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I will be honest, the Vet bill was $1400 in just five days and I could not afford to go any further with hospitalization. The Vet felt that if the dog could eat, take her home and feed her Science Diet ID dog food, slowly building her intake level each day. On 11/14/07 another blood panel was ran, Lipase level dropped to 3258, glucose 66, Albumin 2.5. I can clearly see that there is high risk for the dog to get diabetes and other major disorders.
Thank you so much for you raw food suggestion. I am not quite sure what that type of diet entails but I am willing to listen to all ideas and/or explainations for a diabetic do diet. Like I said earlier, her vet doesn't have any ideas other then the Low Residue rx foods because Sweety has a very sensitive stomach. Or the old stand by of boiled white meat only chicken and veggies such as broccoli or green beans, she hates green beans!
The vet might be able to suggest a prescription-diet basic dry food for him, which would help him get all the nutrients he needs, and help him on his way back to full recovery and strength. You could gradually introduce this to the food you are giving him right now. Other people on this forum are sure to have had experience of feeding a dog with pancreatitis, or recovering from it, and will have some good suggestions. Good luck. So glad he is much better!
My vet went thru a lot of my money and a ton of tests. he came up with a low fat diet from a can food called Royal Canon. She still had bouts. I decided to try and get away from this can food with I call "Canned Road Kill." I decided to try the RAW Diet that I heard so much about. I found a RAW Food company called Excel K9. The lady Renee said they have a special diet for dogs that have pancretitis. It is call Clyde's Diet. Let me tell you, it is the best decision I ever made.
7 year old small 50 pound Lab with seasonal allergies - had annual exam in May- switched food from Weight Managament Purina One to senior food with no soy, wheat or corn. After a month on new food, dog started chewing spots on legs after its normal seasonal allergy timeframe was over. His fur also turned course and began to fall out in large quantities although he did not develop bald spots. It appeared to be breaking.
He had an abcess on his prostate and also pancreatitis. His blood work showed high BUN and creatinine so was also diagnosed with renal failure. After leaving the vet, the doctor put him on Royal Canin LP dry food for renal failure. He is also on Epakitin. It has been almost 2 months and we took him back to be neutered and have blood work done. His blood work showed that his BUN and creatnine had not increased anymore so the food must be doing his kidneys good.
I have postponed futher blood tests until this condition absolutely requires it I would like to know if there are any other things I can do to help her like diet I am on a very low income but would wish to improve her diet and give her supplements that might ease the onset of her symptoms. I have stopped putting cereal in her food (mixer) I use a good quality tinned food based on tripe and mix in Hills id.
Yes acute canine pancreatitis is easily resolved with a home-made bland diet fed in very small portions 3-4 times a day. Digestive enzymes and probiotics should be added to your dogs meals twice a day and fluids given as needed to promote proper hydration. Should you want to follow up with me, that is fine.
Any time a dog is fed human food there is the risk of them developing pancreatitis, and even one meal can be enough to cause it. Keep in mind that human food is much higher in fat than foods designed for dogs, and dogs cannot process those fats. Pancreatitis is EXTREMELY painful, and if that is what is causing her problems, that's why she is shaking.
She was given antibiotics and pain meds. We were only able to get them down her with people food, (vienna sausages) Two days ago she started vomiting and had become very weak, we took her back in this morning almost comatose and found out that she has pancreatitis....They have her at the hospital for 24/48 hour iv, antibiotics and glucose in hopes she will recover....I don't have alot of money and the surgery two weeks ago was 500.00, this new bill I have no idea what it will be.
8 (worse than original). Her diet started out as Hills diet G/D (not K/D because of her pancreatitis). She has lost ~4.5 pounds since she was diagnosed. I have tried a homecooked diet specialized for kidney failure while also considering her pancreatitis. Still struggling to get her to eat. Does anyone have any pointers on how to handle this?
Small multiple daily meals with digestive enzymes added to each, a balanced pet vitamin mineral supplement and probiotics should be very helpful to prevent recurrences and avoid Pancreatitis and Diabetes. Be sure your dog's food and treats are not on the FDA Pet Food recall List and remember fresh vegetables and lots of love are very healthy pet treats.
The safest diet for dogs is regular, commercially available dog food. I have 3 large breed dogs, and almost never give them any people food. They don't "need" it, and people food often helps contribute to canine obesity, if overdone.
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When a dog is diagnosed with pancreatitis it is usually blamed on a high-fat diet but a diet that is high in fat will not cause pancreatitis in a dog with a healthy pancreas. A high-fat diet will, however, aggravate an already-diseased pancreas to the point where an attack of pancreatitis is the result. Some dogs are genetically predisposed to pancreatic disease. Dogs with parathyroid conditions are predisposed, as are dogs who get too much calcium in their diets.
