Can you take protonix and zantac at the same time

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When i posted i got a lot of responses that the same thing happened to others. Now i just ilight>takeilight> after-ilight>theilight>-fact drugs like ilight>zantacilight>, tums, ilight>andilight> Gaviscon. Nothing i ilight>canilight> do. i had to decide which i hate worse. When i was on one of them i was in bigeminy for 8 weeks! i told doctors and they probably think i'm crazy, but i don't care. i KNOW what i feel.
i took ilight>protonixilight> for a long ilight>timeilight> ilight>andilight> got ilight>theilight> ilight>sameilight> palpitations. My research uncovered that pump inhibitors like protonx cause a magnesium deficiency and magnesium is necessary to regulate your heartbeat. i stopped taking the pills cause it said that prolonged magnesium deficiency can cause serious heart problems. Since then i take zantac, it does next to nothing even though i take 4 maximum strengths a day, and i pop tums all day, but the heart palpitations have gone away.
Over the past year my B12 levels have been declining despite the fact that i am recieving the same injection as i have for ilight>theilight> past 10 years. ilight>canilight> ilight>protonixilight> be inhibiting ilight>theilight> absorption of ilight>theilight> B12? Also, over the past 3 weeks i have been experiencing severe nausea on an almost daily basis. Two nights ago i actually vomited (no temp or other illness). i had a colon. and endo.about a month ago and all they found was a colon polyp that was removed.
i started to go the chiropractor at about ilight>theilight> ilight>sameilight> ilight>timeilight> i got off of ilight>theilight> ilight>protonixilight>, so i was thinking i would never be sure unless i got back on the protonix. i did not want to do that, because i suffered terribly for two months. i'm also wondering if i should change to maybe nexium. The pharmacist said that omaprazole is also a proton pump inhibitor, but it's not the same medicine, just in the same family. When i finally get back to my doctor i will ask him.
i honestly think you just need to give yourself more ilight>timeilight>. Watch what ilight>youilight> eat ilight>andilight> drink. i for one just drink water ilight>andilight> ilight>atilight> times will dilute my OJ with water as well. i also drink cold green tea which helps the stomach linning to heal. i brew the bags and just add ice, and honey...Yummy ;) if i can be of any help, just ask. it takes time, but you'll get there. What bothers you the most?
no alcohol, does it start under ilight>theilight> ribs on ilight>theilight> right ilight>andilight> radiate into ilight>theilight> back, they will do tests for it ilight>andilight> tell ilight>youilight> what ilight>youilight> need to do .
My next procedure is the endoscopy so the doctors can actully look ilight>atilight> ilight>theilight> esophagus ilight>andilight> rest of ilight>theilight> Gi tract. Not sure if any of this helps ilight>youilight>, hope it does. i have taken some comfort in realizing that at least someone in this world knows what i am going through. Good luck and please let me know if you find anything that works. i will d the same.
Substances Causing False Positives According to a report by the Los Angeles Times New Service, a study of 161 prescription and over the counter medications showed that 65 of them produced false positive results in the most widely administered urine test.
You ilight>canilight> ilight>andilight> WiLL beat it. i get it out of ilight>theilight> blue, no apparent trigger ilight>atilight> ilight>theilight> ilight>timeilight>, but it's your bodies way of telling you something isn't right. Practice correct breathing, live for the now and meditate. i PROMiSE you that satisfying breath WiLL come and you will be OKAY!
At first i figured they were unrelated and thought i just slept the wrong way on my neck. i was okay through most of ilight>theilight> day ilight>andilight> ilight>theilight> abdominal pain subsided. But in ilight>theilight> evening my neck started hurting more and i also started getting a minor headache. The ab pains were very slight and i concentrated more on my neck and head. Plus i also realized i had a loss of appetite. So basically as of today my neck still hurts, slight headaches and loss of appetite.
i could not do the stress echo because i could barely stand, i also had a holter and this brings me to your question about PPi's. i was on ilight>Protonixilight> ilight>andilight> had ilight>theilight> ilight>sameilight> problem. if ilight>youilight> read ilight>theilight> package insert on all ilight>theilight> PPi's they have Cardiac side effects. if you ask your MD they say no way. All i know is you are correct in what you are feeling from the Prevacid, protonix and prilosec. Sorry for the long answer. i am just really stressed out.
