Can i take ibuprofen and ultram together

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402205_tn?1230484605 mimi do i have to come over there and make you rest??? Be a good girl now and go and lay down. I can still see you sitting there!!!!!! LOL Glad you got some good info on this.
Avatar_f_tn How long does it take to get Ultram out of your system? I take 3 a day ... I just need to know how many days or weeks will it take?
Avatar_f_tn My question is, how frequently does that actually happen? And what can I take instead of Ultram -- no Vicodin, I hope, as that makes me really cranky? My pain dr doesn't seem to want to give me anything but Ultram -- but I think that Ultram is not as innocent as everyone thinks. I have noticed if the Ultram wears off I do get cranky, and by the end of the day, unless I up the dosage and risk not sleeping, the pain is back to unbearable. Any thoughts on combining pain meds and SSRI's safely?
Avatar_m_tn But if I could do this over I would never take these and I am going to do everything I can to stop. I think it only gets worse the longer and more you take this. But with this drug, even a small doseage does damage.
535089_tn?1400677119 I found it increasingly difficult to hold to the discipline with regards to dosing regime, and also found that I felt I needed to take the doses closer together because of the lack of staying power. I did an absolutely not recommended approach for quitting tramadol, by going cold turkey (tapering is the correct approach, as cold turkey increases the risk of seizure).
Avatar_n_tn I have takin vicodin es and ultram and a bunch of other medicines and i will take ultram over any of them for the pain. I have had cronic back pain since i have been 10 years old. so i have been through a bunch of pain killers. and ultram is not addictive at least to me. i have never had withdrawls so i dunno.. think what u wanna think..
Avatar_n_tn I would say - don't take 'em together and you should be okay. Of course, the Ultram is like a wine cooler after having a 5th of Scotch a day habit, but it will help some. God, I couldn't even imagine withdrawing from Oxycontin...Anyway, it'll help you a little - especially if you take 2 or so...But, if you're trying to get off 'em for other reasons and already over the hardest part of coming off - let it be. If the worst of the battle is over, all the Ultram will do is prolong the rest.
Avatar_m_tn I feel better today and it has only been 24 hours since an Ultram. I swear it is the Ultram, I can just tell by the way my mond feels today. The Ultram also makes me feel tired and sure doesn't give me the pep or good mood feeling like a good ole ES would do.
Avatar_n_tn Thanks for the fast reply-I'm sitting here staring at the computer hoping people will talk to me. The "quick off" was NOT my idea-I had mentioned to my rheumatologist that the ultram didn't seem to be helping enough with the pain (I have ankylosing spondylitis) and he interpreted this as a request for narcotics. He said (and I quote) "I don't prescribe narcotics".....BOY DO I HAVE A THING OR 2 TO SAY TO HIM!!!!
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544292_tn?1268886268 You can quit tramadol. You can stop. You can recover. I believe in you!
Avatar_n_tn I was given ultram by a doctor last visit i went too and i felt ultram aka tramadol made me feel super groggy the next day.
544292_tn?1268886268 You also will never need an understanding ear as much. You can do it. You can quit. You do not need to be a slave to Tramadol.
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