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One, there are side effects while getting on and coming off medications like these and two, I was already nervous about taking it, so anything I felt out of the ordinary, I probably attributed to the medication when it might not have been related at all. Are you also in counseling? In my opinion, these medications are a good tool to use while you learn about confronting your anxiety....they will not 'cure' you of anything, but are a great asset while you move forward in dealing with this...
I only need a half a piil 2-3 times a day for all day relief. If coming off the valuim causes u side effects ask for klonipin it has saved my sanity!!!
It seems like it may take me a lifetime to get off everything, but do I reduce the reboxetine or the citalopram. Do I come off the diazepam altogether or aim to get off quetiapine ? After >12months on temazepam (and it doesn't do much) will i miss it much if I stop. Am keen not to cause any functional disturbance because have been coping with a small amount of work and don't want to upset the very precarious balance? Any ideas? How long do you think it might take me to get off all of his?
today is day one on clexa hope it works without side effects slight runs today but ok touch wood how long did any of u take to feel a slight improvement i know its 4 to 6 weeks but the generally start to work b4 that yes??
Don't get me wrong, it works wonders and the side effects disappear almost as soon as the positive effects start happening. Just keep to them and keep a positive attitude that they'll work and everything will be fine.
I was on citalopram for about 18 months and when you increase it is common to get that feeling for a few days. Coming off them also gives you the same side effect! Citalopram is good for stress and anxiety, not so good for depression imho, I mention this because I saw your journal. But then I am not a doctor, so this was just my personal experience. If in a few weeks you are not feeling any benefit it may be worth seeing a different doctor who will take a fresh look at things.
I feel quite positive at the moment because the ADs I've used in the past had horrendous side effects for me and so far the only thing I've noticed is being drowsy, dizzy and my mind is racing a bit... although I heard that they can trigger mania so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Also I have to see the same GP in two weeks [or before if I have any serious suicidal thoughts] and she will be referring me to a psychiatrist.
Prior to third treatment (triple w/ Inc) he had to go off Lexapro because it is on the list of drugs not to take with Inc, and she switched him to Citalopram, again to avoid the psychological side effects of treatment. She chose Citalopram because there is room to increase the dosage if needed, but he is in week 18 and hasn't yet needed to increase it. I agree with Pooh that your doctor doesn't seem to be managing your psychological side effects to treatment.
There are physical side effects and there are psychological side effects. My husband took Citalopram throughout his triple tx, and it helped a lot. I also tried to get him to drink extra water and go outside for a walk every day. That seemed to help. Insomnia can also be a problem, so when my husband couldn't sleep, he got more anxious and depressed as well. His hepatologist added a small dose of Trazadone at bedtime.
It could be partly to do with that – I have felt a lot more emotional and sometimes really angry. I am a calm person usually but I have been finding it hard to not get angry and upset about things. However, before I started the Tramadol I was a couple of months into a course of Citalapram because of depression. I came straight off the Citalapram though within a week of being given Tramadol, I’m now starting to feel the way I used to feel before I went onto Tramadol.
Guess the real hope would be that the Inderella would keep me relaxed / as relaxed as I might need to be when coming off those other junkie xanax tablets. Good luck to everybody who is trying.
SSRIs like the medication like the one your on can take a good three to four weeks to 'kick in' in my opinion. I usually notice the side effects when I start, stop, or adjust the dosage, but after a couple of weeks they pretty much go away. Also, you are anxious about taking it, so that could add to it a little bit in my opinion. Are you going to seek help through talk therapy? I am a proponent of medications like the one you are on as long as you seek help through counseling.
ONE important thing to remember that I learned, and have never forgotten is that these two effects CANNOT exist without anxiety.....but that anxiety can exist without these sensations. Derealization is basically a change, an alteration in the PERCEPTION or experience of the external other words...everything LOOKS very strange, very "unreal" (movie like, in my experiences). Depersonalization is a subjective experience of unreality of one's self. So the difference is...
I feel like he might be confusing the side effects of withdrawal with the initial symptoms (although much much less severe) and still over-medicating himself. Also-- he hasnt been to a therapist once b.c he cannot afford it. PLEASE any advice???? It;s much needed! Thank you.
) Citalopram has few side effects and is quite a mild AD - apparently even though it is slightly older than lexapro etc it is still a favourite of Hepatologists due to it being reasonably well tolerated by the liver. Zyban I used to give up smoking last year. It was great with that, but I did not enjoy how it made me feel. I would not in all good conscience be able to recommend it as an AD to anyone, but that is purely my own subjective opinion.
