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Avatar_n_tn hi ang.... these links are abt allergies and how they can cause itching that include hair loss.. another suggestion I have is too change the litter, are you using a scent FREE type? since the licking/hair loss it at the back end this is also another red flag. allergies to products or food can develop at ANY TIME..even if they have been using or eating same all the time. as with people, allergies develop due to sensitivities that develop over time by constant exposure. http://www.peteducation.
Avatar_f_tn This type of hair loss is most commonly due to behavioral barbarism, food or environmental allergies, or, mites or fungal skin infections, such as ringworm. If it was due to an a fungal or mite infection other cats in your household would probably be exhibiting symptoms. Please take him to the vet for evaluation. The vet can perform a skin scraping and other diagnostic tests. If it is truly behavioral, there are excellent behavioral modification medications that should help.
2109733_tn?1334134438 help my 7 yr old male short hair cat keeps nibbleing hair off and its pretty extensive almost his whole bach and belly, butt, hind legs on both sides what do i do
Avatar_m_tn this condition is very common, if you click on a blue tag just above 'post a question' where it says 'about this forum' you will see a sub title ARCHIVES where you can do alot of reading from previous posts.. this is 99% of the time due to ALLERGIES..allergies in cats affect their skin, I will send you a link for reading..the only thing I do not agree with on the article is the use of cyclosporine or steroids...
Avatar_f_tn Bites from fleas are itchy all by themselves, but many pets develop a specific allergy to flea bites. This is most commonly seen as hair loss or rash at the base of the spine and tail, not to mention that the dog or cat will constantly be chewing at the area. Flea allergy dermatitis (FAD) is an intensely itchy allergic reaction to flea saliva that can be triggered by a single flea bite! You may never see a flea or flea dirt on your pet (though daily flea-combing is never a bad idea!
Avatar_m_tn hi and welcome. hair loss and scabs most usually are associated with food allergies...have you changed her food recently? or environmental allergies any new furniture or carpets recently? however most often these allergies also are itchy. I will connect you to a couple of sites....for more reading. its an alopecia (hair loss) but you need to find the underlying cause. this can be ringworm or a flea bite allergy(doesn't need to have fleas...just the bite) start with these.
Avatar_m_tn I will send you a site that lists all the possible causes of hair loss in cats..the very most common are allergies 1. inhalant 2. contact 3. food allergies. there is further reading on each of these and others just by clicking on the BLUE highlighted subjects.. did you get the kitten from a shelter? has she been tested for FIV and other diseases? one feeding of milk will not cause this, if she has an allergy to something she is eating it can give these symptoms over the long term.
Avatar_m_tn I called the vet and he is out until monday but his veterinary assistance talked to me for about 30 mins and i described in detail the hair loss spots. and I found an other spot as we was talking, She said in the many years she has worked there they havent seen a ring worm case in dogs. Then she asked about allergies which I had forgotten all about.
Avatar_n_tn I don't know if this is behavorial or allergies. My cat, female has been licking all her hair off for 6 mo now. This happened sortly soon after she got fixed. She has always been on the thin side. I use Frontline Plus here in Florida. She is totally an inside cat. Now she looks naked except for her head and the places she cannot reach to lick. I took her to a Value Vet once and they told me to give her some hormone. This Did Not Work!. She is so beautiful and sweet, loving since getting fixed.
1451281_tn?1300487600 I have stopped that now and he has less hair falling out but wonderinf why it is taking so long...The vet couldn't find a reason for his hair loss other than it's internal...They say that if it doesn't stop I'll have to take him to see a specialist in the main city which could cost up to $500 to find whats wrong with him....I won't be able to afford that coz the first two weeks of buddy being sick it cost me $600 and I'm pretty broke after that...
Avatar_n_tn Help!!! My 9yr old cat is pulling out her hair along her spine. Her back twitches like something is making her itch but her skin doesn't seem to be dry and I have tried flee spray and a flee collar just in case it is flees. I don't know why she is doing this. She went missing a few years ago and someone took her in as a stray and I got her back about a year and a half ago. The hair pulling problem started about a month ago.
Avatar_f_tn I would also have a fecal test performed for worms and giardia. If all is normal, than your cat could have food allergies or environmental allergies. I know that you have already tried green pea and duck but there are many other choices. If food allergy turns out not to be the case than behavioral/environmental problems may be to blame. Is it possible to get back your old cat tree? If not, than behavioral medicine may help.
Avatar_m_tn Our six-year old cat started licking off his hair on his back last summer, and it has gotten worse ever since. Now his back is bare (and starting to get scabs) and so are his legs and paws. We cannot think of any reason for why this started last summer (no change of food, we did not move or introduce a new pet, etc.) The vet tested for mites and ringworm, we gave him flea medication, and we did a few months of a hypoallergenic food that the vet suggested and nothing seemed to help.
