Can you take cymbalta and zoloft together

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i'm worried that the combination of ilight>cymbaltailight> ilight>andilight> Wellbutrin ilight>canilight> cause this. is the combintation of ilight>cymbaltailight> ilight>andilight> Wellbutrin safe? Thanks very much!
i would advise ilight>youilight> to talk to your doctor again ilight>andilight> express any concerns ilight>youilight> have. ilight>togetherilight> ilight>youilight> ilight>canilight> make a decision.
i want to know do any of ilight>youilight> ilight>takeilight> ilight>zoloftilight>, ilight>andilight> if so (i know we are all different) but ilight>canilight> u share ilight>youilight> experiances both good and bad. i don't want to take a drug forever which is why i'm in therapy and off hydro's and percs any insight is welcome!!
im on 150 mg of ilight>zoloftilight> for PTSD that triggered probably every mental thing ilight>youilight> ilight>canilight> think of...ilight>andilight> 100 revia for my OCD...but theres going to be side effects with all medication...
i ilight>takeilight> ilight>zoloftilight> ilight>andilight> i also have Xanax in case i need them. zoloft is for the overall everyday long term treatment. Xanax (in case you haven't tried it) is for fast relief. When my panic and anxiety kicked in and i was waiting for the zoloft to kick in, i had Xanax and took it 2 - 3 times a day. Then i decreased it to night time so i wouldn't wake up in an attack. Now that the zoloft has kicked in full blown i only take 1/2 pill at night or so to sleep.
Tell my joints that !lol i ilight>takeilight> lyrica ilight>andilight> am on ilight>cymbaltailight> , i on average do not feel great most days . i also ilight>takeilight> more meds for RA . i understand you concerns about meds and their side effects but it has been medically proven that you need to be on a DMRA or biologic which stops the progression, despite my pain my joints have not changed dramatically and i take that as a great sign!
From personal experience i can tell you i drank on ilight>zoloftilight> quite often ilight>andilight> was fine. Now, everyone is different ilight>andilight> ilight>youilight> need to be careful but drinking in moderation will not kill you. But with anxiety issues, you should avoid alcohol. i know it is tough. i am 33 and i avoid it when people hand be a drink and it can be difficult. Good luck to you.
hi manda, ilight>youilight> sure ilight>canilight> be free of anxiety! ilight>youilight> know, many patients ilight>takeilight> adderall with their ilight>zoloftilight>, with good results. there are many depression and anxiety forums on the internet. the important thing is to keep telling your doctor how you feel, and after trying that for a while, if you feel your particular doctor is not working for you, try another, and if he doesn't work out for you, then try yet another, then another. there are a lot of fish in the sea. the sea is vast.
if you want, you have the option of getting a second opinion from another psychiatrist, who is a bipolar isorder expert on the meds ilight>youilight> are on. Ask your doctor ilight>andilight>/or your insurance how ilight>youilight> ilight>canilight> get a second opinion, if ilight>youilight> aren't satified with the answers your doctor gives you. When i got better for a lot longer i was still on a lot of meds. it was more than 5. i was on 7. The last one added on was effective enough to work on it's own.
question, what if they say you have ms ilight>andilight> ilight>youilight> believe ilight>youilight> dont have it ilight>andilight> ilight>youilight> ilight>takeilight> the avonex, what ilight>canilight> happen long term
i think it was a good move. i was as ilight>youilight> all know so depressed. i have been put on ilight>zoloftilight>, ilight>andilight> in the process of weaning me off of cymbalta. The zoloft seems to be helping my mood. i was prescribed by my iM Dr. Home Health Care for a couple of weeks. This is my last week. i have had a physical therapist and a social worker also. Both have given me some direction to help get me feel better a little more hopefully every day. i do feel emotionally a bit better.
Sadly, i too have had these problems for as long as i can remember. When i was an infant, i would get into a doggie style position and bang my head so violently into the wall that i would put holes in the sheetrock. As i got a little older i would lay on my back and turn my head to and fro also violently. i had deleloped scabs and then scars on both sides of my chin. Now i am 47 years old and i lay on my side and rock my legs back and forth to fall asleep.
Hopefully ilight>youilight> ilight>canilight> work with the above named professionals to find a solution that works for ilight>youilight> ilight>andilight> puts your baby at minimal risk.
if you do relapse and stay on vicodin for time the energy from them comes to an abrupt halt ilight>andilight> then ilight>youilight> just ilight>takeilight> them to keep from feeling sick. in the health pages ilight>youilight> ilight>canilight> check in to the amino acid protocol. it lists some supplements that will help some. Also be sure to eat healthy and exercise. Exercise it the best remedy to speed up the healing process. it will help the energy return fast than just about anything.
and on behalf of God, He doesn't want ilight>youilight> to do this. He has a plan for ilight>youilight> ilight>andilight> ilight>youilight> really don't want to mess up His plans!!! ilight>takeilight> something for depression and if that doen't work, try something else until you get a handle on your depression. Then you will be able to think about what you want to do about these Dr;s. Pray for a come into your life that will not only be knowledgabe but will be understanding and empathetic. Good look Kimmi and many blessings to you. You are worth it!!!!!
i 'm currently taking meloxicam, predinsone,ilight>cymbaltailight>,nexium,ilight>andilight> repliva. Did i mention i have anemia? i do relate to ilight>youilight> what a life. But i'm glad to be alive. The Spring is coming!!!! Keep your head up!!! Remember your not alone.