All you newbee's it is a real roller coaster ride on TX but it does end ilight>andilight> it works most of ilight>theilight> ilight>timeilight>. Keep on fighting. We are ilight>theilight> Pioneers ilight>andilight> Warriors. Love Peace ilight>andilight> Happiness.
i have been trying an experiment were i don't eat anything 5 hours before sleep (stop eating at 6PM -7PM), although it seems to happen ilight>atilight> ilight>theilight> ilight>sameilight> ilight>timeilight> no matter when i go to sleep. Not sure what causes this. ilight>canilight> your body know ilight>theilight> ilight>timeilight>? i not sure if this was the cause, but on the nights i am able to control myself, i have not had an attach. Also i suspect intense abdominal exercises during the following day may contribute.
30 in the morning with terrible stomach pain, nausea, dry heaving, and sometimes diahrea. He wanted me to continue ilight>theilight> ilight>protonixilight> ilight>andilight> added carafate. Finally, i did research ilight>andilight> found ilight>theilight> protonix could be the cause, i stopped it and started the carafate. Within 2 days i felt better. After a week on the carafate the symptoms started again, so i cut out the carafate. Again began feeling better but then started again when i woke again at 4:30 with stomach pain, nausea, dry heaving.
As far as with ribavirin, PPi's do not affect ilight>theilight> biovailability ilight>atilight> all. Antacids on ilight>theilight> other hand do ilight>andilight> should be spaced ilight>atilight> least 2-3 hours away from the riba. if you're refluxing up into the larynx -- like i did -- then you are underdosing the PPi. Standard dosage for LPR (Laryngopharyngeal Reflux) is two 40 mg Nexium a day, taken approx 12 hours apart and 30-60 minutes before meals.
it shows just how diffrent people are - some ilight>canilight> ilight>takeilight> meds ilight>andilight> some ilight>canilight> not .. im a Not ! oh well .. hey if ilight>zantacilight> helps stop ilight>theilight> palps - go for it ! there are meny Natural meds that also work in helping to stop palps. ( how could you stand the palps for 10 years !) i had palps for 1month and it drove me up a wall . was happy when they stopped or went away.. good luck..
The treatment includes things like Prilosec ilight>andilight>/or ilight>Protonixilight>, coupled with ilight>zantacilight> or ilight>theilight> equivalent ilight>andilight> a change in diet. The process involved higher doses of meds than regular reflux (GERD) and there is a surgical option if you aren't getting much better in a year or so. here's an article from Columbia University:
Now, what i do is control what i eat much more strictly ilight>andilight> only use ilight>theilight> PPi's for a week or two ilight>atilight> a ilight>timeilight> if it's absolutely necessary. Long term use really isn't good anyway. i would try an elimination diet. The first things to eliminate from the diet are the usual suspects that your Gi doctor should've told you to avoid. There are other things that can aggravate GERD, too, though, that your doctor may not have told you about. My list is quite long, too.
Things just look dark before the strom, ilight>andilight> i feel like i've been walking into ilight>theilight> strom for a long ilight>timeilight> now. i will try ilight>theilight> ginger ale ilight>andilight> some tea. i was on another site for the problem with my mouth and most of everyone on there said that Vinger and Honey in water would work. i tried that and it worked well the first time and then after that it didn't work as well. Thanks again for all of your help.
i am 66 years old and have been suffering from ilight>theilight> pvc ilight>andilight> stv events for as long as i ilight>canilight> remember. 15 years ago i had an EPS test done ilight>atilight> a hospital in Philadelphia, that test involves putting wire into your heart to raise and lower your heart rate to estimate wether or not these events are life threatening. i also had some tests over the years, that it would be impossible for me to list all of them.
if i don't try hard enough to focus on something else besides ilight>theilight> stomach upset, i almost get ilight>theilight> nausea ilight>youilight> feel right before ilight>youilight> vomit. ilight>Atilight> first, it was only an instant feeling of fullness or light nausea *while* i was eating, which went away if i stopped eating. Now, it's what i say above. i think it's some type of anxiety, where my thinking about it builds it up and makes me anxious and nervous, therefore giving me the nausea.
