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Hi, Respectfully , I disagree with the theory that high protein diet will raise BG. The reason that your BG raise after you eat the so called High protein bars because actually those bars contain a fairly large amount of sugar which obviously will raise your BG. Please double check the amount of sugar in those bars. I eat so much protein all days long, and I have NEVER have my BG raised. My hbA1C is consistenly less than 5.
I under stand sugar bad !to much to fast bad! can eny one break the rest of that down I am typ2 diabetic stag 4 liver so do I have extra liver problems because sugar level some times to high?????
Hello, Question about too low of blood sugar. My husband has fasting blood sugar in the 50's and even after a pretty good meal they barely move up and then go back to fasting within an hours. I know this isn't diabetes but didn't see a hypoglycemia category. Today his pre-lunch blood sugar was 43. He said he felt fine, but I gave him a snack of almonds, boiled eggs and tomatoes anyway. He had oatmeal, w/butter, cream for breakfast only a few hours earlier.
when you eat carbohydrates your body turns them to sugar, your pancreas releases insulin to lower BG (Blood Sugar) but makes too much insulin and causes your BG to drop too much. Eat less carbs have less BG swings. You say you have hypos after eating, what are your BG numbers or are you just calling them hypos because of your symptoms.
Here is what I have noticed and I cannot find anything in my own research to help me interpret. For a few weeks my fasting blood sugar will be between 100-127. My spikes after meals will go over 200. It takes about four hours after a meal for me to return to my pre-meal state of 100-127. Then, suddenly, my fasting levels will be 56-72 each morning. No matter what I eat my blood sugar will remain under a hundred and then quickly drop back down to the 56-72 range.
happens when your body doesn't make enough insulin on it's own, (insulin is a substance that lowers blood sugar in the blood because youre blood sugar is too high when youre diabetic) and you have to take oral or injectible insulin to make up for this, and you perhaps inject too much insulin (which lowers your blood sugar too much.) This is the diabetic kind of hypoglycemia. The kind I have, reactive hypoglycemia, is less common and only in these last few years has been widely recognized.
Levemir should not increase your blood pressure. But stress and anxiety can. Your very high blood sugar is going to cause you complications. What is your correction factor? How many units of insulin does it take to bring your blood sugar down by say 20 points. But you can only test this properly AFTER you've adjusted your levemir and have your non-eating (basal) blood sugar stable. Becuase for now the humalog is replacing too low basal insulin.
To add to Super_sally888, eating foods that contain white sugar, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup or refined carbohydrates can cause your sugar levels to spike and then suddenly drop as if you have hypoglycemia. This sudden drop in blood sugar levels is due to your pancreas releasing too much insulin to counteract the sudden high blood sugar levels that occurred from eating the aforementioned food types.
This morning i took my blood test (not a diabetic, trying to rule out low blood sugar that may cause some symptoms im having) and it ranged from 118 right when i woke up to 95 when i got moving. Is too much blood on the strip bad? should i just have enough on the strip to allow a reading and take my finger away? it seemed that my readings were lower when it got just enough blood to get a reading and i took my finger away. also, how fast does a sport drink like gatorade raise your blood sugar?
(They are converted to sugar after you eat them.) Other foods/drinks need care too (example; milk, fruit, fruit juice) can also cause blood sugar to rise (so serving sizes and moderation are important). With fruit it’s important to eat them with other foods to slow the absorption of fructose (fruit sugar). I'm NOT saying that these foods aren't allowed. What I AM saying is that you need to use care and follow the guidelines for diabetics.
B then S salt is essential for life, too much is removed by kidneys, body tells us when we need it....if you take lots of supplements you may get too much, what does you main blood panel show. now if you want to get into man made salts like MSG etc...then we'll be here for hours....3 words. NO TACO BELL.....
Try to space your meals so that they're not too close together or too far apart. 5. Remember that protein lasts longer and it doesn't raise blood sugar as much as carbs do. 6. Fruit raises blood sugar sky high and it does so quickly.....then it drops quickly. To prevent that from happening, don't ever eat fruit by itself. So if you eat let's say a small apple, have some nuts or a piece of cheese with it (or something else). 7.
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In persons with prediabetes, their pancreas is in the process of losing the ability to control blood sugar. I don't think you are testing too much at this point, when you are trying to discover what makes you go high. However, later on you probably won't need to test so much as you can eat tried and true foods and meals and only test occassionally to see that you are still on track.
your numbers too high (way too high) its NOT sugar its CARBOHYDRATES that raise BG (sugar is a carb) so is wheat, rice, potato, pasta and yes sugar. fasting fasting over night, could be in the AM you are getting DP (Down Phenomenon) your body getting ready for the day and your liver lets loose with glucose (you dont need it but your liver does it anyways) Then going without eating can raise BG more because your starving and again your liver says lets put out some glucose.
even complex carbs raise blood sugar (BG) so watch them too. what drugs are you on? what is your BG... before you eat, 1 hour after, before your walk, during, after.
