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Today I went to the dentist and they were going to put me in an emergency appointment at 4pm but as I was sitting there waiting for the person I came with to get done with their appointment my abscess burst in my mouth! It started gushing out blood/pus so right there the dentist took me back and suctioned it out and hand to numb me several times. It hurt a lot but luckily I'm numb now. They want to put me on another antibiotic (Keeflex?) but I don't have the money for it.
is this normal that the pain and now the swelling has started. does the abscess have to burst or clear before it gets better. my dentist says he cant check the root canal work done previously until the infection clears., i am so worried about loosing my tooth. when will the anti botics start to work. i look forward to hearing from you, many thanks.
Eventually after I had been through all of those antibiotics I had several types of yeast infections - not just vaginal - I had them in my armpits and my mouth as well, in addition to just feeling very sick in general. The probiotics helped some with this. It is also pretty normal that your biopsy site reopened...all of my abscesses started with my first biopsy site. My doctor was not familiar with this at all either....it's pretty normal for us here, though.
Hi, Can you please mention where exactly the pus has got collected, is it the upper jaw or the lower jaw? what are the medicines prescribed by the dentist? I would suggest to start on povidone iodine mouth gargles so the bad taste of the pus will reduce and also it reduces the bacterial load in the throat. Any more doubts you are welcome.
As long as it continues to drain from the pimple though, it most likely won't spread as it'll just drain out and not push out to other places but I wouldn't like to have that in my mouth constantly. Best to see a dentist and get it fixed asap.
i again went to the docs and was put on antibiotics and luckily it didnt get as bad and burst within 2 days (previously had it for 14 days in total). I was told to squeeze it for about 20 mins each day to make sure it didnt fill back up and give the antibiotics a chance to work. I'm still waiting for it to completely go but it there's no more puss coming out and it seems to be healing well. My advice to anyone with a lump in that area is to go to the docs straight away.
I don't have an abscess and I haven't had my lump burst. I just want to use it to reduce and hopefully make the lump go away instead of being put on steroids. So I'm just curious if it's going to help me any by putting the oil on my skin when the lump is internal. Thanks!
Following the first one, about 2 weeks after getting it, she broke out in blisters in mouth, around mouth, hands and feet. A swab showed the hand foot and mouth virus. However she developed a hard pea sized reaction at the site of the injection within a few days of receiving the first vaccine. It was very itchy but that was it and it didn't go. About 10mths after vaccine this pea was still there and a mass developed under it about 3.5inches X 2 inches. It became sore.
My question is about severe mastitis but not in a human, it's in my dog. My question should apply to any mammal though. the back two mammary glands are severely infected. I wanted to know if removal of the infected tissue increases the patients chance for survival. She has been on IV and antibiotics for the last 3 days. Her skin is now split and open. does this mean she is going down hill or a normal recoverable part of the disease process.
how much damage can I have from having this infection for so long? I have had both knees replaced, a cataract surgery in one eye and scheduled for cataract surgery for the other eye next week. I am also looking at a hip replacement in the near future. I am concerned about one of my knees as the doc said the infection could settle there and I have been experiencing pain. I am also concerned if I should have the cataract surgery as I did experience a lot of swelling with the last surgery.
A ‘tinny’, ‘metallic’ or ‘ammonia’, or unusual smell or taste Aerophagia (swallowing too much air, stomach distention, belching) Burning mouth, feeling like the inside of your mouth is burning, or tingling, or like pins and needles, or all of these together or at different times Burning tongue, feeling like your tongue is burning, or tingling, or like pins and needles, or all of these, or all of these together or at different times Choking Constant craving for sugar or sweets Constipatio
while on the amoxicillin, I get a abscess/boil/something on my behind in a very uncomfortable spot!!...I've never had one before in my life. It was pretty bad, but burst yesterday and started draining on its own.) At that point, I thought all would be okay, at least until I was done with the antibiotic treatment and went and saw my dentist again. Next, late last night I started to get a 'weird' feeling on the left side of my face.
I had bruised blood in my gum so i used a sewing pin from the drawer to burst it , i didnt clean the pin but it looked clean and new Im 60% sure i cant get hiv this way (nobody in my family has hiv) can someone confirm but is there anything else i could get a infection from it my gum feels fine and the ball of bruised blood is now gone
If left untreated, abscesses will often keep growing in size (seromas tend to stay a constant size) and eventually burst out through the suture-line or a hole elsewhere in the belly skin, resulting in wound breakdown. Abscesses generally occur because bacteria have managed to gain access to the fatty layers beneath the skin suture line either during surgery or soon after surgery.
Abscesses are usually not viral,but sometimes people may think a sore in the mouth is an abscess when it is really a cold sore which is a virus. Just to clear things up.
I hate the taste of latex in your mouth. I hate the feeling of the scrapping with those hooks. I hate everything about the whole experience. Besides, my mouth tends to spasm and lock, when messed with too much. I guess you could say it's been awhile since I've been to the dentist, and I do need to go. My excuse in the past was that we didn't have dental insurance and could not afford it,but now we do.
