Cipro and liver damage

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Avatar n tn you can end up with sever liver damage.
Avatar n tn It does respond to benedryl, but benedryl makes me sleepy and lowers my performance at work. Is there anything else that I may take, and do you think that I may have liver damage from the cipro that is causing this itching.
867582 tn?1311630997 I bet they've changed their tune by now. I was sure then and am sure now that Cipro was the cause. My liver enzymes even went sky high. Most UTIs are wiped out by much more benign antibiotics, so I agree with WAF 100%.
1833444 tn?1325560662 The fact is that only in very rare cases has there been shown to liver damage from Cipro. Secondly, you will only be taking Cipro to clear up your urinary track infection, which is normally a 7 - 14 day treatment. Little time to cause any damage. I have cirrhosis and I took Cipro throughout my treatment for many months to prevent infections during treatment.
Avatar n tn 9 which is more at normal level but I usually run high (around 1.4). Could I have developed fulminant liver damage or any major liver damage from contracting herpes and then having Cipro on top of that?? Please give me a little direction here.
233616 tn?1312790796 The people most in need of this information are late stage liver patients, and those taking anti-rejection, or HIV drugs, or who are medicating for any other serious medical condition. Especially if these groups plan on treating their Hepatitis, this information could prove invaluable. Actually anyone doing triple therapy really does need to pay attention here. Many of you have written privately asking me to filter my knowledge base down to it’s essence on my favorite topics.
Avatar m tn I was always under the impression that the liver is regenerative to an extent and that if I were able to detect slight damage early enough that the damage could be reversed by stopping treatment to allow the liver to regernerate. If that is not the case and any potential damage were permanent (even if caught early) I would not consider taking this medication. Thanks for any help and insight.
Avatar n tn coronary, pulmonary or spontaneous bleeding and clotting can occur at any time and hasten death Additionally, it is not uncommon for liver failure patients to wax and wane in terms of their mentation, confusion and overall state. Paradoxically, it's a laxative (lactulose) which can improve their mentation by converting and clearing amonium from the system - which is a function of a healthy liver So it's a roller coaster I'm afraid.
233616 tn?1312790796 So it is possible that inhibiting CYP450, might give you more time to wait for a cure, might help slow down or reverse liver damage, and it may help other drugs clear the virus. CYP450 has other family members called isoforms....... CYP2E1 - Causes mitochondrial damage and oxidative stress on the liver cell. This is liver enzymes worst enemy. Alcohol is a CYP2E1 substrate. Even in people who don't drink, CYP2E1 is implicated in non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH)...fatty liver.
Avatar m tn If a doctor other than your liver doctor prescribes a medicine, remind him/her of your HBV status and ask whether that drug is liver friendly. Let your liver specialist know about any drugs and supplements you are taking.
Avatar m tn I have been really sick and am just wondering if these flu-like situations (liver and spleen pain and joint pain and fever and fatigue) are symptoms of further damage to my liver or what is happening to cause these feelings every so often. I also have a navel hernia that is quite painful with the ascites at times. It became obstructed in march and I had emergency surgery and now it is coming back out. Lastly, I am taking 80 mg of furmoside and 10 mg of ameloride.
Avatar n tn My ENT suggested I take Cipro (500mg twice a day) for 6 weeks and then use a nebulizer at regular intervals with rifampin or acriflavine (2% solution). Now I am worried about the side effects of cipro. I am 30 now and in good health all my life except for this rhinoscleroma. I am worried about the tendon/muscle damage as well as liver functions. I am getting my liver checked regularly to make sure.
Avatar n tn My ENT suggested I take Cipro (500mg twice a day) for 6 weeks and then use a nebulizer at regular intervals with rifampin or acriflavine (2% solution). Now I am worried about the side effects of cipro. I am 30 now and in good health all my life except for this rhinoscleroma. I am worried about the tendon/muscle damage as well as liver functions. I am getting my liver checked regularly to make sure.
Avatar f tn Last year I was running a low grade fever, body aches, weak, and not myself. They put me on Cipro and wasn't getting better. Ended up with full blood work and my levels were highly elevated. They tested me for Hep C. Was in a small town, and they said I had it, and then I didn't. Decided to go to Mayo, and find out for sure. Hence the #s stated above. Even tho such a low load, ended up with mild cirrhosis. Was also a social drinker, and combined with the Hep C, there ya go.
634590 tn?1293777693 I have managed constipation with milk, ispaghol husk and some other remedies. My stool is now soft but i still feel severe pain while passing stool and also for hours after bowl movement. I feel like i hv swollen rectum/ anus and passage has become narrow thats why a little stool makes me painful. i went to homoepathic doctor today and he gave me L-104 cmpound made of France and some other laxative pills. i will start using it today and i hope it will help me. im in much pain and suffering.
