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bright yellow, to brown discharge with pelvic pain.Have had complete hysterectomy 30 years ago.
I had a sharp pains in my right pelvic area on 8/28, that night I spotted once a pink brownish mucus discharge, I had the same right side pelvic pain for the next day 8/29 and at night the pain moved to my mid section of my pelvic area, It feels as if I have something stuck up my cervix, the pain comes and goes, its not as sharp but it continuous from mid section to sharp pains on my right pelvic area, today 8/30 I have been having a light brown liquid discharge coming out here and there, still
off and on I've been getting brown vaginal bleeding or discharge and pelvic pain. I'm not sexually active but i've had problems with my cervix before and alot of vaginal infections.At the begining of the month I was getting blood streaked discharge. I don't know whats going on, can you help me?
now im having this brown discharge, but my period comes on the 18th of the just really nervous...can anyone help?...
however this month i was expecting it to come in february, but instead i only got small portions of brown discharge. again i am not sexually active so i dont understand the cause of this. Is it my old lining coming out? or is there a problem? i am not experiencing any pain or side effects of diseases. Please help! i would really like to understand of this cause.
now i am 2 days late starting my period and i am having a brown discharge i have never had that before no way possible i am pregnant my stomach is always in major pain what can be wrong with me. do i need to call my gyn 1st thing in the am i have cramps i am 44 yrs old one doctor says my stomach hurts because the gallbladder the other says its the cysts and fibroids i just wanna be ok to raise my children.
I stop taking my bc pills 2 month ago , try to get pregnant I took a pregnantcy test last month and it was negative , this month two weeks after my period I notice the while intercourse I have pelvic pain and start having brown discharge ; the pain is only while my husband and I have sex. What could that meant ?
so much pain in my low back and pelvic pain.. i also have the black/brown/ dishcharge with what looks like liver chunks...i have ultra sound and go to the doctors..i show no infetion, im not pregnant..i have my tubes tied....and have no stds...this pain causes me from getting up and moving around...(keep in mind i have three kids.) any one find out anything yet? good luck to everyone .
I have this brown discharge, maybe with a hint of pink in it, and it only shows up when I wipe. I haven't been wearing a liner or anything and it hasn't gotten on my panties, so I don't know what to think of it. I've never, ever had brown discharge before. A little bit of my history... I have (undiagnosed) PCOS, so I have REALLY irregular periods and no ovulation. This has been going on for about 3 1/2 years now.
I have been tested for Ghonoria, Chlamydia, STD’s, I’ve had Vaginal Ultrasounds. I don’t know what to do anymore. 1. Smelly Discharge 2. Severe Pelvic/Abdominal Pain (always, not just during, before, or after my period, but always) 3. Inflammation where my ovaries are located (mainly my right ovary) 4. Unable to get pregnant (I’ve tried for at least 4 years now) 5.
Brown discharge has happened to me before. When I have had a late period or when everything exits my body a little later than normal. But this time it feels like it's lasting longer. I have not been able to smell anything from it (though I haven't directly smelled it). I'm not having pain in my pelvic area, or any burning or itching. I read online that it could be ovulation and it will last a few days. I would say it's been going on at least 4-5 days.
I got periods on 4th of this month it is the regular date. Then on 12th onwards Brown vergina discharge with a little pain some times. I want to Know what would be the reason for that........ Does it is a early abortion..............
They told me that the heartbeat was very strong and that I need to be on pelvic rest and to go back on the 29th of this month to get a second ultrasound and see how the baby was doing but I keep having Brown Burgundy discharge I feel a little pain in my lower back and feel bloated with a little bit of pain I don't know if that's normal
I am sure this is more than you wanted to know about me but I am having some kind of brown discharge. I think I have had it for awhile but I haven't said anything to my doctor. My husband happened to notice my underwear (sorry tmi) and he freaked out, afraid something is wrong maybe an infection or something. He wants me to call the doctor office but I was just there tuesday and I feel like an idiot calling up and telling whoever answers the phone that I have a nasty discharge.
