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Avatar_n_tn Could they have something to do with the problems I am experiencing now?
Avatar_n_tn Amiodarone (anti arrythmia) Amphothericin (anti fungal) Aspirin Ciprofloxacin (antibiotic) Corticosteroid withdrwal Cytosine arabinoside (anti cancer) Danazol Growth hormone Lithium (anti manic, mood stabilizer) NSAID (ibuprofen, advil etc) Oral contraceptives Phenytoin (anti seizure) Retinoids Tetracycline (antibiotic) Vitamin A toxicity (taking too much) Good luck
Avatar_m_tn I posted here because I was curious if anyone knew about fluoroquinolone resistance in C. Trachomatis (levofloxacin vs. ciprofloxacin, bacteriostatic or bactericidal effects), or anything along those lines. For anyone reading this in a similar position, I followed up with my urologist over the phone, who advised that a recurrence of swelling and pain after d/c'ing antibiotics is typical with epididymitis and a NSAID like ibuprofen should be all that's needed.
Avatar_n_tn Aspirin : Ciprofloxacin (antibiotic) : Corticosteroid withdrwal : NSAID (ibuprofen, advil etc) : Oral contraceptives Kelly Dear Kelly, the only way to know is if you are still taking these meds, stop them, substitute, and see what happen. Make sure you discuss with your doctor before stopping or starting any new medications. Good luck.
356518_tn?1322267242 •Case reports have noted false-negative results for opioids and cannabinoids in the presence of tolmetin, an NSAID, and for amphetamines due to interference by chlorpromazine (eg, Thorazine®) metabolites. The antifungal agent fluconazole may interfere with the detection of cocaine [Reisfield 2009]. Persons determined to “beat the test” may know about this.
Avatar_m_tn Ciprofloxacin and Doxycycline would clear out most bacteria from an infected throat. Ask your doctor to look and consider herpes simplex or aphthous ulcers.
867582_tn?1311630997 The warnings intensify for those over 60 and anyone on NSAIDs (aspirin is an NSAID). The scary thing is that most people just don't know about how lethal the fluoroquinolone category of antibiotics can be - like me, they only hear about its many successes (and, face it, those antibiotics are very good at ending infection which is why they are often used). All other possibilities of antibiotics should be used first!