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Dear Doctor, I'd like another professional's opinion as to a somewhat complicated matter involving h_hilight>hh_hilight> h_hilight>pylorih_hilight>. A few months ago, I started having rather severe burning in my esophagus h_hilight>andh_hilight> throat/tongue. Was treated with several PPI's and prescription Zantac -- all to no avail -- nothing helped alleviate the symptoms. I had an upper endososcopy done which showed nothing at all visually but on biopsy, minor gastritis and minor esophagitis. My diagnosis was basically gerd.
I was adamant no more antibiotics in my body or GI tract - I had been on 3 rounds of double dose ( for h_hilight>hh_hilight> h_hilight>pylorih_hilight>) h_hilight>andh_hilight> my immune system was shot! And my family dr sent me to her/ENT because he was out of ideas, she had good reputation and progressive ideas. I did the antibiotic nasal rinses for 30 days, took lots of probiotics, lots of vitamin D, vitamin C and some oregano oil. ( my ideas ) It worked, but it took time.....You just want to feel better now!!
I will check my records but that may have been inclusive in one of the first tests he did along with h_hilight>hh_hilight> h_hilight>pylorih_hilight>, E Coli, etc. he has also done nods copy h_hilight>andh_hilight> colonoscopy with biopsies. I assume that would have shown up with those tests? It is a bit confusing as I mostly have IBS symptoms, however, the breath test showed I have bacterial overgrowth in the small bowels so he is treating me with the Xifaxan, or trying to.
Either you are taking more thyroid hormone than necessary or some other preparation should be tried. h_hilight>hh_hilight> h_hilight>pylorih_hilight> infection is treated with a combination of Omeprazole h_hilight>andh_hilight> antibiotics. Generally metronidazole is used in combination with Clindamycin or Clarithromycin. I think you should discuss these possibilities with your doctor. Take care!
I drank cranberry juice h_hilight>andh_hilight> took 7 days of h_hilight>clindamycinh_hilight> (antibiotic) h_hilight>andh_hilight> flagyl. They were left over from my h_hilight>hh_hilight>. h_hilight>pylorih_hilight> infection. Well my wife and I had sex, and now 3 weeks later she is having burning with urination, but she also has no discharge or anything else. I got her some amoxicillin and have been having her drink cranberry juice as well. Could this be a chlamydia or gonorrhea infection? I dont think she is sleeping around, but you never know.
That a poor diet (ice cream, fast food, a lot of sugar-high calories) can affect digestive function and prevent a good balance of healthy bacteria, especially with C diff and h h_hilight>pylorih_hilight>; that smoking can lead to feeling tired h_hilight>andh_hilight> out of breath...I understand that people get h_hilight>hh_hilight> h_hilight>pylorih_hilight> and C diff all the time without being hIV+, but I can't help think about what if?? I can 't believe I was soo stupid!
It started about a month after taking strong antibiotics for six months for a vaginal bacteria infection (I took metronidazole, h_hilight>clindamycinh_hilight>, floxin, h_hilight>andh_hilight> bactrim). After about 4 months of a the growling/squishing noise keeping me up maybe once every two weeks, it increased to keeping me up 3, 4, 5 nights per week. Tried over the counter Tums, Prevacid, etc. but with no relief. I am not stressed in any way (other than the condition).
haven't noticed any relief yet from the symptoms but am continuing the probiotic treatment h_hilight>andh_hilight> hope for the best for you h_hilight>andh_hilight> me. I asked my Doc how I got the h_hilight>hh_hilight>. h_hilight>pylorih_hilight> since I am an OCD clean freak, and she said, "Well, you live in New Orleans!". Now ThAT is halloween scary.
Forgot, he has already done an endoscopy with biopsies, no Barrett's, thank goodness. Done stool samples so no h_hilight>hh_hilight> h_hilight>pylorih_hilight>, C-Deficike, E Colin, Salmonella, . he did mention taking some breath type test that checks for bacteria,mess since this all got so bad when I was on the Clindamycin.
Gallbladder looked fine, endoscopy showed mild gastritis h_hilight>andh_hilight> negative for h_hilight>hh_hilight>. h_hilight>pylorih_hilight> h_hilight>andh_hilight> negative for stomach cancer. Doc says he thinks it's stress h_hilight>andh_hilight> I should try Prilosec. Took three Rolaids for the first time in my life and ended up in bed the next day with major stomach pain. Few days later, try the Prilosec, same problem. Doc prsecribes Aciphex, same problem. Gave up on Doc and suffered through another month. Finally told them, "I DON'T hAVE ULCERS!
If it was me, I'd pay extra careful attention to my diet h_hilight>andh_hilight> be checked for h_hilight>hh_hilight>. h_hilight>pylorih_hilight>. I'd also have any sores/eruptions cultured to cover all the bases. hopefully you can get a handle on it. Don't know if you drink alcohol at all but that can trigger it even in small amounts. I know skin issues especially on your face (or hands and feet as Jm had) can be very miserable, I wish you a quick recovery. I hope Jm weighs in on this and some of the others that have had this issue.
I went to a med doctor last year and was tested for h_hilight>hh_hilight> h_hilight>pylorih_hilight> h_hilight>andh_hilight> it was a positive. I did not take the antibiotics for it. I have lost wieght, which I was thin to begin with.
The hepatic flexure of the colon makes the turn right in the same area where the liver h_hilight>andh_hilight> the gallbladder are. could be buildup of stool h_hilight>andh_hilight> gas that stretches the colon h_hilight>andh_hilight> causes pain. has the Dr mentioned this?
As for me I am still with my treatment for h_hilight>hh_hilight>. h_hilight>pylorih_hilight> h_hilight>andh_hilight> candida. The odor is much better, h_hilight>andh_hilight> the sneezing h_hilight>andh_hilight> coughing is very minimal. So far so good I feel much better, well, after almost 1 week. But the first few days, it was so far not good. This is why I avoided posting because I wanted to give the treatment time to work. Anyway, again good luck to everyone. At least I can say that I found a doctor who believes me when I report my symptoms. Take care everyone.
My brain has turned into a sieve! h_hilight>Andh_hilight> I always have puffy eyes h_hilight>andh_hilight> I'm just drying up. h_hilight>ANDh_hilight> I still have horrible itchy hives. h_hilight>hh_hilight>. pylori tests and other parasite tests are negative. I recently found an article about fish oil on I had googled "fish oil and hives" looking for any connection with supplements I take. I started taking that about a year ago. It can cause hives! Those with thyroid disorders probably should not take fish oil.
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