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I have these bumps on my inner thigh area that may be pimples. I having them for a couple of years. They are either red or purple and hurt to touch. When I pop them they puss and bleed. They leave horrible scars and I want to know what they are and how to get rid of them because they are getting annoying.
About 3 weeks ago, I noticed a cluster of 4 bumps on my inner thigh where my thigh and groin meet about halfway down between my waist and scrotum. The bumps are hard and are red. They have never itched or burned. I actually didn't notice them. My wife was the one who noticed them. I had a doctors appt the next week, so I had him check them. He said that he wasn't sure what it was.
About 3 weeks ago, I noticed a cluster of 4 bumps on my inner thigh where my thigh and groin meet about halfway down between my waist and scrotum. The bumps are hard and are red. They have never itched or burned. I actually didn't notice them. My wife was the one who noticed them. I had a doctors appt the next week, so I had him check them. He said that he wasn't sure what it was.
I realised a few days ago that i had a red bump on the inside on my thigh torwards the top. I figured it was just a razor burn so i left it alone. It gets itchy at times but when i itch it, it hurts. Last night i itched it and it started bleading and then i realised that it had like 2 welts next to it. Any help?????I've been in and out of the doctor and hospital for the past 3 months and i'm trying not to go back.
i have red raised bumps on my inner thigh near my groin. i'm on accutane so i'll be seeing my dermatologist on the 19th for my prescription, but is there anything i can do now to help? no itching at all really.
Since my last post though, I have noticed 4 little red bumps on my inner thigh. I feel doomed at this point. I don't know if stress is doing this to me or if these are actually something to be concerned about. I guess I'll just have to wait for my results. They don't hurt but who knows. Do herpes sores always hurt or no? I've had a lot of little bumps come and go since I started stressing about this. I feel so anxious all the time.
The next one did the same shortly after. However, then I got about 6 tiny white bumps on my upper thigh near my bikini. Some days these bumps are white, and some days they are bigger and pink or red. I popped two of them and they bled but then the next day they are back. Theya re very hard to make bleed and no puss comes out. Im started to get more small white bumps further down my leg. None of them have been itchy or painful. Its gross and embarrasing.
I had (protected) sex about 2 weeks ago and I just noticed this weeked that I have large red bumps on my upper left thigh. They do not itch but hurt. I saw a doctor and she gave me itching cream and told me to come back if it does not get better within this week. I'm not sure wht this could be, but my sister said it could be a form of herpes.
I almost want to cry when reading everyone's post because i too have experienced everything you all are saying. Scaring, inner thigh bumps, As well as on my armpits, buttocks, and now i believe i have a cyst/boil on my lower back. About 6 months ago after being pregnant and getting an abortion i started noticing the same problem developing on my side that has come and gone several times. I have no insurrence and to be honest am down right scared to find out.
I have a few bumps that arent ***** , they hurt a little there around my scrotum area there s about 12 or so. wondering what it could be, i also have like a blisterish something on my inner thigh, wondering if that could be apart of it. any suggestions or answers would be helpful.
Two years ago i had unprotected sex with a girl who afterwards told me she had herpes, i went to get tested for it and it came back negative but i think i told them to swab the wrong bump. i get these small bumps on my inner thigh and near my anus. theyre painless unless i press on them with decent force. they last between 3-10 days and ill usually have 2-4 of them at a time.
This is unlikely to be acne, which commonly occurs on oil-rich areas of skin such as face, chest and back. Bumps on the thighs or arms may be keratosis pilaris rubra. Ask your doctor about Retin-a (topical tretinoin) which will clear this up.
Its a flat red mark sort of like a pimple but not raised. 2. I have a circular light red patch also on my inner thigh. Its looks like its light reddish and it also looks dry compared to rest of skin, lads I noticed this light patch for weeks now. What causes a red like patch to appear on skin. Like I said its a light red mark and it looks dry. It definately looks redder compared to my skin.
I am 54 years old. I have very bad thigh pain outer area on the right side and inside as well all the time. If I press in a particular area it pains. I also have tingling and like crawling electric feeling at times. Went to the Doctor and given Capsule of Mecobalamin, Alpha lipoic acid and vitamins to be taken for 1 month 1 tab a day. No improvement so far already 20 tabs are over. Also I have come into Menopause since 2003 April.
-A couple of months ago I noticed a patch of red irritated skin with bumps on my thigh. I figured it was the rivet in a pair of jeans I have rubbing against my skin. I put a band-aid on it and it seem to get better. -A week or so ago my hands got super dry and were peeling and looked like I had been in the water all the time. I bought moisturizer and gloves and the problem went away. -About the same time the red spot on my thigh start to seem to spread.
I of course freaked out once I knew she had scabies and analyzed my body continuously. A few very red blistery looking bumps showed up on the back of my knee about a week later and I immediately went to the doctor, got the cream, applied it to my husband and I and thoroughly washed everything in the entire house. I then went out of town for a week and just got home last Sunday. Monday I noticed about 6 red bumps in one area on my inner thigh.
I have these red bumps on the back of my legs. I have had them for years. They do not itch, but there are a lot of them on the back of my thigh. Is there something I can do to make them go away. Any help will be appreciated.
I have the bumps starting to come out on my other leg. The back of my right thigh now has 3 small bumps on it also that are tender & have white heads, I can't just run to the dr since I don't have insurance does anyone have any suggestions as to what it can be???
Fluid did come out of them. We then had sex again and the bumps came back in the same place on his upper thigh but there were more of them than the first time. They really weren't in a "cluster" per say, but there were a bunch of them more in a line (not sure if that makes a difference). I have no symptoms (which I understand is "normal" for genital herpes).
The problem is, i keep getting these bumps on my inner thigh. Its like a red bump, it swells up a lot, it looks like a pimple because it has a white-ish head on it. When i squeeze it, it hurts, and a clearish fluid comes out. Usually i cover it in antibactorial stuff and gauze and it goes away, but it leaves this really ugly scar.
This is still occuring and my skin is HYPER sensitive on my right thigh especially. I have been very paranoid about HSV2 being the cause, as I was just tested negative for both HSV 1 and 2 a few months back. Yesterday I saw three tiny red dots appear and go in the span of 12 hours. Now, three dark red tiny spots (look like pimples but without a white center) have appeared near my buttocks on my upper thigh of the same leg. Could this be HSV?
and about two weeks later the rash came back with similar looking bumps. Also, on the second month I was prescribed an antibiotic called "sulphameth" or something like that ( I can't remember.) When the rash appeared I stopped taking the antibiotic but continue with accutane, Today, I was at an Obama rally and it was very hot because everyone was close together.
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