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915119 tn?1341952589 i am 6 1/2 weeks pregnant and since yesterday i have been having brown discharge and some pink blood ilight>dischargeilight>. Today i also noticed that there was ilight>brownilight> ilight>mucusilight> with the ilight>dischargeilight>. is this normal or should i begin to worry?
Avatar f tn How far along are you?
Avatar m tn Hiya, my daughter was examined by the midwife sunday evening and she said it was very uncomfortable, the midwife said she wasnt dilated but the cervix is very soft, the day after she noticed a ilight>brownilight> ilight>dischargeilight> on her pad and has had a dull period like pain in her lower back and lower tummy could this mean anything, shes 39.
Avatar f tn im 10 weeks and 5 days pregnant, last night i noticed ilight>brownilight> ilight>dischargeilight> and 2 small clots passed in the shower, is this normal or should i be worried? There has been no pain at all however.
Avatar f tn After hours of trying to get hubby to have sex he finally gave in then right after mucus came out with brown discharge i been loosing mucus for 3 days now and last night went into l&d contractions were 2-3 mins apart but sent home because after 5 hours i only dilated 1cm, Mucus with brown discharge good sign!??? Are we close !!???
Avatar f tn is it normal to have brown discharge i'm freaking out. Help please.
1680047 tn?1468915429 i am having some ilight>brownilight> ilight>dischargeilight>. This last time i had ilight>brownilight> ilight>dischargeilight> was when i had a chemical pregnancy. i wonder what is going on?
Avatar f tn So im 37+3 days an i woke up with a spot on my pants which was brown an after i went to the bathroom i wipe an it was ilight>brownilight> an i kept havin it come out could my ilight>mucusilight> plug be comin out soon curious what are some of your thoughts on this????
2218623 tn?1355282113 is it your ilight>mucusilight> plug? My ilight>mucusilight> plug was a light ilight>brownilight>, and it looked just like snot (sorry, tmi haha), it's pretty common around this stage to lose some of it, especially if you had sex recently, it usually replenishes itself.
Avatar f tn i am 36 weeks pregnant and noticed a ilight>brownilight> ilight>dischargeilight> after urination. Should i worry?
Avatar f tn i've been having ilight>brownilight> ilight>dischargeilight> for the last couple of days, its not all the time but does anyone know what it could be?
Avatar f tn Hi, So im having issues figuring out exactly wats going on, For the last couple of days ive had some string ilight>mucusilight> ilight>dischargeilight>, it was red like blood in the beginning, and then started turing brown, this is the week im suppose to have my period bu i havent, im not sure if this is a cause of my birth control, the first of this month i started a new brand of pills, and i jus had a pap smear december 13, im wondering if this could possibly be a pregnancy or if this is just my body getting use to my bi
929061 tn?1258471551 5 cm and i was having really bad menstrual cramps so she sent me to the hospital to get checked 2 times and i ended up staying at three cm so they sent me home on bedrest and ever since yesterday ive had nothing but ilight>brownilight> and bloody ilight>dischargeilight> is this because of i was checked so many times? or could it be something else?
Avatar f tn 37 weeks and have been cramping a lot. i noticed earlier today some ilight>brownilight> ilight>dischargeilight> when i wiped and then when i went recently, there was a lot of pressure when i peed and the discharge was more noticeable and darker. Does this mean labor is coming soon?
Avatar f tn On 16th feb i had sex with my partner and did take a pill as it was unprotected. On 23rd feb i noticed some ilight>brownilight> ilight>dischargeilight> with ilight>mucusilight>. The ilight>dischargeilight> is not heavy though, its just some spottings. i have slight back pain too. Do i need to worry?
Avatar f tn Around the time i'd ovulate in August i began having alot of ilight>mucusilight> ilight>dischargeilight> which is not normal for me. it tampereed off into a thick white creamy discharge, then September 4th it started to have a light brown old blood look to it for 2 days, then was kinda normal for the 6th and 7th, then went back to brown tinged creamy discharge again (still getting some) My cycles are normally very dry and i never spot or having inbetween bleeding.