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I have hormonal migraines. I used to take Zomig and when I lost my baby in March I was having horrible migraines. I used up all my Zomig in a matter of days and had a whole other month until my insurance would cover more. So a friend told me about the "Migra Stick" and I have found that if I take extra strength tylenol, caffine, and the mirgra stick. If usually doesn't get to bad. The only thing different in what I do and excedrine, is no aspirine.
The doctor said not to take it any more, which I haven't. But, I suffer from migraine headaches and only take advil as of now, because of this sensitivity. I would like to be able to take tylenol to change up the medication as I feel you get used to only using one type. I cannot take imitrex or any other the triptan type drugs due to heart arrythmia. I used to take tylenol for years before this started happening. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Just a little bit of info when I take Motrin I only take one and I take the generic form. I am 22/48 of treatment. I am 26 years old, Grade 0, stage 0. Had virus for 7 years. I am also having a terrible time on this tx (I have huge tummy problems) and I wanted to know if any of you would have decided to treat with current meds given my information? Also should I just try and continue it as long as I can, or give up now and wait for other drugs?
The narcotics are not working, I am still in pain, no one will help and I can't take much more. I lost my job because of missing so much, I need to get healthy so I can get to work. They have given me every kind of medication you can think of, such as the following : amytripiline, neurontin, lyrica, flexeril, valium, percocet, vicodin, oxycontin, prednisone, cymbalta, celebrex, Ibuprophen 800 mg, Motrin 800 mg, naprosyn, imitrex, skelaxin, soma, toradol, tylenol w/codeine.
The narcotics are not working, I am still in pain, no one will help and I can't take much more, I get up every day and wish that I didn't, there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel and I am not sure how much more I can take, please help me if you can. I have even went to the Cleveland Clinic which is one of the three top ranked hospitals in the United States, they didn't help at all. I lost my job because of missing so much, I need to get healthy so I can get to work.
Is that normal? At any rate, I have 15mg morphine pills I can take for bone pain, and if I have a migraine, and I haven't had many lately, I have demerol pills. I take a fair amount of zofran and phenergan for nausea. I have had some pretty big issues with nausea unfortunately.
im not saying one is better than the other, just that the doctors told me that the addiction to dilaudid is beyond anything i can imagine...and after taking it...i see why. i dont have an option right now. i must take something. thank you for your concern. i am aware of how the addiction takes hold of you and can consume you. i have felt those feelings at times. not that i don't appreciate your writing me, and kind words. i wish you the best of luck as well!!
It could be hereditary. I had another MRI and I have to wait till next month to see the doctor and I will get the results. I have notice every 21 to 28 days, I get these severe migraines and I ended up in ER. They gave me medications to help me relieve the pressure -Fioricet and Compazine and Benadryl. It is so ridiculous, I am constant paying these bills every month I get these terrible terrible migraines. Could anyone give me an idea what can I do and stop the suffering?
Migraine - evening - Was one step lower in intensity and used tylenol with codeine Migraine - continued evening - One step lower yet in intensity and chose Advil. Hoping that going to sleep with Advil will help it go away .. hate to use prescription meds unless I have to .. it's always a gamble at this point.
I too was having very bad headaches and i talked to my dr and he gave me Fioricet it is a mild barbituit but it is safe for the baby and it worked for me.
so i called my RE and asked if i could take imitrex and they said yes...since i was in pain and felt immobilized...but i never thought to ask about advil...because the pain was so bad...but i did take advil on most of the other days i got a regular head that you brought it up i will ask my RE about it next time i go in... so lexima, it sounds like we are on the same schedule of meds this month...when was your IUI? mine was this past friday....
I was told that I can can tylenol for headaches and pains but they got so bad that I was given a prescition for vicodin and initrex for migraines. I am so sorry to hear about your family, It must be awful to have to wait for them with no word on thier safety. My heart goes out to you an all those in this horrible time of need. I can't even begin to image what it would be like.
Well, I am 7 weeks 5 days today, and still just very very tired. I dont want to do much of anything. I came down with a complicated migraine on Saturday while taking our children to Discovery Center. Once we got home my honey let me take a nap while he took care of the girls and did some stuff around the house. I felt better once I got up, but the migraine came back on Sunday and wont go away. Bummer thing is the Extra Strength Tylenol isnt enough to make it any better. Ugh!!!
Yesterday it got tolerable and I was ok. Today I taken Tylenol 3, and later a Imitrex 50 mg's from my dr. he gave me both as he knows I struggle with these. Can my migraines be from my neck being swollen from the Arthritis? I have been trying to get help on this for a long time but no one seems to have any answers. What way is best to handle them, since if they are from this. What do you recomend for me, my Imitrex is 50 mg's, I can take another one in 1 hour if not gone by then.
I'm fortunate that I get the aura before the migraine so I know to take the 2 tylenol and coke immediately when the aura and vision problems appear and so it takes the migraine away before it actually hits full force. Tylenol is the only medication I ever take (especially during pregnancy). Migraines are debilitating for me (I lose my eye site).