Celexa and Lexapro don't affect people the same either, even thought they're derived from the same core. Effects and side effects can be very different. Sweating, by the way, is a common side effect of Celexa, Lexapro, and Effexor, let alone the other med you're taking which I know nothing about. Sleep problems could be caused by the norepinephrine effect of Effexor. All the meds you're taking can cause weight gain.
It is not uncommon to have symptoms when coming off of an SSRI/SNRI medication. The palpitations you describe sound benign but I agree with your primary care provider in obtaining an ECG monitor to ensure that there is no arrhythmia. Based on the symptoms you described your doctor might want to consider thryoid testing. Cutting back on caffeine intake if it is significant would be adviseable as well.
I felt so good after going off the citalopram and now have the side effects coming back. I hope this is just another adjustment period that goes quickly.
What you're experiencing is normal when coming off these kinds of meds. These mood swings and anger should start to resolve as you come off the med. It may take some time and require some patience. Couple things that may help is to stay busy and occupy your time, try to get out and get some exercise, even if just a brisk walk once or twice a day, that will do wonders for the way you feel. If you continue to feel this way, or it worsens, definitely speak with your doctor about it.
Hello The itching, unexplained swelling, fatique, tremors (spasms) are all listed as side effects or signs of allergic reactions to Citalopram. I don't know when you started taking the medication I'm guessing after the first swelling bout? But the first thing I'd do is have the doctor take you off it and possibly even give you a low dose of Prednisone-to treat the reaction and to see if the majority of the symptoms disappear. Then work towards the diagnosis of the remaining symptoms.
I'm still investigating some possible vitamin deficiencies but so far most things are coming back ok (I supplement with B12 to be on the safe side). A short course of steroids made the symptoms LOTS worse and it spread to my left (that reduced once the meds were withdrawn). It's also much worse in the week leading to my period. Occasionally when my thyroid meds are too high it will make it worse also.
Knowing what I know now, if this were me, and it isn't, it's you, I'd call the doctor's emergency number, explain what was going on, ask to go back on the Paxil and stop the citalopram until a slow taper off Paxil is successfully completed so you're not dealing with the side effects of a new drug and the discontinuation effects of Paxil at the same time.
I was on the Effexor for about 5 weeks and had an allergic reation to it.. rash and all the worst side effects you could have. I tapered off that which has been horrible. I am now left with a bad headache and extreme fatique and lack of strength. What can I do to feel better, without having to go back on the meds.
D Love and Healing, Emily
I havent taken the medicine you are taking, so I dont know how that is supposed to make you feel, or what the side effects are. Good Luck though, and hopefully you can find something that helps.
I also cannot imagine suffering from the side effects of citalopram as what I am experiencing is already horrifying. Does this last forever? What can I do to cure it? I have no previous history of mental illness. I also am quite chubby 66kgs so could it be the effects of the THC in my system? as I said i feel better than when it started but i am losing hope.
I've been taking Citalopram now for about 3 and a half years. I had a range of side effects to begin with and then things settled down really well. My dose was increased over time from 20mg to 40mg. In the last year I have had several really bad bouts of fatigue. At first it seemed like post viral farigue after contracting a rather nasy flu virus in Sepptember last year. I undrwent a series of tests but all came back negative.
Possible vision distortion, bowel issues, tiredness, angry. All the usual side effects you might get going on to a med in fact. Having been on it for 10 years it is likely to hurt a bit coming off as your head is used to it and FX is one of those drugs that lets you know it doesn't like leaving! Any med can replace any med but they don't all do the same thing and they don't all work for all of us. I;ve had quite a few I thought were sugar pills doing not a thing for me.
I can understand that side effects meant you had to come off them fairly quickly, but I do hope the doctor warned you that you would get bad withdrawals coming off it cold turkey. There are a lot of comments about coming off anti depressants too fast, especially Effexor. Look them up and see if it helps. As we are all different it is difficult to tell a person how long their withdraw symptoms will last. With some it is days or weeks, and others could be many months.
I have to investigate further. I have never been one to take meds! now we have to take meds that have side effects for your side effects.(It's like lookin in to infinity) Its nice to know we are all going crazy together! Thanks for the feedback Carrie and good luck on your journey!
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