Could be decidual bleeding which is bleeding at the time when you would have had a period. I have read that as long as the cramping is mild and the discharge is minimal u should be okay but ask ur doc if u are worried.
I am now at day 3 with the Dark Brown Discharge. I also have a bit of pelvic pain as well. Is this all related just cause I missed a couple of days of the pill?
I woke up this morning and discovered I had quite a bit of brown discharge in my underwear. I went to the bathroom, and there was a large amount of it when I wiped. I didn't panic too much, but wondered what it could be seeing as I had my hysterectomy (TAH/BSO) almost 2.5 years ago. When I went to the bathroom again, I noticed a small surgical clip on the toilet paper...
I also have that lot of discharge the first was white discharge with bad odor, then yellowish smells like cheese eww! and its getting itchy having the same odor then this brown discharge and a couple of days pass I had this darker brown like black maybe and not so bad smell then now last week I had this light red stuff and having so so bad smell and its getting light pinkish brown like that, my siblings notice what that ******* bad smells in me everytime I pass them.
I had light brown discharge once this morning when I wiped it wasn't that noticeable . I'll be 8 weeks tomorrow is this normal ??
Nothing unusual with pain, i am just worried about the brown discharge. Should i go to the doctors? My friend said it happened to her before and its just old blood or something. I was alaso reading how you said if there was "rough" sex or somethign this might happen, when he fingered me, it kind of hurt to the point where i wanted him to stop. Could that be it? also i used Lube, i only used it once before but we used alot this time, could this be an allergic reaction?
I too am experiencing a dark brown discharge. Mittleschmirtz(I call it Ms. Schmirtzy) for 15+ yrs. that has served me well as birth control method (pain-sometimes really hurts to put weight on leg- radiates from top of pelvic down to upper leg and causes bloated feeling. Always on right side except for 2-3 times a year then it's on left), tubal 10yrs ago after childbirth(in case M'schmirtz failed), ovarian cyst on right burst 4yrs ago.
Several days after chemotherapy she developed a vaginal/rectal fistula with stool and a foul smelling brown and yellowish discharge, a lot of it. It isn't stopping either. Not infected. She had bleeding from rectum for a few days with bowl movement but bowl control is better now with no bleeding. Could this all be cancer being killed off to cause fistula and discharge be tumor breaking down? She still has pain when sitting that she had post surgery so that may be nerve damage.
It is now dark brown, dry and papery thin, it looks more like blood clots or boogers you'd get in a winter with too much dry heat then something to come out of your vag. I also have pelvic pain that runs down the legs kind of like bad PMS, but there hasn't been a drop of blood or spotting. The discharge does not itch or feel any different than average but it has an slight, sour, acidy smell that is even worse than yeast.
I was raped when I was 9 by my cousin. recently I have been having pelvic pain in the lower part of my abdomen, between my hips, and on my back around my hips and betwix them. I have no fever, or chills, but I have trouble urinating during this pain and I often times have diahrrea. Can anyone help, I'm getting scared!!
my periods are a little longer than most, cycle is usually 33-36 days. For the past 9-10 months I've been having brown discharge about a week after my period ends or mid-cycle, sometimes tinged with black.My docs seemed unconcerned. This month I finished my period on day 6 and on day 8 I started with watery brown discharge with has continued through today (day 20), and this morning I had a large black clot. My husband and I had intercouse 2 days ago.
My postpartum bleeding stopped ((well i thought it did)) and then a few days later all of a sudden I had DARK BROWN bleeding/discharge....Its been this way for a couple of days now...I'm really concerned. There is no odor or clotting...I don't know if I should make a doctors appointment..or if this is normal.....I think my next appointment is June 6th or something..should I wait that long?? I understand that the bleeding can come back if I am too active...which I have been,...
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