem seems TO be constant sTOols wIth cramps. I HAVE had one epIsode of that whIch lasted 3 days and was probabaly an InfectIon.
Avatar n tn at any tIme we HAVE lIke 10-20 pounds of waste In us, It wIll make u feel lIghter, loose some weIght and feel better,,,TOdays foods dont dIgest well, look at a babIes dIaper It has long sTOols, that Is WHAT ares Is suppose TO be..
Avatar n tn It hurts IlIght>TOIlIght> stand, and It hurts IlIght>TOIlIght> IlIght>EATIlIght>. The skIn around the pelvIc floor Is gettIng very thIn. It IS VERY dIFfIcult TO pass sTOol, I HAVE TO get on my knees and put my shoulder TO the floor for quIte some tIme, just TO pass gas. I get paInfully bloated as well. Heres the part that Is REALLY burnIng me out, no one Is doIng anythIng. I seldomly get more than a docTOr who looks at me feet, looks at my head, and says you're fIne. It has NOT be taken serIously. I hate EATIng at thIs poInt.
Avatar n tn has any other part of your GI system been effected such as the way you IlIght>EATIlIght>, or IlIght>WHATIlIght> you IlIght>EATIlIght>? HAVE you check your tempature? HAVE you been under stress? Try TO pInpoInt exactly when It all started thInk about WHAT all happen prIor TO these epIsodes. Good luck and drInk plenty of fluIds. See health care provIder IF s/s contInue or sTOp and start agaIn!!!!
Avatar m tn sorry IlIght>TOIlIght> bother you agaIn but you seem IlIght>TOIlIght> know IlIght>WHATIlIght> you are takIng about.
1704915 tn?1357604854 Well I went TO see the constIpatIon specIalIst that my GI dr and IlIght>COLONIlIght> surgeon wanted me IlIght>TOIlIght> see. He agreed wIth me that medIcatIon Is not the answer IlIght>TOIlIght> IlIght>WHATIlIght> Is wrong wIth me and I'm TO contInue only the MIralax, AcIphex and HyoscyamIne. The good thIng Is he TOld me that It Is safe TO start takIng my HyoscyamIne daIly TO prevent sTOmach crampIng/aches Instead of takIng It when I feel them comIng on or when I get them really bad. He TOld me I can take It up TO 2 tImes a day IF I need TO.
433485 tn?1321816990 I don't blame you for not takIng the medIcIne...your IlIght>COLONIlIght> Is very traInable..IlIght>WHATIlIght> you do IlIght>TOIlIght> It vIa dIet or meds wIll traIn It IlIght>TOIlIght> work certaIn ways so by usIng antI-spasmotIcs I *thInk* (my personal opInIon) It just crEATes a lazy COLON or a COLON that just doesn't thInk It needs TO work at all anymore (so I agree I'd avoId It as much as you can put up wIth..but also hIt the fIber/mIralx TO ease the pressure off..
Avatar n tn Can anyone out there tell me IlIght>WHATIlIght> Is a way IlIght>TOIlIght> clean out your IlIght>COLONIlIght>? I HAVE a daughter who goes days wIthout doIng a bowl movement. I've taken her TO the docTOr and they say x-ray shows COLON full. Just drInk lots of water, EAT plenty of fresh fruIts and veggIes and take Senakote-S. WEll, I don't thInk that's enough. She's stIll not goIng regularly. WHAT would a hydrocleanIng do. Has anyone done one? Is there somethIng else outthere that would work or somethIng I could try? Thank you.
433485 tn?1321816990 There's a whole lot of healIng work stIll happenIng In your body, and you need TO stay well-hydrated for that process IlIght>TOIlIght> work properly as well as IlIght>TOIlIght> help your IlIght>COLONIlIght> do Its job. GeorgIe - feel free IlIght>TOIlIght> send me a PrIvate Message IF you lIke. Med Help blocks emaIl addresses so that spammers and other vIle persons don't pIck them up off the board and harrass the users. Float your cursor over my username and clIck Send Message.
Avatar f tn That resulted In a huge bowel obstructIon from the gut full of scar tIssue I developed, and the removal of nearly 2 feet of IlIght>COLONIlIght>. I HAVE a fabulous gastro doc, and trIed IlIght>TOIlIght> bust up the scar tIssue wIth the scope, but couldn't manage It. The adhesIons were just TOo bIg and ropy. Hopefully your surgery won't Involve a whole lot of Internal work and you'll be back on your feet very soon. TestIng can't determIne a lot of thIngs, but at least you know where the problem Is.
Avatar f tn I thInk the trEATment drugs are really hard on the sensItIve cells that lIne our mouths throat, sTOmach and IntestIne. MIght not be the best tIme IlIght>TOIlIght> try that but IlIght>COLONIlIght> cleanses are suppose IlIght>TOIlIght> be grEAT for lowerIng txIns!
Avatar n tn It's the bowel movements I belIeve that trIgger all the PROBLEMS that must lIe In my rectum or lower IlIght>COLONIlIght>. Another clue of IlIght>WHATIlIght> mIght be wrong, I've learned IlIght>TOIlIght> go IlIght>TOIlIght> the restroom a couple of tImes per day and wIpe. Many tImes the TOIlet paper wIll be damp wIth a brownIsh/yellowIsh color---and I'm certaIn I was clean when I left the house. Generally It's not enough TO leave any markIngs on my clothes especIally IF I keep It checked.
Avatar f tn I had a hysterecTOmy In AprIl of thIs year, and whIle performIng the surgery they realIzed the endometrosIs had grown InTO my IlIght>COLONIlIght> and had IlIght>TOIlIght> do a IlIght>COLONIlIght> resectIon IlIght>TOIlIght> remove the affected part. SInce then, I HAVE not had one normal bowel usage. My surgeon saId It would talk about a year for It TO heal properly. I take mIralax, prune juIce and 3 sTOol softners a day and sometIme stIll can't go, but the urge TO go Is always there. I am at my wIts end. I just want some relIef.
Avatar n tn Hopefully the docTOrs at the hospItal HAVE easy access TO corn free formula TO gIve It a try.
Avatar n tn I can't seem IlIght>TOIlIght> fInd anyone who has had theIr IlIght>COLONIlIght> removed or partIal IlIght>COLONIlIght> removed due IlIght>TOIlIght> sluggIsh IlIght>COLONIlIght> or severe constIpatIon PROBLEMS. IF you HAVE had thIs done please let me know how you feel about your decIsIon. I am really gettIng nervous about my surgery that Is comIng up July 8. I am supposed TO HAVE my entIre COLON removed. The surgeon saId that my left sIde of COLON Is sluggIsh. I asked IF he could just remove the sluggIsh portIon.