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Are you certain these symptoms are from the clonidine? I think I mentioned before that we can't really advise you about tapering off of this or recommending dosages. You know this isn't a medical forum. You can research this drug and get all the information you need. I'm sure you know it's a B/P med...
Hi there, I am tapering down from methadone, was at 130mgs two years ago, and am currently at 41mgs, now tapering 2mgs/ week. I know this is a low and slow taper but still I am not feeling so great. I keep getting hot flashes, nausea and going hot and cold, it's uncomfortable. My methadone doctor suggested clonidine for these symptoms, I know some of you have tried it and I was wondering if it helps much, and is it worth even taking? Thanks for your responses...
Hi there, I am tapering down from methadone, was at 130mgs two years ago, and am currently at 41mgs, now tapering 2mg /week. I am already starting to get withdrawal symptoms which surprises me as this is not really a small dose. I am going hot and cold and getting hot flashes and really nauseous. My methadone doctor told me that clonidine will help these symptoms, I know some of you have tried it. I was wondering if I should start taking it, I am so uncomfortable.
But I was being prescribed and monitored by my doc and had been on the clonidine while tapering. It is very important because everyone has different BP's and it lowers yours... Again agreeing with IDK to take deep breaths and contact your doctor...Hang in there and keep posting...
The only time I took Clonidine was for my high blood pressure. I've heard that Clonidine helps with a lot of symptoms of withdrawal including cravings. My doctor gave me Zofran 8 mg for nausea. It worked really well. Sorry I can't be of more help. Hang on for a while.
I wanted to let everyone know how this drug is working. I am in the process of tapering. I am down to 35mg a day from a 100mg a day. I feel very bad most of the day so today I decided to give the clonidine a shot. I have the .1mg tablets. I took 1/2 tablet this morning and 1/2 tablet this afternoon. I feel so much better! That ache around my neck is gone and the chill bumps are gone and that pain in the stomach. I hope it will continue to effect me this way.
Talk to you doctor about it and maybe he can help you with tapering and the clonidine if you need it...
second, my doctor prescribed two clonidine patches for me for any withdrawl symptoms. What do these do ? my doc said it woud basically knock me that of course... but, i am hesitant because i had never heard of it... i know it is a little strange for a prescription lover to be afraid of a new drug...weird. but, i would like to hear about some experiences with people who have tried it before. Thank you so much.
Clonidine is a powerful drug///not addicting but can affect ur blood pressure drastically//should be used under a dr's care It slows the body down and helps sleep, anxiety and the runs....and should be stopped when physical wds has passed...if a person takes it longer than a couple of weeks it needs to be stopped a bit slowly//not for the same reasons other drugs do...but cos of body adjustment a person with a low BP during wd should beware of clonidine...
How much clonidine to help with cravings for percoset? To use as a taper. thanks.
so I tried Thomas thing and well the vitamins are fabulous and I am feeling better than ever thE tapering method is working so much better. I'm down from 15 pills to 1 1/2 again I just want to know if I cont to taper to 1 and than 1/2 with I go through the same wd as before? This site means everything to me lately! Thx to everyone!!
I want to thank whoever it was that posted the idea of tapering while breaking pills in half That helped me beyond belief today. I went from 15 pills to 10, starting Saturday-Monday. My goal was 8 today, but I knew it would be a little harder, since I could feel WD yesterday from dropping from 15 to 10. Taking half a pill every hour, I actually got busy and forgot for a bit. I was able to miss a time in doing that, which will give me less than 8.
I am on day 19 tapering off from 40mg of Norco to 20mg still have some real bad days is there any one out there tapering off i would like to hear from you to help each other
I am in the process of tapering and today I am down to 35mg from 100mg a day. The tapering is hard but I am making it through. My question is I started using clonidine this morning. I took 1/2 of a .1mg pill. I checked my blood pressure before taking the medicine and it was 126/87 and my pulse was 96. I took my blood pressure again about 45 minutes later and it was 111/78 with a pulse of 90. I was going to take another half again tonight to help but did not know if I should or not.
I have been tapering down 4/ 15 mg oxcodone , over the last last 2 1/2 months , taking one pill away per month under Dr. Supervision. I got down to a quarter of one tablet every 12 to 16 hrs. I decided two days ago to stop taking them. I have been experiencing trouble sleeping and anxiety for the last week to ten days. It is more acute over the last 40 hrs since i stopped all together. I'm trying find out when that gets better.
The only thing I can say about clonidine is that I know someone who isnt an addict but became dependant on lortabs after a surgery,,not being an addict he had the ability to follow his drs tapering schedule and at the last weeks of his taper his dr had him wear a .02 clonidine patch, then .
