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I am 7 weeks pregnant (so they think, I m already showing) and this morning after I went to the bathroom, I noticed a brown discharge on the toliet paper. Is this normal. It was like the brown discharge that I get before or after my period.
This could just simply be caused by baby growing and stretching in your womb. Sometimes miscarriage starts of as brown discharge - but it would soon quickly turn red and heavy if it was a proper miscarriage. It could also be a missed miscarriage. This is where the baby has stopped growing at some point but is still in there - brown discharge and/or loss of symptoms are a sign of that..
6 weeks pregnant and keep finding brown discharge what does this mean ??? Im worried.
ok i have brown discharge, looks like the end of period type of color, i feel nautious, & extremely dizzy when im laying down & then i stand up, & im getting the worst stomach pain in my life which comes like every two minutes. + 2 weeks earlier from today i took the morning after pill after having unprotected sex. is this normal?
I found out 12/31/10 that I'm pregnant when I had heavily bleeding(it wasn't a miscarriage thank god). Just this past week I've had bleeding twice and have had brownish to black discharge. I'm just wondering if this is normal. I know the nurse I talked to said not to worry but its hard not to with my families history of miscarriages.
I am currently 8 and a half weeks pregnant and have some brown discharge. I know this can be normal but I'm trying not to stress. I had a miscarriage 3 months ago so I'm a little scared. Right now it's just a waiting game but any advice would be great.
I am 9 weeks and 5 days along and just noticed some brown discharge. I called the Dr and he said since there is no discomfort that I shouldn't be too concerned. I have to go in tomorrow for some blood work. I'm really scared that this might be the onset of a miscarriage. Has anyone else experienced this.
I have twice. It turned out to be early term miscarriage. but thats not necessarily what it is for you. Some women spot durring implantation. ..I would call your healthcare provider. They can confirm if your pregnant and if your harmones are at appropriate levels and growing. If so than nothing to worry about..
Hi everyone merry Christmas I'm 6 weeks along I woke up this morning with a tiny bit of brown blood in panties and when I wipe get some brown discharge too - I don't remember this with my daughter and I am incredibly scared it could be the beginning of a miscarriage.. Has this happened to anyone else?
Tomorrow is my preg test and this morning I had brown discharge, what does this mean???
Along with this brown discharge, now it hurts to wipe after peeing. But I think this is from wiping too hard. From searching for a answer on google, its said these symptoms are either "old blood" or a miscarriage. But do these symptoms reflect any type of STD as well? Oh, and also, I'm 15 and have been sexually active since March, but with protection everytime. Please answer this question!!!
If it's only brown, you shouldn't worry too much. My previous pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage and started out with brown discharge, but quickly progressed to pink, and then finally red. With my current pregnancy (12w 4d) I had brown discharge off and on until about 9 weeks and my ultrasound yesterday showed a perfectly healthy baby. Unfortunately, if you are at the beginning stage of a miscarriage, there isn't much you can do to stop it.
Hi am 5weeks pregnant but I keep seeing brown discharge like my period is about to start but no always it has happened like 3times within the interval of 2 days. It is just a spot and it will stop to start another day.
6 weeks and this morning after I pee I notice some brown discharge on the tp 2 years ago I had a miscarriage so I'm a little nervous. Did anyone experience this during there pregnancy?
hello im kelly iam 26 and pergnant with my 3rd child, i have been getting some brown discharge light brown not heavey ,i went for a scan yesterday and they told me they could see the babys sca but not the baby , but this might be cause iam only 6 weeks they might not see the baby and have to go back for another scan on the 5th of july , im a little scared thinking it might be a miscarriage , with my 2nd child i had brown discharge the same i have no pain , still feeling quit sick and my boobs ar
Jus now I had a brown discharge.. Anything serious.. Pls tell me.. Six week pregnant.
I uave same problem brown and pink discharge doctors at hospital told me that it's normal in first trimester and only to worry if it's bright red and you have very very bad pain
I am 6 weeks and this morning had a brown jelly like discharge. I Googled it and found everything from it's normal to miscarriage. My first appt is not until 9/18 at 9 weeks. I am really worried because I had a miscarriage at 8 weeks in April. Anyone else have this symptom? What was the outcome?
in august i had nothing but this month i've been having a brown discharge off and on, Is this my period or what? I've taken hpt and they say negative but my boobs have hurt for 4 or 5 weeks? What could this be? Has this happened to anybody?
I am almost 8 weeks pregnant and today I've been having some brown discharge. I went to the dr and he found no heartbeat, but my hcg levels are normal. Last week we did an ultrasound and did find a heartbeat?
This is my 7th pregnancy, I have 1 son who is 3. I had sex Friday then right after had brown discharge when I wiped been very light off and on since then. Not much today. This is normal and nothing I should be overly concerned about but I am seeing as how I how lost 5 pregnancies. Calling doc tomorrow morning they will prob have me come in for blood work or ultrasound. Just want to hear what others have to say.
I would get checked out. I don't wanna freak you out but I've had a miscarriage and a brown discharge is how it started..
Hello, I am pregnant with my 1st child. Tomorrow I will be exactly 10 wks. Today I went to the restroom wiped & saw brown discharge. Now I am nervous if it's possible miscarriage. I have no pains or cramps. Can someone plz tell me if this is normal or not?!
I had brown discharge between 5 and 7 weeks. My doctor told me it was normal.
Hi am 9 weeks and 5 days pregnant Friday afternoon I went the toilet and noticed I was loosing some brown discharge I came out of work and went straight to the doctors. It was only a bit then I didn't seem to have any more then after that all day and night I didn't loose any brown discharge all day yesturday either. Then this morning I went to the toilet and noticed am loosing a bit more. I have had no pains all I have had is a bit of an achey back.
Brown discharge is common in early pregnancy. Brown is old, red is new. Any blood at any strange of pregnancy needs to be checked.
Sometimes it's completely normal. I had some brown discharge around 15 weeks last time and my doctor told me it was likely because we had intercourse the day before. Your cervix is sensitive at this point. Everything is changing. Always talk to your doctor if you're bleeding any colour of blood, just to be safe.
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