I was just thumbing thru it and it said that cushing's is usually found in obese dogs, 6yrs of age and up, BUT it can be found in younger dogs also. Also suggests that diet MIGHT have something to do w/ it (people food too) along with genetics. And it suggests other diets to use for these type pups.
Hiya, My mini poodle had Pancreatitis..she woke up in the AM & than went back to sleep all day...she wouldn't eat food. She got up at 5 pm...kept drinking water & kept vomiting a bile like substance...not food...kept repeating it for hours. I thought it was a cold or virus. Than out of nowhere she had a seizure. My little baby was thrashing on her side & knew no-one for 5 min.. I just about had a heart attack myself. We rushed her to the ER Vet & they kept her for 4 days.
I have given her follow up Pepcid AC at home and Cerenia tablet (pulverized in water and syringe) but she still will not eat. I syringe fed her 2 ml of baby food ham. I made her bacon and she won't touch it. I cannot get her to stop shivering (indication of pain). I don't know what to do. Going out now for Pedilyte and Ensure. Not sure if I should run her to the ER or wait it out until morning when the vet reopens. Any advice? Her blood work was all normal a month ago when it was done.
Because the texture and temperature of fresh feces approximates that of regurgitated food, which is how canine mothers in the wild would provide solid food to their pups 11. Because of the protein content of the feces (particularly cat feces), or over-feeding, leading to large concentrations of undigested matter in the feces[citation needed]. 12. Due to assorted health problems, including: - Pancreatitis - Intestinal infections - Food allergies, leading to mal-absorption 13.
Hello & welcome....I personally think this is diet related......Do you mind me asking what food & treats he was eating before/when this all started to happen? How long has he eaten it? Thanks, Karla P.S. I think the Pred dose is too high, also......5 mg 2@day would be plenty for a 20lb. dog! This would be the initial dose for just a few days, then dropped down to 5mg once a day then every other day & so on........
Hi. Recently, I was reading an online community about feeding cats and dogs raw meat. I guess I was just kind of wondering about what other people's opinions on this was. I myself, am not sure if it is good for them. But, I haven't done a lot of research about it (considering I'm not planning on changing my pets diets to "human" food). I just know that my dog, he loves to try to eats things that *I* don't think he should be eating.
Has anyone gave this to their dog and if so, what was the result? Prince suffers from Pancreatitis, Cushing's Disease and SARDS (Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration).
He's not eating because of the toxins, which will make him feel sick, and he may associate his normal food with being sick. Try getting some renal diet tins of dog food and try him on that - it is lower in some of the problems contained in food, and it will help give him some energy. Only you can decide when the right time to euthanize has arrived. Your dog will tell you if that time is today, tomorrow or some other time.
Dont know if its tummy or what, not vomiting, normal stools, has appetite, but clearly sad and unhappy almost miserable, sticks to me like glue, was not going to feed him just to see if he was going to have a attack, but I didnt, felt sorry for him, he kept looking at the other dogs food and going over to it, so I guess he was hungry so I fed him a little. I thought maybe pancreatitis, but his symptoms dont correlate with the normal symptoms of pancreatitis, no vomiting, no fever, no diahhorea.
My dog, a Boston Terrier, has just started having seizures and was placed on Phenobarbital 30 mg BID initiated ~ 4 weeks ago. She too experienced similar symptoms (uncoordinated, urinating in the house, trouble walking or standing without swaying or falling, blindness (so it seemed), running into walls, not responding to my voice). It has now been 4 weeks on the medication. Most all has improved except: instead of being fatigued and calm she has gone crazy mad!
She throws up until she staggers and falls-I am continuously trying to hydrate her and giving her baby food-At times, she is able to keep it down, other times the vomiting is horrible. She continues to try for us, and we are fighting so hard for her-LIke others, I tuck her in at night (she sleeps on the loveseat with her "bankie" covering her). I am sleeping in the den with her so I can give her support throughout the night. Neither of us are getting much sleep.
I have been told cats can do very well without their teeth and on a soft food diet, it would sure be much better alternative than leaving him suffer and waste away due to not eating nor enjoying life.. good luck, let us know your decision and how he fares please....
She was diagnoised with renial kidney failure in September, 2008. She ate the Science Diet K/D wet dog food. At first she would eat 1/2 can at each feeding, plus a little bit of dry K/D 2x per day. She remained pretty stable for a year. She did go through boughts of no eating many times. Sometimes I would give her a little bit of Science Diet Mature wet dog food since it was the closet thing to K/D. Then last May, she quit eating anything.
Oh My! This is not only Heartbreaking, but I'm furious for you! Why does this keep happening? You DO know that this is not your fault? We entrust our pet's care to Drs. that are suppose to be smarter than we.....Yet, time & time again I find myself trying to figure out another canine problem & what to do about it... All 27 Veterinary Teaching Schools in the US suggest 3 yr. vaccines instead of yearly....Although, the majority of Vet Practices continue with every Year...Why is that?
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