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I have these bumps on my body and they just started appearing. Well each day they keep appearing more and I keep thinking back about what I am using because I have sensitive skin. They aren't any color, they itch sometimes. They are group of them some on my arms and on my legs. I honestly don't know what it is. Any help?
I groomed her last we shaved her hair to a 1/4 inch. It was then that we discovered black pimple like bumps on the top of her lower back. They don't bother her. She is not scratching them on the carpet or grass. She does not chew on her back. No hair loss. They do not look like flea bites. I scratched one and a slight scab came off but not the bump. Any idea's? Any are appreciated.
I sometimes get itchy bumps on my upper back and shoulders....maybe like once a month. Any suggestions on what would help?
On my back there are tiny raised bumps that itch. They are in a circle. Can you give me an idea what this might be?
I told my wife to come in and look and there were these bumps on my back. There were a cluster of about 4, with one larger one in the center. After I got out we went to Urgent Care to get it looked at. The doctor suggested it was MSRA and prescribed antibiotics oral and topical. I have never had acne issues and the photo my wife took of my back looks more like Molluscum Contagiosum or flat warts. This is my first post on my ipad and have a link to the bumps on my back. http://imgur.
what are the bumps on the back of my throat This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/246799'>Bumps on Throat</a>.
my eight year old has red raised itchy bumps.. started on stomach and now on ankles and bum and lower back.. She says they are painful. What can it be?
I'm friend is breaking out on his face legs arms back and stomach with mosquito/bed bug like bumps and they are itchy then after a while they turn into dry spots where the bump used to be he thinks it's std related
I haven't thought twice as to whether or not the bumps that I have recently developed are do to medication. However, these are little bumps, not pimples that are somewhat hard on the back of my hands, forearm and chest. Have you heard of such a side effect? I am a 19 year old female that is healthy. I am on 5mg of Paxil and 450mg of Wellbutrin SR. I was increased by 150mg of wellbutrin around a month ago. Any thoughts?
Lately I've been getting big hard bumps on the outside of my Vagina near my thighs. I've read this is normal but they have bled my last few periods and now I have one near my clitoris / clitoris hood. They do not hurt but clear liquid comes out sometimes. Since I can see this question coming: I have never had sex. But I did recently switch to a new contraceptive to treat PCOS. What is this?
what are and how do i get rid of, bumps on fingers hands arms legs knees and back
When I took a shower, I felt three small bumps. I had shaved the area a few days back and attributed it to hair growing back plus the rubbing of my bathing suit bottom from swimming and sleeping in it. I later showed it to my bf who took a picture of it to show me and it was three or four tiny bumps clustered very together. Total area was smaller than the size of an eraser on a pencil. I didn't have any other bumps or any other forms of irritation or discomfort in any other areas.
Hey A couple of months ago i started noticing real little bumps on my pubic area on the shaft. Fearing the worst i talked with a nurse and had a std test done. She was sure that i didnt have symptoms for a std but i did the test anyway. It came back negative. I talked with a friend and she said it was a heat rash and talking with the nurse she said it might be a tropical rash as well. I have been putting lotion on the area do u have any suggestions ??
i have had 2 pregnancy's and am now using an iud contraceptive. Recently i began to get bumps on the outer part of my vagina. They go away and come back. The one's that i recently received has been hear for about 3wks now. These came after shaving. I am not getting vaginal discharge. In addition to this i am also getting very hard bumps in the inner region of my thighs. I am not a slim person i weight roughly about 190lbs.
My boyfriend has bumps around his belly button and it looks kinda like acne but i dont know wat it could be, it goes and comes back, what do u think?
hello. i have a cluster of bumps on the back of my neck that i have had for a while. i think its from using my hair clippers on someone else i have tried lots of different ointments and nothing has helped can you please help me?
Two years ago i had unprotected sex with a girl who afterwards told me she had herpes, i went to get tested for it and it came back negative but i think i told them to swab the wrong bump. i get these small bumps on my inner thigh and near my anus. theyre painless unless i press on them with decent force. they last between 3-10 days and ill usually have 2-4 of them at a time.
Helllo am a teenage boy, i have a firm bump at the back of my neck,its about the size of a pea-nut, its started out as a tiny pimple.
it also looks like i have them on my hand its not big just little bumps. some of them dont have a body there just look like bumps on it and i cant feel them cause there nothang to rub . i got the ones on my face when i was putting grease in my hair Doo GRO <--. i try aloe and the first set when away. but there back again.
Hey okay so I shaved my back and my arms and about two days later i started getting little red bumps all over my back and after only a day little red bumps all over my arms. And rashes all over my arms. the razor is really old and rusty and modly, do you think that the bumps and rashes could be from my razor? What should I do to get rid of them? because i think I might be having an allergic reaction. Should I try lotion and get a new razor? Should I go to the doctor? what should i do?
i have red pus bumps in the back of my head.. it stated off as little bumps after getting a hair cut.. i put alcohol on it and it did nothing.. it seems to spread and itch very bad...WHAT IS THIS AND WHAT WILL GET RID OF IT.
ive had these bumps on the back of my arms and thighs for as long as i can remember, they resemble pimples but theyre not. is there anyway to get rid of them?
but on last year i started having sex and these bumps appear often on my gential hair area but not that much. i have been to the doctor for medicine about these bumps and they have disappeared but reoccurred. what could this be? sometimes they feel like under the skin or have a head on them that burst of pus? could this be herpes or something unknown? my mom gets these alot as well to. i have also been to the doctor for a pap smear and everything has came back negative!
I went running today and when I got back inside, I had two bumps on my face, one on my forehead and one right below my eye. They look like bug bites but don't itch or burn. When I touch them they tingle just a little bit but not too much. Any ideas?!
If it is some kind of garden virus. How can you get the bumps on the back of your tongue to go away? I have never had this and I know you say not to worry ,but that is hard to do.If their is anything I can do to make it go away I would be happy to get any tips...!! This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/246371'>weird bumps on tongue...</a>.
It felt like a popcorn husk stuck on the back of my tongue and when I looked I found the bumps. Just like you, a couple on one side and about twice as many on the other. No pain, they don't look ulcerated, just bumps. Also, like you, when I researched on the internet, it just scares you what you find. I'd love to hear what you found out about your's and if they have cleared up.
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