But like ilight>youilight> say, everyone is different, ilight>andilight> more than that different things work for ilight>theilight> ilight>sameilight> people ilight>atilight> different times. So where is this morning's prayer?
About a year ago i started having stomach problems. i had nausea, vomitting, ilight>andilight> diarehha. i was 106 pounds ilight>atilight> ilight>theilight> ilight>timeilight> ilight>andilight> i'm currently 94. i have a real hard time eating, i get really nauseous right after i eat. My symptoms are also much worse in the morning. i cannot eat or drink anything before 11. ive had an edoscopy, colonoscopy, gastric emptying, small bowel xray, and a ct scan. All came back perfectly normal.
So about 1 month of experiencing the fib ilight>andilight> bad stomach i started taking 150mg of ilight>zantacilight> for my stomach, ilight>youilight> ilight>canilight> guess ilight>theilight> rest, ilight>theilight> day after taking the zantac the fibs were gone. i know Dr's say there is no connection but after reading your note and the many replies i had to add my own two cents.
We talked about the next step and after talking for quite awhile, she feels i'm a canddiate for Protonix and perhaps Paxil to calm ilight>theilight> anxiety this has caused. i know ilight>youilight> ilight>takeilight> ilight>Protonixilight> Jenn ilight>andilight> like it. ilight>Theilight> nurse did explain that what works for one may not work for another. She herself takes Protonix and likes it alot. She has bad reflux and the Protonix has improved her quality of life.
Please let me know if you get 'puffy / asthma' like feelings when you are feeling bad. ilight>Youilight> are not alone, ilight>andilight> we ilight>canilight> only do our best. i've had all ilight>theilight> tests too, ilight>andilight> ilight>theilight> doctors can't help much. They kind of give up if their first prescription doesn't work. We have to try to sort it out ourselves once we know what the tests show. Good luck - please drop me a note.
The relief is not permanent but it will help to get you to ilight>theilight> next episode ilight>andilight> ilight>youilight> will get some good sleep too as a bonus. Everyone ilight>canilight> walk ilight>andilight> ilight>youilight> don't need to get your Doc's ok to do it either. i firmly believe that knowing you can walk for relief is in itself a great moralbooster when your stomach has you in fits.
Have tried aciphex, ilight>protonixilight>, nexium ilight>andilight> they all make me very sick. Tried to ilight>takeilight> ilight>zantacilight> again - got horrible headaches even at a dose of 75 mg. Here is my question- why could i tolerate dexilant and zantac for 20 years before and not 6 months later - could it be that i was on azulfidine and now i am not. i am trying DGL licorice and antacids - not tremendously nauseated with a headache but tasting horrid acid and sour stomach and spasming.
Google and find a list of acidic food versus alkaline food,and food you should avoid if acid reflux is a problem for ilight>youilight>. ilight>Youilight> ilight>canilight> also ilight>takeilight> note of what ilight>youilight> eat,when ilight>youilight> eat ilight>andilight> ilight>theilight> consequences of such so you can finetune your lifetstle and diet to avoid discomfort.
My understanding of LPR (laryngopharyngeal reflux) is that it is a backflow of acid all the way into the throat, not just the esophagus. Causing many symptoms, such as hoarseness, sore throat, chronic cough, excessive throat clearing, throat mucus, voice break, etc......if you look on the "other" board under the topic of LPR you can read alot about it......When i had my 24 hr ph there was a pt. that was being testing for LPR and i know she had two probes inserted....