Mortin 800 won't cut it and Flexeril will just make me very sleepy so I only take them before I go bed at night. I wish I have somebody that I can give meds to and just give me medications when I need them, but I don't. I don't know what to do. I've been in and out ER to get relief for the pain. So, knowing if I'm out of it... I'd drive to ER, get treated, then doc would give me RX for pain medications. I've done that few times. Any help, advice, or anything would be appreciated. Thanks.
I don't feel weird the next day, it doesn't work immediately (so I have an hour or so after I take it that I can do stuff I need to do), and it's non-addictive. I can't say enough great stuff about it! I'm not sure I would have made it through tx without it (I initially tried baths, relaxation, etc, but I just wasn't sleeping...and even after I fell asleep, I'd wake up literally 50 times a night).
) I am currently on elavil, immovan, tylenol 3, neurotin, imitrex.
I would get a second opinion - I live in chronic pain and have so for years. I had CT and multiple Xrays done, which prove I have arthritis and spodylolothesis - which is one on my L5 vertabrae didn't form correctly and then I got arthritis on it, because vertabrae shouldn't have movement the way it does with me. I have had some severe headaches, migraines and cluster type ones, but they almost completely stopped when I switched over to Lamictal from a SSRI.
I realized though that I need to fight the migraines without opiate based meds and so far I've had two and didn't take any (just Imitrex and Tylenol). Good luck - two days is an accomplishment. It's now the weekend, go outside, just do something, get away from the house and have nothing with you - keep your mind occupied. Good luck!!
But I ended up taking myself off anyway I am desperate here and just trying to get my life back and enjoy it anyway I can. I have heard that some people take a vitamin B supplement for chronic headaches & since I can not get a doctor to help me on this one have you tried it and what dosage is recommended?
They are the stretchy elastic ones, not the hard ones. I try and drink plenty of water, and take Tylenol, but nothing seems to make them go away. They fade on their own, or go away maybe 30 minute after i take the headband off. I am afraid something may be wrong, because the headaches appear only about 45 seconds after i put the headband on. Could i be squishing something that shouldn't be there? I have also been getting tons of muscle spasms.
There are safe prescription meds if the Tylenol does not help. A pregnant woman can take Tylenol 3 and Fioricet during pregnancy. They do recommend not taking it during the last trimester. I can't remember the reasoning.
Good point, GB. I never got headaches until I started tx and they have been an on and off ongoing side effect for the past 47 weeks. Sometimes it feels like someone has a skill saw and sawing through the side of my head, or has buried a hatchet in my forehead!! I have really noticed that there is a correlation between how much water I have consumed and how intense the headaches are. There are days when I have had to drink 3 to 4 litres to clear them.
I didn't have migraines during that time, but had a headache every day. I had to take tylenol around the clock, and it didn't always take it completely away. The worst part for me was the nausea. Ugh. It was SO bad for weeks!! I ended up calling and getting a prescription for an anti-nausea medication, which I also took around the clock. My TSH was 131 the Thursday before my RAI, then by Monday it had risen to 145.
Dr said it is ok for baby, and I can't take any if the meds to help. I have no energy, can't eat can't sleep and have a 2yr old I have to care for because my husband owns a business and is always working. I hasn't the other symptoms, but the no energy no eating, and no fleeting keeps me running back for one more to get rid of this feeling. What can I do? I just want to stop for my baby even tho the dr says its ok to take except the lady trimester.
If tx induces the ones I have I will not be able to treat. For me Imitrex is a God send!! I cut the 100mg tabs in 1/4s and it flat out works. I can pretty much tell I have a headache coming on 5-8 hours before it is full blown. I take the pill when I am in NO doubt one is starting. If I wait untill the pain is already building i still only take 25mg and it takes 2 hours to take affect. Sometimes I have to take an additional 25mg. The imitrex is expensive, $235 for 9 tabs.
One,,,was about 2 or 3 weeks ago and I had a headache for a solid week! Nothing would relieve it and yes it made me sick to my stomach. I think I can take the itching or other sides but the headache,,,I can do without! Is everyone experiencing itching at times so bad you can't sleep? Last night,,,I must have itched from my head to my toe and all in between, I was up half night itching,,,,It like to drive me crazy!!
do you think it's safe for me to take something like SamE if I also take Imitrex (triptan for migraine)? I should also throw in that I take Topamax (anti seziure med. but I take it for prevention of migraine). If anyone on here takes these together, I'd love some input, please.
but he said it was the imitrex. he rocked me. I had been barfing all night and I was sweaty and chilled and shaking. he held me and rocked me and held my head. he left tho cuz his son was there I am trying to get down toast. one slice. there is still throwup in my hair and the house is a mess and I don't feel totally great and my stomach hurts. my parents called me back after the tough fone call with my mom. actually my mom did I think it was her idea.
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