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rashes are common in pregnancy so I've read. I had a heat <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>rash</span> right on my <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>chest</span> between my boobs and it itched like crazy, just use some cortezone twice daily and try not to scratch...if it gets worse I would contact your Dr.
Doesn't make it go away but less itchy and irritating. Known for woman to break out in hives during pregnancy. I'm assuming that's what it is. Its getting better as pregnancy continues. I'm 36 weeks.
me too iam sufring a <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>rash</span> and acne too in all over my face and back and butts and chest do I have to use that cream for acne too?
I think just about every pregnant woman has a bit of eczema (rashes) during pregnancy, I've had the same <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>rash</span> between my boobs, under my armpits sometimes.. cortizone 10 will take away the itch!
Benedryl is totally safe...
i dont care if its gone i just want to not itch as OB said it looked like the PUPP <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>rash</span> but she said its too early in pregnancy to have that <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>rash</span> but i am one of those people that anything can happen!!! i hope you get your rash under control but aveno is a great product for itchy skin.
I was in the doctors office for it and also the hospital for heart problems and they said they don't know what it is. The nurse said it could be a heat <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>rash</span>, I live in Michigan how in the world could I have a heat rash at this time of year? Also, it's getting worse as the days go by it's been a week since I've seen a doctor and they said it would go away when I called yesterday. I'm kind of worried, since I'm so miserable I can't handle it anymore..
I got a red <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>rash</span> on my <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>chest</span> im on week 6 of my pregnancy I just found out im pregnant and its also on my arms a little what can I do to get rid of this rash?!?!?!
But recently ive been getting rashes or hives on my skin, they dont itch and appearn on my face back stomach <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>chest</span> and legs, they are pinkish not raised and they appear in lines and blotches sometimes they r big and they only last for a couple of minutes and then go away but it continues all day frequently its been almost two weeks since i've first noticed it. and i am wondering if this could be and indication that i may be pregnant.
For a few years now, I've been getting a red blotchy <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>chest</span>/neck <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>rash</span> in circumstances where I - am drinking alcohol, anxious, nervous, excited, upset - really feeling just about any emotion. It's gotten to the point where I do not expose my chest/neck ever - and cover up whenever I can. I had read once that taking Niacinimide could help - and I've been taking about 1000mg of it for a few months, but am not seeing much improvement.
I broke out in a <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>rash</span>, hives all over my <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>chest</span>. Last time i did this was my first pregnancy. I mc a day later. 930pm i have some brown dis charge. Hope says it could be implantation bleeding but i know in my gut that its af.
It sometimes affects the armpits, <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>chest</span> and in the groin area. Stress, fatigue (pregnancy / lactation in your case), weather extremes, oily skin and infrequent shampooing or skin cleaning & severe medical illnesses make it worse. People with seborrhoeic dermatitis produce too much sebum (the natural skin oil). Later, pityrosporum yeast, grows excessively in the sebum, sometime along with bacteria, making the dermatitis more persistent.
There also testing my liver as apparently even though I've developed the allergy they said part of the <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>rash</span> can be a liver infection common in pregnancy and I'll find out the results Mon.
It could be a number of different things, it most likely is nothing to worry about pregnancy has made me get rashes in different places on my body and my doctor says it's nothing to worry about just watch it If its there for more than 7 days gets much worse or you develop a fever than call your Dr other wise its nothing to worry about :)
Apparently there's a <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>rash</span> that 1% of mommy's get towards the end of their pregnancy, I'm 37&2, and have had this horrible rash all over my hands and feet, and its spreading to my legs. Its like poison oak, tiny little bumps and itches so bad, but of course scratching makes it worse :( any suggestions to make it go away or relieve the itching? Hopefully my baby won't come for a few more weeks, but it I can't handle the itch!