They have not done any tests to find out if its staph, they told me don't shave that will get rid of it (didn't work), don't use soap (hello not working), and no one else in my home shows any signs of having it so clearly its not contagious. I don't know what to do any more its like every time i lift my arms people see it, it hurts and its leaving bright red scars. ANY SUGGESTIONS???
Also, in addition to your fiber intake, consume probiotics for a while, they're in Acidophilus milk (Nutrish is one brand in the grocery) or Activia yogurt. Also, eat dark green salads and whole wheat or whole oat products, along with whatever else you're eating. If you are on a medication that has as its side effect dry mouth or digestive upset, ask the prescribign doc to switch to another kind.
I believe that an abscess occurs only in some serious intestinal disease, like in inflammatory bowel disease - IBD (Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis), or in heavy infection. If abscess has gone, this doesn't mean that inflammation in the colon has gone. Abscess is only a complication of an inflammation and it usually resolves by itself, if you treat it or not. So, my suspiction is, that there may be either IBD, or recurrent infection which is often in diverticulosis.
Yes. Chromium catgut ones are used sometimes and Vicryl, Vicryl Plus is treated with Triclosan I believe. I had horrors after oral surgery years back. They spit out AND swelled so much one burst and left a dent inside that's still there. The Vicryl suture is well tolerated by most people and I guess reduces post op infections overall, but is not well-tolerated by absolutely everyone.
while on the amoxicillin, I get a abscess/boil/something on my butt (in the crack- ouch!)..I've never had one before in my life. It was pretty bad, but burst yesterday and started draining on its own.) At that point, I thought all would be okay, at least until I was done with the antibiotic treatment. Next, late last night I started to get a 'weird' feeling on the left side of my face. Hard to describe, like weakness or something, but I figured I just irritated something.
The biggest problem yesterday in the consultation was a stricture in my small intestine, diagnosed through a recent endoscopy. He has ordered an MRI - quite unheard of in my 37 yrs of Crohn's. I normally have colonoscopies and endoscopies but he said an MRI is without ironising radiation and is the best way to go now. Lost me there. He is now talking of surgery to resect that part that is narrowed. I was in shock and didn't even think about asking if it means an ileostomy and a bag.
The facial bones can become infected (osteomyelitis), or the lining of the brain can become infected (meningitis). The infection can spread outside the sinus and create a pocket of pus (abscess) in an eye socket, the brain, or facial tissue. Is there a correlation here between the sinus thing and the MS thing? Does anyone think that once this surgery is complete I may get rid of my symptoms? Please let me know any information, thoughts or opinions. Thanks.
ive been to dr and am on antibiotics and painkillers. it has burst after 4 days of soaking in savlon baths. today ive found and burst 2 more that came up on the join of my leg/thigh area. ive had loads of tests but nothing has ever shown up. they are a pain in the butt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I mean I always bit my lip, never thought anything of it, i would go down on past boyfriends without thinking to check if I had a cut on my lip or in my mouth! OMG I hate myself for not knowing!!! My cold sores don't hurt!! They just look like a cut that doesn't heal because the virus is oozing out! Atleast this present cold sore looks that way. I know I was pisses when the dr refused to do a swab test!!! Atleast this dr was smart and did the test! I won't know the results til wed!!!!!
under the skin -- one above the burst blister on the left outer vaginal lip, and one below the burst blister, in between where the lip ends and the perineum begins, also on the left. That was how the burst blister started out -- as a large bump under the skin. It slowly rose to the surface and became a bubble-shaped red blister sitting atop the skin, and eventually burst this morning (oozing blood). In addition, there are smaller skin tag-looking bumps around the opening of the anus.
* A Bartholin abscess causes significant pain in addition to the swelling. The swollen area is extremely tender and the skin reddened. Walking and sitting may be quite painful. Women with Bartholin abscesses do not usually have fever. Vaginal discharge may be present, especially if the infection is caused by a sexually transmitted organism.
I have had some pretty awful ones - when we lived in Spain for 8 years, the guy didn't speak English, would visit me in my room with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth, and draw diagrams on the back of an old envelope! The poor treatment in Spain was one of the reasons we came back to live in England, and I am lucky to have a young consultant gastro, in his early 40's who is passionate about IBD.
I have burst abcesses in my mouth before.. To the post about kielbasa, I was watching a tv show and a small man named Donnie wanted to have scores of women around him so he bought a pound of kielbasa and bound it to himself with a rubber tourniquet and went out on the dancefloor and danced fro hours with women touching and feeling his 'manhood'. After a few hours of dancing he went into convulsions and Disco Donnie died. Seems you can't close off bloodflow to any vital organ, (his heart).
i suffer from painful abscess in the groin area. they are so bad that i cannot sit down,lie down or barely walk. i had one removed when i was 19, it was under my clitiros and the size of an orange. it was excruciationally painful and i had it surgically removed. dr said it was the largest and first she had ever seen in that area. since then i get them regularly around diff areas. at the moment i have one on my outer labia, and also one on the fold of your leg/thigh.
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