Avatar_f_tn It isn't sore to touch it just constantly feels tender. I do suffer from allergies to dust, pollen, and cat dandruff. I often have sinus pressure around my temples and forehead. Could my sinus problems be causing my sore scalp?
Avatar_n_tn These cats TRULY ARE THE LOVE I FEEL IN LIFE, so to see one who appears and acts very sick with two bad area's of this affected condition, another one who is just starting to loose hair on the top of her head, and another who is my first and original service animal (who is 15 yrs old) has scabs around her neck but I have not noticed any hair loss.
Avatar_n_tn Hi, you can ask your vet to test the green goop to see if it contains fungi, parasites, or bacteria. I also agree that the hair loss could be from fleas, but it could also be from stress. Anything change in your home lately? Good luck!! PS-You should go to the Ask a vet forum, it's great and they give very thorough answers!!
5347058_tn?1381192026 Usually an allergic reaction for a cat manifests itself on the skin(most common) this can be anything from scabs, itchiness to hair loss. and is associated mainly with a food allergy....sensitive commonly to a preservative or ingredient in dry kibble type food. grain allergies are common in cats and most cat foods are full of unnecessary grains just b/c they are 'cheap' fillers for the manufacturer, they do absolutely nothing for the diet!!!
Avatar_n_tn hi and welcome, hair loss can be a sign of many things, from food or inhaled allergies to fleas or ringworm....I will send you a few sites to look at, if you have any questions I would be glad to help you more.
1492345_tn?1289259468 Stefoni, I do know that some members have given Benedryl to their cats, however, you would want to check with your vet on the dosage. I am concerned about the weight loss. I do know it's important a cat gets enough nutrition, otherwise you're looking at fatty liver disease so I would suggest you get some food Buster likes and let him eat to gain some weight since obviously the new diet isn't working nor does he like it.
Avatar_m_tn As you know FIV affects the immune system, therefor many conditions/allergies can arise. I ca find NO direct reasons for hair loss just b/c of an FIV dx. however FIV cats are prone to allergies as I've said also to Hyperthyroidism and one of the signs of this disease can be hair loss in the belly area... found one site with some reasons cats have hair loss, worth a look.
Avatar_m_tn Pepper, My 30 lb. 13" beagle has an insatiable craving for cat food that I serve my 2 cats - I think mostly the seafood varieties. I have not found a seafood flavored dog food, and I understand there are some ill-effects of my dog consuming cat food. When the badgering gets intolerable, I "give in" and let her have some. Please...Any suggestions, what are the risks, and if she continues to eat cat food, what effect will this have on her weight?
Avatar_n_tn I looked at the link and the animals. She does not have any loss of hair, her fur is thick, shiny and beautiful. But when you feel around her ears, neck and tail area she has scabs. I don't take the scabs off so she bleeds. When they are ready to fall off they are crusty and there is no bare skin exposed afterwards.
Avatar_m_tn It sounds like there are several different issues afflicting your cat simultaneously. The vomiting and hair loss could be related to food allergy gastritis or Inflammatory bowel disease and food allergy dermatitis. Environmental allergies and allergies to fleas, scabies, other mites, yeast or fungal skin infections can also cause hair loss, but these would not cause vomiting. An allergy to a flea collar could also cause hair loss.
Avatar_n_tn I have my cat with ringworm, which also causes hair loss and it is also spreading. My cat doesn't seem to be itchy around the ears. So, would you describe for us how the skin looks? Is it dry, flaky, scaly, do you see scabs? Sometimes, the only symptoms for ringworm is hair loss in irregular patterns. Doesn't have to be circular spots. So, I'd pay attention to that. Another thing which could be happening to your cat is allergies.
Avatar_n_tn The most common causes of hair loss in cats are allergies (food and environmental), dermatophytosis (skin fungal or yeast infection), demodex and other ectoparasites (mites: scabies and cheyletiella). Feline endocrine alopecia can also be a cause for hair loss, but this is usually not very itchy. Many cats that are very itchy, with self-mutilation have a mixed problem.
Avatar_n_tn The dizziness resembled being carsick, with lightheadedness and occasional moments of nausea and feeling faint (but I never passed out). I had a CAT scan and blood work twice, and so far no diagnosis for the dizziness/fatigue. It got better for a few weeks but last week I began to have dizzy spells again, this time accompanied by maxillary sinus pressure. I had just switched allergy medications, from Nasonex to generic Flonase, right at the time my symptoms returned.