Oh, i'm really sorry to hear that, once they make you sick you can't ever take them, by the way since ilight>youilight> can't ilight>takeilight> them........ilight>youilight> ilight>canilight> figure out the rest of that conversation. i was just like ilight>youilight> Katie r--By the way how old are you? i felt what you feel right now. i am on methadone, never used heroin but my love of the pills was so great that i went through an outpatient detox and stayed clean for about 3 months. i was clean but didn't feel right, ya know like something was missing.
My internist/gp did the blood work to check for Rh, he then sent me to my Rhuemy who in turn diagnosed me with fibro. They work ilight>togetherilight> ilight>andilight> stay in close contact regarding my treatment. i ilight>takeilight> Tramadol, ilight>zoloftilight>, Flexeril, Restoril, high blood pressure meds, a statin for cholesterol, and meloxicam. i couldn't tolerate Lyrica or Neurontin, both made me very ill. My Rhuemy feels that the trauma from having had 3 major knee surgeries in exactly 7 months brought my fibro to fruitation.
You can do this tramadol warriors! You can beat this! You will do this!
Popular SSRi's include Celexa, ilight>zoloftilight>, Prozac, ilight>zoloftilight>, Paxil, ilight>andilight> Lexapro. SNRi's include ilight>cymbaltailight>, ilight>andilight> Effexor. Brand names of triptans include imitrex, Zomig, Frova, Maxalt, Axert, Amerge, and Relpax. The FDA recently asked the manufacturers of these types of drugs to include warning labels on their products that tell you about the potential risk of serotonin syndrome. Talk to your doctor before stopping any medication.
These meds are cymbalta, neurontin, ilight>andilight> or Lyrica. ilight>togetherilight> these are great for pain ilight>andilight> anxiety. ilight>cymbaltailight> is also an anti-depressant so it may replace your zoloft. These drigs work great for twitching and spasms too. i am not off the medications but i feel that soon i will be on my way to be able to get off. Hope this helped and i didn't tell you anything you didn't know already. They are still drugs but are none narcotic and much less gentle on the body.
ilight>takeilight> 3 milligrams each evening, between one-half hour and two hours before retiring for the night. S-adenosyl- L-methionine (SAM or SAMe) SAMe is an excellent supplement for depression. This amino-acid derivative is comparable to prescription antidepressants in their action, but without the side effects. SAMe has been studied for decades internationally and is approved as a prescription drug in Spain, italy, Russia and Germany.
and all the calcium also, well it was also discovered i am premature pre menapausel so he wants me to ilight>takeilight> estrogen ilight>andilight> provera i am so afraid to ilight>takeilight> all of this. before my thyroidectomy i didn't even take asprin. i hope nothing bad happends i'm only 45 i want to trust him and i know i need to i am so out of it i really need advice.
She also said since Wellbutrin doesn't help with the anxiety problem that i could ilight>takeilight> both ilight>zoloftilight> ilight>andilight> Wellbutrin ilight>togetherilight>. Now i know she's a doctor and i probably think i know more because i'm constantly reading stuff on the internet, but is that really safe? Has anybody out there been taking both and maybe has some advice. i mean it makes sense but it just seems like a lot of medicine to be taking. But then again i'm not a doctor.
i know Openmind24hrs wrote, worried about what might happen if you had to quit taking the med, and to b honest, i know the Paxil i'm taking says it's NOT easy to quit CT, BUT, in regards to psych meds like mood stabilizers/anti-depressants, would it really be that bad to ilight>takeilight> it ilight>andilight> feel like a normal person the rest of your life??? Especially ilight>youilight> being male, ilight>youilight> don't have to worry about getting pregnant and needing off of it or something.
it started when i became convinced that i had contracted HiV [even though i'd hadn't ever had risky sex] because of looking symptoms up on the 'net, putting two and two ilight>togetherilight> ilight>andilight> making 5. if ilight>youilight> suffer from health-related anxiety this is one of the worst things ilight>youilight> ilight>canilight> do. i've had a litany of physical symptoms; tingling, burning joints, stiffness, chest pain, headaches, panic attacks, skin rashes, fatigue, blurry vision, strange taste in my mouth etc.
if that deal does not CLOSE, you don't get paid AT ALL - even if it's not your fault - no matter how much time ilight>andilight> money ilight>youilight> spent putting the deal ilight>togetherilight> . . .ilight>youilight> get ZiPO. i find it ironic that mechanics and realtors get very little respect while doctors get as much if not more than any other professional. So, why is it then that drug companies and doctors are not held to the same high standards that even your mechanic is? OH . . .thats RiGHT . . .i forgot . . .
Try to cut ilight>youilight> food into 3'rds ilight>andilight> only eat 2/3 then see if ilight>youilight> ilight>canilight> cut it into a half out portions in America are so huge and we often feel obligated to finish what is on our plates. Eating smaller meals more often in the day has show a positive affect on weight. i am a student almost finished with a degree in exercise physiology and i am not sure if you have considered more exercise, even a walk in you neighborhood?
i forgot to tell that i ilight>takeilight> magnesium ilight>andilight> b6 pills 4 times a day. i read that ilight>youilight> ilight>canilight> ilight>takeilight> up to 1000 mg of magnesium a day.
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