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I use lerosett clay mask. It has worked! I've had really bad all over acne my entire life and like you I got it under control and then got pregnant! I even use the clay mask on my back and chest and it takes two weeks to see improvement but its worth it!
Just wondering if I can use clean and clear acne control kit while pregnant?? Skin looks horrible bumps all down my neck ,my chest and back oatmeal soup isn't working ?
Im havin same problem and it has gotten worse now its spreading all over my chest, shoulders and my back
Ive just started to have this problem. I just bought a sulfer face mask by the brand acne free. It comes in a small box with a small bottle. It is left on the face ten min. ..tightens the skin and helps w acne and blemishes. I see a difference immediately. Also I wash my face three times a day instead of twice now. Good luck!
Anyone else having acne problems?
Never really dealt with acne as a teen. In my 20's I had a problem with acne on my beck and chest. And now in my late 30's on my face YUCK!. Anyhow what I discovered works great on the back and chest is dandruff shampoo. I think it's the zinc in it. I remember reading something years ago. Anyhow I tried it and it really does work. I use head and shoulders for my body wash. Vey rarely I get a pimple on my back, chest, shoulder ect. I use to have tons. Hated summer .
I have had bad ance since my pregnancy. Back chest and face. Go to Wal-Mart and getthis avocado and oatmeal mask it is in a green bottle.
I have no acne this pregnancy but I do have "pregnancy mask" where my face is so flakey that I feel like a sheading snake! No matter how much water I drink or hydrating mask or even moisteriser my face is pealing and red! It's really bad and horribly noticeable! Exfoliating burns and makeup makes it worse! From liquid to bare minerals smh its pretty awful!
I wash face twice a day with my normal face wash. Also I use a sulfer face mask by acne free. Lush has good face masks too my favorite is magaminty mask that has a cooling mint feeling.
Well that is definitely NOT the case with me, I'm about three months in and breaking out ALL over my face and chest! Before I was pregnant I only broke out when I was on my period, usually I have very clear skin. This is my first pregnancy so I don't really know what causes this, is it the increase in hormones? Are there any special body cleansers I should use, or am I missing any vitamins? Does this happen often? Any help would be GREAT, thanks!
I now have back an chest acne with a lovely dash of pregnancy mask on my chin an im having a boy lol..
Hi- First I live in the outback of Australia and the nearest GP is a total prat and will not help me. I am 40 years old with severe cystic acne- My GP has told me "not a lot can be done for it, and eventually I will out grow it"- It is all over my chest and parts of my face and is only getting more severe. Unfortunately there is not another doctor close so I need some suggestions.
Hi!! Ok so my question is... Has anyone experienced pregnancy acne? I'm 10 weeks and wondering if anyone here has experiences it, when it ended and what you did or took that successfully worked. Not looking to get onto any mediations... Just home/ natural remedies and a better timeframe than "2nd trimester" IF it goes away.. Lol thanks!!
I am 28 years old and recently developed pretty severe acne on my face and chest. Since I've never had to deal with this before I am at a complete loss at what to do and am feeling absolutely horrible about myself. I work out regularly, wash my face twice daily with a transparent, light soap, I eat healthy and don't wear a lot of makeup. I drink a ton of water and don't touch my face, I also don't let my hair touch my face.
I look like I have a bunch of bright white marks all over my chest neck and back, bedsides the scabs of fresh new acne marks. I need help, the doctor doesn't believe its the Effexor. I want to take someone to court, this is BAD!! 8( Very Sad...
I also got acne on my forehead, neckline, scalp & upper chest the same summer I was diagnosed with HPV. I was 26 and had never had acne in my life. Furthermore it has persisted since then. If it leaves my forehead it appears on my neckline etc.. Its never in the same place at the same time. I certainly DO attribute it to the HPV infection. Dr's do not know everything about viruses. In fact the surface is barely scratched as far as what is known about HPV.
Thanks Peaches2009 but that doesn't help me, I'm afraid I might have to purchase a mask for my acne which is underneath the skin and hurts much. I'm told that I'm getting breakouts because I'm stressed but I say I'm stressed due to frustrated! Will I ever rid acne / bacne?!
Hi, I'm a 20 year old man and recently I have been having some problems with acne on my face (and occasionally my shoulder and chest). Sorry, this gets to be a little long, but I thought it might be useful to involve some details. Up until about half a year ago I had never had too many problems with acne, but over the past 2 to 2 and a half months my face has been breaking out quite a bit.
I am a 22 year old female with moderate to severe acne on my face, back of neck, back and chest. When i was a teenager I would have random breakouts but I did not really take care of my skin right, used paraben filled makeup, and honestly just didn't know what I was doing. When I was about 16 I went to the dermatologist who put me on Yaz along with a few topical creams etc. The Yaz seemed to work okay but the topical creams werent so great.
This is after about 6-7 years of Horrendus acne like the kind described above. On my neck, back, n chest. Not much on my face. But as i came back to the states n got away from the salt water again n sun and off the meds because i have no insurance n eating nasty foods again my skin is becomin a nightmare all over again. Thus I Have no social life n the time i spent out there was the highlight of about 10 years.... Severe Acne is a mind killer Proactive = Complete nonsense......
Then about 3 years ago I went to school for esthetics, where i learned the ins and outs of acne care, and treatment... i was the one who helped people with their acne and skin conditions. Half way threw school it started... everyday i woke up with 5 more pimples... i had pimples on top of pimples, on top of pimples. Being in school, I had everyone on my side trying to help me, every cream and face wash available, microdermabrasion, laser treatments, chemical peels, the works... NOTHING worked.
Its werid its my third child im 25 and at 16weeks i never had acne growing up or with my two girls.idk how to get rid of it but i feel ugly its even chest irrated ive always had nice boy??? Or is it my age? Idk but i want it gone.
I have always been acne prone, but I didn't really breakout on my face much, more my back and chest. SO, I get migraines due to the Yaz and stop taking it. My migraines stopped, but I broke out worse than EVER. I am 32 yo and my acne is taking over my face - especially my forehead. It is like bumps, that tend to be full of hard, round things - like a plug of oil. Rarely is it a true whitehead.
Hello... I am 30 years old and female. I have had bad acne since I was a teenager. The only thing that seem to help was birth control pills but the doctor took me off the bc pills due to high blood pressure and the acne has came back with a vengence. The prescriptions meds are so expensvie I can't hardly afford then and they usually expire like in a month of getting them filled. I use to use the Duac gel but I don't believe you can get that anymore.
She also recommends for oily skin, which most people suffering from acne have, a mask of Milk of does the same thing as a clay mask but it is gentler on your skin. And, after that, she recommends an acne formula that contains benzoyl peroxide (sp?), and I've been using the Neutrogena brand. It works famously, however you have to watch b/c it will discolor your pillow case (if you sleep on your belly) and clothes if you do not wash it all the way off of your hands.
For the past four years, I've experienced a strange rubbing sound/sensation in my lower throat/upper chest area. It occurs only whenever I twist my torso from side to side, such as when exercising, or quickly turning to the side via pivoting at the waist. It feels & sounds like something is causing friction. I cannot pinpoint where it is coming from, but it seems to be my lower throat/upper chest, somewhere around collarbone level. It seems to be located within the windpipe or esophagus.
Third trimester is the worst! I wash face 2-3 x a day. Use a sulfer mask twice a week. Also clinique acne solution soft spot treatment works well. My bf scrubs my back for me once a day w face wash too.
I'm breaking out on my chin n chest shoulders n my neck got darker but it getting better I'm 24 weeks
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