I'm 10 weeks but a week after I found out I was pregnant I developed this <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>rash</span> with a lot of bumps, it's really itchi I tried benadryl and it did not work. And top it off it spread all over my back, chest, arms and now my neck and forehead. Has this happened to anyone?? Sorry for the long post.
so aubree has been home for a couple of hours now and i just went to check on her and her forehand is covered in little red/brownish bumps and it looks like it is on her <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>chest</span> as well.. there are a whole bunch of them.. i checked her arms and legs and there are a few bumps that look like pimples but nothing like what is on her chest and forehead.. is this just heat rash? I am just terrified its something else like an allergic reaction to the meds..
I gave birth to our first child in October 2009, and have been breastfeeding our child ever since. In December of that year, I developed a very itchy <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>rash</span> on my stomach, upper back, and chest. The itch was insatiable, and drove me mad. My doctor said it looked like an allergic reaction, and suggested some cream for dry skin.
these rashes itch so bad and are so extreme i itch my self raw and have huge scabs every where, my bottom my back my feet legs arms toes fingers <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>chest</span>, this strange <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>rash</span> is so bad i cant wear shoes or clothes because of the scabbing. I did go to the ER and they put me on prednisone and atarax but that did not work. i look like a freak of nature and i am in pain. i can not sleep because i itch so bad and when i do fall asleep i wake up itching and blood all over.
At my 30th week of pregnancy last November I broke out in horrific <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>rash</span>, and was told I had PUPPP, which is a pregnancy <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>rash</span> mainly consisting of ITCHY rash. I was sent to a dermo who diagnosed it and ended up steroidal creams,etc. Was told this would go away after I had my son. Well my son is 7 months old and while the itching is not as intense I still itch everyday and at times have what looks like hives with mesquito bite type marks and sometimes its the pimple looking rash.
how long does someone have to have hiv to pass it on to someone and, 2. i get a red <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>rash</span> on my <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>chest</span> much like the one on the yahoo image search under hiv sypmtoms, but my rash only comes on the chest when i am feeliong hot or when i get out of a warm shower, they dissapear in about 5 minutes. i have sensative skin but this has never happened before. should i be worried????
same happened with me in my first pregnancy,but only for 3 month,it was horrible,i took the homeopathy mad,n it helped
Pemphigoid Gestationis Or Herpes Gestationis This <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>rash</span> has nothing to do with the herpes virus. It occurs in 1 in every 10,000 to 50,000 pregnancies. The rash starts out near the belly button and spreads to the abdomen and extremities. It is recognized by the small, raised hives that quickly morph into blisters. The rash is linked to a greater risk of early delivery and fetal growth problems.
Does anyone have advise and/or has anyone got a PUPP <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>rash</span> so early in pregnancy? And if so, what helped with the itchiness and discomfort of it.
Hello, From the symptoms it can be prurtic urticarial plaques of pregnancy or prurigo of pregnancy. prurigo of pregnancy can involve any body part and can appear in pregnancy. No treatment is effective and medicines are to be taken with caution because of their adverse effects on the fetus. Avoiding hot water baths and applying plenty of good moisturizers and calamine lotion helps in relieving itching. Gentle moisturizers should be applied immediately after taking baths.
blood testing/ urine testing/ pap smear / <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>chest</span>-x-ray,even pregnancy testing showed great results. However, till this day, I have rash/hives (not as bad as before where I couldn't breath) all over me. I have rashes inside of my eyes, nose, ears, throat ( I have a mild case of discomforting tightening in the throat and my chest) scalp, esp., in between my toes, hands, palms of my hands and feet (my hands and feet feel like all my blood is rushing in upside down) my face.
and a piece of paper to sign saying go home. Yesterday morning he woke up with a <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>rash</span> all over his <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>chest</span>, back, face, and head, and it started spreading to his arms and legs. I took him back to the doctor with no answers, and the nurse saying to set up an appointment, I couldn't call until this morning since the appointment desk was closed for the day, and now he has an appointment Friday. Today his rash is worse all over where it previously was, and has spread to his arms and legs...
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