Bubble cpap vs variable flow cpap

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Even moving the jaw several millimeters is apparently enough to open the airway to eliminate apnea. I did talk to a CPAP specialist and she said CPAP helps, but the surgery is the cure. Well, in my case, it should have been, but I trusted a hack, so now everything is worse. I wont lie to you, its a tough surgery. I do believe my recovery was very hard because the vault collapsed and I was in remarkable pain for so long.
I explained to the nurses that I had very light flow only spotiing for a couple of days since the procedure. Obviously I was done having children & I have very mixed feelings. Eventhough I am prochoice I beleive only God can give or take life so I am unwilling to terminate (evidenced by my pregnancy history). Luckily I am in a relationship with a very supportive & loving man who has 2 children 14 & 6. He will support me in whatever decisions I may need to make.