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However if those breathing issues ARE reverse sneezing, that in itself is usually quite harmless. But of course it might not be. Dogs can and suffer from asthma-like symptoms. So I suggest you get his breathing fully checked-out. Also, there could be many causes for the nosebleed, some minor, some serious. I honestly can't tell you if it could be related to the phenobarb treatment. I would ask the vet about that.
That meant Bomber, his new partner, would also be living in the house with us. K-9 dogs are also very much a part of their families. But Bomber is a 100 lb German Shepherd ... he is generally very docile around the house (unless someone he doesn't know comes to the door or breaches the perimeter of our property, lol), but we just were not comfortable introducing a small bird into the equation. Plus, Cosmo was used to being out of his cage whenever I was home.
I can totally relate to you. I am going in next week for a ct scan of my throat, I've had tons of other tests done and they can't find anything but reflux. None of the meds for that has worked. Just curious, do you have a dog or cat? My doctor ran allergy tests on me and says I'm allergic to animals (I've had them my whole life too) anyway your body can start to have a reaction to your allergies and create a thick mucus in throat. Now......
One of my dogs get sort of a 'snort snort snort' sound at the back of her throat when she get's too excited. Does it happen when she's worked up or playing or excited? Mine also sometimes makes the noise when she drinks water too fast. Does that happen with yours? Side-Note: I think it's really quite amusing that you can't write out the name of your breed of dog without the site converting the text to "****". So if you want to write out you breed name, you have to write SH1TZU?
30, back to bed, and after a lot of thrashing about, holy of holies I sleep for 3 hrs, wake up and dressing gown is drenched in sweat, back to bed get another 1hrs sleep, then up at 07:30. It's now Monday. Monday 0945.Am feeling a bit better now, go see boss at work to explain ( goes ok ). then have a drive round, I find I am noticing things I took for granted before, things are in much sharper focus. Although I had real bad stomach cramps, the Flu like symtoms have all but gone.
My dog has attacks of reverse sneezing occasionally. I calm her gently because she seems a little dismayed by the whole thing. I have been reassured that it causes them no harm, and is not a symptom of any other illness. Just guesswork on my part. If you are at all unsure, then do take your dog to the vet. I have heard bad things about foxtails, so if there is a problem with one, it is better sorted out fast.
The only real advice I can give you is to take him to the vet for a thorough examination (Heart/Lungs, and bloodwork) That is the soundest advice I can think of, and if you could manage to find the cash to do that, one way or would be a wise move. However, it is just possible this could be what is called "Reverse Sneezing". Google "Reverse Sneezing You Tube" and you will come up with videos of dogs with this.
Other potential causes for chronic vomiting include food allergy, GI foreign body, intestinal parasites, kidney/liver/pancreatic disease, to name only a few, so if your dog's vomiting persists, then veterinary examination is recommended. Reverse sneezing is due to inflammation of the pharynx; this may be related to irritation of the area due to the vomiting, or possibly to an underlying inhalant allergy.
It's not, however, related to sneezing, it just sounds like a sneeze that's going inward instead of outward, that's why it's called that. Reverse sneezing is caused by a spasm of the soft palate. You can usually get them to stop it by massaging their throat and getting them to swallow. It happens in cats as well as in dogs. Gasping and coughing could be a sign of a collapsing trachea.
Then I remembered, from being on a swim team, that when you botch a flip-turn, massive amounts of water gets in your sinuses, which is uncomfortable, but causes no damage. It also drains every bit of snot out of your nose. The Flip-Turn Sinus Flush mimics this process. Plenty of saline drains into every nook and cranny of your sinuses, and when you stand straight up, it drains out with most of the infected snot and pus. During the first treatment, you will see.
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Where depending on the season she would have episodes lasting 4-5 days where she was reverse sneezing a lot and seemed nasal. We treated with benadryl for a couple years and when that wasn't working we would treat with prednisone courses for 5 days or so. The frequency of these episodes started increasing to being every month and then ongoing. Urination and drinking of course increased during the prednisone treatment.
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The following adverse events were reported voluntarily during post-approval use of the product in dogs and cats in foreign markets: death, tremors/ataxia, seizures, anaphylaxis, acute pulmonary edema, facial edema, injection site reactions (alopecia, scabs, necrosis, and erythema), hemolytic anemia, salivation, pruritus, lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea, and inappetance.
Within a few minutes of entering a room, people begin coughing and/or sneezing.(By the way, it's always 2 coughs in a row.) I am not sick at all but everyone around me becomes sick upon meeting me. Doctors have told me that it's just allergy season, but this has been going on for a couple years! Besides the endless coughing and sneezing, other symptoms that people develop include: itching around the eyes and nose, acne (on face and neck), sores on the outer lips, and fatigue.
I don't even notice a DECREASE in symptoms, but since it is coming out of me I will keep at it. I might just have a ton of candida. It might be that I need to repopulate my gut with good bacteria which I will do after I've gotten rid of more candida. I took a bunch of anti-fungals last night and got a really bad stomach ache, which I think is a good sign that they are working. My tongue is getting pinker and pinker!
It is an herbal remedy so please talk to your physician before you use it and if you order it, take a small piece to make sure you aren't allergic to it (just in case). Both of these products got rid of all of my sinus infections before the surgery. Good Luck !
Perhaps some of the ingredients in this stuff are in something you use? Please let me know if any of this sounds familiar to you guys or if you might be able to shed some light on this.
I also have symptoms of parasites and I found that like 80% of people in the US have some form of parasites in them. So, I ordered a parasite/colon cleanse and will do that for 2 months and see what happens. It's called, the worlds best parasite cleanse or something, here's a link where I bought it
I haven't heard of any research in Austin or in Alabama. So if you get more information on it please post. There is some research on the Morgellons fiber disease in Oklahoma and in California but it took many years to get the research started. There is that response you get (I got) when you talk about what you are experiencing and it is strange - so I need to see a Psychiatrist!
I took a prescription called Folcaps (which had 25 mgs of pyridoxine in it) for a year. In February of 06 I began experiencing symptoms which have now been diagnosed as Pyridoxine (b6) Toxicity Induced Neuropathy. I did not get this diagnosis until August 15, after four MRIs, several specialists and balance testing. My b6 blood level was 81 - the maximum safe level in this test was 32.
This has some molecular and genetic explanation which has something to do with alcohol metabolism in the body. In the absence of other symptoms though (eg weight loss,changes in bowel movement,neurological deficits) ,this may not be very urgent. One important thing to exclude here though is an allergic reaction.Watch out for any diffiulty of breathing, rash that involves the entire body and generalized sensation of flushing. Continue to have a close follow up with your doctor.
My mom died last halloween in 2005 and my dad died in july of this year. Its just weird cuz it started in the spring and it hasnt gotten any better. Like today my face hurts and Im tierd. I just want a break. I got my tonsills looked at and they are fine so I honestly dont know what it is. Im almost possible it has something to do with my ears and sinuses. I though at first it was chronic fatigue syndrome but I dont know. When I dont feel like **** I feel great.
depression; and skin inflammation. Removal of the implants resulted in a dramatic improvement in the patients’ symptoms, as well as a decrease in many patients’ sensitivity to titanium. FROM A GREAT GERMAN STUDY ABOUT A WOMAN WHO CAME DOWN "with myalgia and arthralgia predominantly in the knees and small joints of the hands and feet, with morning stiffness lasting at least 2 h. AFTER RECEIVING Ti IMPLANT.
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