You can eat as much lean meat, veggies and stuff like yogurt and cheese that you want. You do have to watch stuff like pasta, breads and rice. How low was your blood sugar today? Did you feel ill- shaky, sweaty, pale? To combat that try eating several small meals a day with snacks in between. If you need help ask to meet with a nutritionist. They can help you understand your restrictions and also help meal plan.
Fruit as a substitute only works to a certain extent for me and i don't like to eat too much of that either as even just one apple sometimes can leave me feeling more hungry than before I had it! Distractions are a good suggestion. I like the housework recommendation! My house could always do with being cleaner! I was only eating 70% dark choc for quite a while but have fallen back into evil milk chocolate ways over christmas.
A hypoglycemic, in an attempt to raise blood sugar, will eat sweets. The sweets paradoxically only serve to depress blood sugar further. As blood sugar continues to drop, the craving increases. The treatment is the same as it is for diabetes - stay away from sugar. Here is what you do. (1) Eat several small meals a day, instead of three large ones (to keep blood sugar more level). (2) When the desire for sugar hits you, eat a little protein.
If the liver is unable to effectively metabolize the ammonia, the levels rise in the blood. Could you be eating too much protein??? What s your typical food during a day? Are you getting your protein from vegetable sources or chicken and fish? You are not eating any red meat, correct? Higher than norm ammonia levels are usually due to a problem with protein being broken down in the small intestines. It is then process by the liver and eliminated through the kidneys in your urine.
I am assuming (perhaps wrongly) that even if you are non-diabetic, that foods you eat (which may or may not be healthy) can raise your blood sugar to such an elevated level that you will simply have too much sugar in your system for even a normally healthy personal whose body produces and handles insulin normally and whose organs are normal to lower that amount of sugar below 180 even two hours after a meal.
As you can see, i much to say on this subject because it has haunted me for years, i lost friends, dating has been hard, I've ended really great relationships because i couldn't stand to see someone i care for suffer and knowing I was the cause, and work was extremely hard. Many people might have noticed this connection and just said whatever, but not me, i took it personal and it made me physically ill, mentally unstable and emotionally drained.
Got one today in the knuckle area in my palm. Bright blue bruise.... very weird the only thing I can think is my blood vessels seem really close to my skin. And I hit them just right...
Try eating a low glycemic diet, which is one that contains very little sugar and simple carbs, and lots of protein, vegetables, good fats, etc - things that won't spike the blood sugar. Even if you don't have insulin resistance, the low glycemic is a good diet to be on. Your profile says you're male; is that correct?
I know some have said that you shouldn't drink too much, but I have only read that from a few people and haven't read much about it. It must help with sx's, as it gets those toxins out of your body. When I am feeling bad from sx, water does seem to help me feel better at times.
I haven't weighed since then cause I want to be suprised at my month check-up but now I've heard so much about the HCG shot I am wondering where I can find a clinic in TX that does that too? I hear it makes you lose inches in no time.
But also suspected it might be related to food. Had a suspicion it was either too much sugar, too much salt, too much fat or not enough water. This morning I am not at work and after being too lazy to get a proper lunch, had a small handful (seriously only about 9 or 10) cachou nuts with a savoury coating. Not long later, my heart rate was up to 100 and also seemed to be much more forceful. A large glass of water seemed to bring it down fairly quickly (but this doesn't always work).
I forgot to add, that 92% with Hashimoto's thyroiditis have vitamin D deficiency. Sorry gimel, I have to disagree with vitamin D needed to metabolism thyroid hormone since over a billion people in the world are deficient and you can be also be asymptomatic with vitamin D deficiency.
I also feel like I can feel the blood pumping through my upper body as my heart beats and I am constantly tired. I haven't had to stop doing anything. I have full feeling and can type/write etc perfectly fine. I am driving myself crazy noticing every little abnormal movement and twitch. I saw a doctor and she said it was like my mind was that tired/fatigued that my body has decided to do something about it. Could this be true? And will my symptoms ever go away?
I've have never had a single fungal infection in my life either. I'm too acidic due to eating too much sugar, which caused insulin resistance and damaged my kidneys, nerves and eyesight. All those symptoms you list are possible symptoms of hypothyroidism. My body temp was around 35 C (95 F) before I started treatment.
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