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193245_tn?1189993322 This forum is filled with people who are or were suffering from anxiety, of course, What I think is lacking may be some success stories. People DO make progress with this disorder, and I believe it's important for people who are new to the problem to see that it can be dealt with. I suffered badly for a couple years before it was even diagnosed correctly, and then it took another four months for me to ask doctors for a medicinal solution. Once I did I got a lot better.
Avatar_m_tn I've been pouring over this forum and it has definitely helped. Does anyone out there have any success stories from quitting pills. I could definitely use some encouraging stories to ease my mind that this will get better,,,,and that I'll eventually be able to sleep again. Thanks!!
287246_tn?1318573663 Your Name (first name only): Baby's Name (first and middle names only): Baby's Gender: Due Date: Birthdate: Weight: Height: Your Story: PLEASE, only mother's sharing their stories post here. The thread will get too long if everyone posts comments to the stories shared. Thanks for the suggestion!! This is a great one!!!
Avatar_m_tn As soon as I cleaned up I started training hard and eating healthy. I think it important to maintain goals to stay clean, keep your eyes on a far off objective to keep you motivated. Of all my friends who attempted to get clean after I did, I'm the only one who made it past a few weeks. I don't think about the drugs so much anymore unless I'm terribly bored or hanging out with friends who still use. I have bigger fish to fry.
Avatar_f_tn Thanks a lot
Avatar_n_tn You know what, you should continue to post here. We don't have too many success stories and we could sure use yours.... I am proud of you. And I hope you continue on this sober road...... Congrats....
Avatar_f_tn Well today is day 7 I am clean from Vicodin......I am starting to be over the wd's and i am getting a little of my natural energy drive back!! also the worst 2 things are almost over restless leg feeling at night and the insomnia. I am also getting my appetite back......which is scary because I was kind of on a vicodin diet.....I am sure most people who abused them were....I lost a lot of weight and I would like to keep the weight off now since I am no longer taking the pills.
Avatar_m_tn -) Let's share a little sunshine and optimism to let newcomers know that all is not black. How do you feel better after treatment? How did your body change? How did you life change? Did you win your battle? What is your thyroid SUCCESS story?
535064_tn?1293221691 Congratulations on a year clean! Keep it up! Things just get better.
Avatar_m_tn Guv, lay off the whiskey, booze just starts to make ya feel tired and sick after awhile, trust me. Congrats to everyone, it's always great to read the success stories. Keep fighting the fight everyone, ya'll rock!!!
Avatar_f_tn Wait about one hour before eating breakfast. The L-Tyrosine will give you a surge of physical and mental energy that will help counteract the malaise. You may continue to take it each morning for as long as it helps. If you find it gives you the "coffee jitters," consider lowering the dosage or discontinuing it altogether. Occasionally, L-Tyrosine can cause the runs.
Avatar_m_tn I used fentanyly patches and the oral stuff for 3 years Clean time 6 months and 6 days!!!! Rockin on!!
Avatar_f_tn I don't have a question just wanted too let everyone know I will be one hundred days clean tomo. I of never would have thought in a million years I could have done this. Everyone that feels like giving up stick in there you will get through it. If anyone needs any support or has any questions feel free to message me.
165308_tn?1323190145 I'm sure some people can do it online, and there are many success stories with online members. But me, the early days of my struggle, I would have found it very hard without the accountability of the meetings. Focus on making just one change this week. Follow the 8 good health guidelines for just one week. I find it very hard to be hungry when I follow them exactly. Go to the WW website every day and share your struggles.
1280354_tn?1272585501 Good for you Brad, with all of us (myself included) in here complaining and throwing pity parties all day it's great to hear some positive success stories. LOL I thing working out and excersize (see what drugs do, I can't spell any more and graduated with English honors) is great for recovery. We spend all that time high and it ruins our bodies. Keep up the good work and please keep us posted of all your successes.
Avatar_f_tn Congratulations!!! Keep kickin A$$!!! Love to hear success stories like this.
Avatar_f_tn Dear Penny Lane M, Just from reading the numerous success stories these past several weeks, I have every confidence that you will be undetectable very soon. God has blessed us all with the miracle of conventional medicine. Best wishes to you and keep us posted on your side effects, if any.
Avatar_m_tn It is always great to hear success stories. Isn't it amazing what happens when we start taking better care of ourselves! Keep it up and God Bless!
Avatar_f_tn Things big as family, relationships,having friends holding a steady job lets not get started on finance problems or, as miniscule as simple tasks like waking up and showering brushing my teeth and eating. Things that for non-addicts is just like second nature. They may wake up and shower brush their teeth have some coffee and breakfast and head to work.
Avatar_f_tn So everyone keep hitting me with those success stories, This site keeps me going and I pray everyday for EVERYONE on here, you are all sooooooooooooo great
Avatar_f_tn Search youtube: Detox Retreat Success Stories. Results speak for themselves. I was glued to my TV for 5 hours straight watching back to back episodes of the popular UK show "Spa of Embarrassing Illnesses" only to find Austar (Australian paid TV) didn't air the final episode! Grrrr lol.
Avatar_n_tn Oh you can search the net and find stuff but nothing is definitive because AA/NA is the only method of recovery tracked and they are at a 10% success rate and there are no stats on any other methods so anything beyond saying something works for you is utterly ignorant and one sided, period!
306867_tn?1299253309 She left behind two small kids. So, get off them ASAP. I've read some good success stories from others here who tapered down their doses before quiting, to avoid a totally horrid withdrawal. This didn't work for me, but I used for 13 years, much longer than most here. Some bite the bullet and go cold turkey. Either way, get off them, period. There are non-narcotic meds out there that help you through the initial withdrawal. Get clean & see where the road takes you.
Avatar_m_tn I want to exercise, but on top of everything I have a bad cold. I need those endorphins back! I just want to be a stable, happy man! Success stories would be much appreciated! I need the encouragement badly!
Avatar_m_tn I was clean for 14 days, I thought I was in the clear physically but still having a lot of cravings and was longing for the Norco's. I was on about 6 to 8 Norco per day for 2 years or so... Cold turkey sucked but after the first week I started eating right and my stomach settled down. I figured if I didn't go back to the Doctor I wouldnt get a refill but the pharmacy called and my script was ready.
Avatar_m_tn I have Netflix on my PS3 and mail delivery, so I'm always watching something hilarious. Rich, I think it takes success stories to create success stories. Knowing someone else did it helps you realize that its possible yourself. Also, finding a good place mentally is key. Here is a lil story for everyone. I like to read biographies of people with checkered lives. I read Nikki Sixxs' Heroin Diaries. Wow! Great read. I often wondered what it would be like to live that life and to come back.