Just wanted to know a little more about the "clonidine" hopefully "Ga Guy" will see this since the "detox" that is where my question is coming from. Can I go to my regular MD (as much as I do not want to have to tell her) and she can prescribe it? Or do I have to go to a psychiatrist or someone who specializes in addiction to help me out with maybe adding that to my detox plan?
I had previously been taking vicodin until it started making me sick (about a year ago) and moved over to ultram. I stopped ultram completely on Saturday, but I am tapering with vicodin to get me through (it hasn't made me sick like it did before . . . guess it has something to do with not taking 8-10 a day). I had several hellish nights, but it gets a tiny bit better each night. My question is about Clonidine. The crazy doctor that prescribed me all these painkillers in the first place . .
I really just wanted to reach out, to tell you that you are not alone. I am currently tapering as I write this. I am tapering from 40 mg Opana 3 times a day. I was able to do 25 mg Opana 3 times a day yesterday. Today hasn't been as great for me. But, I am finding the key is patience with yourself, when your body won't do what you want it to do. This isn't possible if you are not in control of your tapering. Some people cannot handle controlling their taper. It's too tempting.
Getting dizzy is a good barometer for whether the clonidine is making it too low.. If you have been on it for a week you should probably start tapering back anyway.. The number you gave sounds ok to me... everyone is different but if you are not getting dizzy or anything you are probably ok... start weaning off though..
Hey buddy, if you are in Day 1 of w/d's (already) or even Day 2, does it help to start the Clonidine then? I know ideally it should be started prior to w/d's, but Lenalena is wondering if he should run out and try to get it from the E.R....
i then went to my primary doctor, who wrote me a script for methadone 40mgs a day (having my sister give me my daily dose), and clonidine .1mg (1 in morning, 1 in the evening). here's the question: i'm two days in and i feel like dog doodoo. the doctor didn't really know how to handle this, she was more worried about losing her license for prescribing the methadone in the first place. should i be taking these drugs together, having the clonidine be for the withdrawals from methadone?
Once home, he switched to roxi's for the pain, and now that he is tapering (now detoxing @ 26hrs) he started taking clonidine for the wd's from roxi's. It is working but he needs alot more of it than most. My point is that perhaps it was coming off of methadone that triggered the reaction, and not the clonidine, in and of itself.....just a thought. Methadone is just so so weird.
Hi, I'm currently tapering down from Tramadol am now on 200mg original was taking almost 750mg at some times, I have been tapering down at approx. 100mg and now 50mg. I know some people might say this is way to fast, but over the last month it's been working well. the only problem now is I'm down to 200mg and I need to move down to 100mg or 150mg and I just can't seem to I get too many brain zaps. Any help or suggestions would be great.
normally use a 1/4 pack a day, but started getting out of hand last few months, up to 2 packs a day, decided I should stop. The doctor refuses to give me the clonidine, allows the inhaler (which I bet I won't need at all when I stop smoking, ever again)...which is the third doctor to refuse a clonodine prescription. Giving the answer "you have to get it through you're clinic. To which I say "No clinic provides all. It's done through private doctor only.
anyway, i was wondering if anyone out there has had much success with buprenex tapering? if so, how long was the process and at what rate did you taper? i've heard the process can be almost painless if done the right way, but i've been having the same problem with it as i did vicodin and percs. my intentions to taper are there, but i end up taking more than i should. i don't get a "buzz" from it, so i DO NOT understand why i continue like this. for me, it is very addicting.
I've been taking about 4 Norco 10/325's per day, and I would like to figure out an effective tapering plan. All I know is that I can't successfully go CT-it throws everything out of whack. I saw a doctor in regard to all of this, and she game me a prescription for Wellbutrin (for the depression) and Xanax (for the anxiety). I'm beginning to think that this is not the right way to go. Thoughts?
In patients who have developed localized contact sensitization to clonidine film, substitution of oral clonidine hydrochloride therapy may be associated with the development of a generalized skin rash. In patients who develop an allergic reaction from clonidine film that extends beyond the local patch site (such as generalized skin rash, urticaria, or angioedema), oral clonidine hydrochloride substitution may elicit a similar reaction.
See if your doctor can write you a prescription for some Requip for restlessness, Neurontin for anxiety and malaise, some Flexeril or Soma for a few weeks for muscle spasms and maybe some Seroquel low dose, for sleep. Clonidine is very helpful for the creepy-crawly feeling and control of blood pressure variations. It will make your withdrawals easier. Valerian and Magnesium is sometimes helpful remedies over the counter.
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