498656 tn?1213450519 I am on Cipro now treating a chronic sinus infection and I wonder about taking this and I know I can't have treatment as long as I have this infection. I have seen a ENT for surgery but has sent me to an allergist to get shots to try to stop my reactions to allergens. I feel like I am between a rock and a hard place. I think they are going to tell me I have to treat when I go to this appt in Mid-May. Any words of encouragement or just some thoughts from others with this same condition.
Avatar n tn I've been on Cipro the whole time, 25 weeks now, no infections, no side effects from Cipro. My WBC is 1.2 and my ANC is 576. I think the Cipro gives me a little wiggle room.
Avatar f tn I have constant grinding, popping, and cracking sounds in my joints all over my body, especially in my neck, very badly in my shoulders, my back, jaw, elbows, wrists, knees and hips. It does not usually hurt but my muscles and joints hurt and seem to be tense, weak and stiff. Can anxiety cause all of these CONSTANT symptoms? This problem is effecting my life and my relationships and I just want to feel normal and like my old self again.
Avatar m tn There remains the mystery of the easy bleeding -- though simple liver function tests might give a clue as to whether the Cipro caused liver damage -- and then coagulation factors can also be measured directly. I'd be wary of taking any more fluoroquinolones.
Avatar n tn I had the same thing with the Yaz. I was on Yasmin and switched to Yaz and promptly gained about 5 or more pounds. No problems at all with Yasmin, and I was on it for 5 or more years. I still work out like I did on Yasmin, and I've never eaten a lot, although, the Yaz does make me hungry all the time, and I can't seem to get rid of this bloating. I spot constantly and cramp. I have another friend that is the same way.
Avatar n tn (Beyond that, chronic liver damage from excessive alcohol consumption can affect the metabolism and toxicity of antibiotics.
Avatar m tn You do need to be careful with these as they can damage your liver and kidney, so only use a long term course by direction of your doctor. The other thing that you can do that I did not mention before is to only use non biological washing detergents. You have not been applying the antifungal cream on for long enough.
Avatar m tn I'm really worried to go back on the Cipro for 6 WEEKS and all the side effects including the very possible tendon, nerve, heart or liver damage and constipation. The above problem right now are overwhelming. Any help or direction would be appreciated.
Avatar m tn i'm not sure when i can have these test(no insurance)any suggestions on foods ,vitamins exc.i did take antibiotics for over a month and didn't help(cipro and bactrim)thanks.
Avatar f tn At such a young age to have had several infections and rounds of cipro probably her liver is trying to catch up. Normal ALT = 20-100 Alanine aminotransferase is an enzyme normally present in liver and heart cells that is released into the bloodstream when the liver or heart is damaged. The blood ALT levels are elevated with liver damage (for example, from viral hepatitis) or with an insult to the heart (for example, from a heart attack). Some medications can also raise ALT levels.
Avatar n tn I was put on macrobid after sex, didnt work, macrobid everyday, didnt work! and then I started taking cipro and that really worked. But now I am 8 wks pregnant and have had what I thought was a UTI for 2 goin on 3 wks now!! I am going crazy!! I have taken every antibiotic known to man that is safe for a pregnant lady and no relief. i know that i was diagnosed w/ cytolytic vaginosis awhile back so I read up on it, but w/ being prgenant I dont know if it is the right diagnosis.
Avatar m tn I started 14 days more of cipro and Flomax and finally began to have normal voiding. but I had a fungal infection and my urological system is already damaged, permanently numb, pain.
Avatar n tn Viruses can cause nerve damage and widespread muscle twitching rarely, but do not tend to cause localized rashes as you describe. Fasciculations involving the whole body are more likely to be benign, especially if no other neurological signs appear over time such as muscle weakness or wasting. Fasciculations can also occur from an overacitive thyroid gland (this should be checked for with blood tests), certain medications, excercise, cold exposure, pinched nerves or spinal cord problems.
Avatar m tn I did read your reply to LivingInHope that you are not diabetic - which is good. You can be glucose intolerant and get nerve damage through that. As your foot goes purple when you do what you do with it, then it is clearly a circulation problem. Problems in the wrist is likely to be carpal tunnel problems. You can wear wrist splints at night to help with this and not use the hand repetitively. Hope you find some relief somewhere. Best wishes.
Avatar n tn you can pinch it between your fingers and not damage it. now think of a liver. its easy to shred by squeezing hard as you did the steak. your prostate is like liver, delicate. i had a couple of very rough exams that i think may be at a cause of some of my problems. onne by a woman doctor who i think was angered by somthing i said and one by a musim doctor.