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Avatar_f_tn 37 weeks and have been cramping a lot. I noticed earlier today some brown discharge when I wiped and then when I went recently, there was a lot of pressure when I peed and the discharge was more noticeable and darker. Does this mean labor is coming soon?
Avatar_f_tn hi im 39 weeks pregnant and this morning noticed brown discharge, i've noticed a small amount since then, on thursday the dr said i was 1cm dilated, what do you think it is
Avatar_f_tn I'm only 25 weeks but I have 3 other Los it sounds like your losing your mucous plug women can lose it anytime during pregnancy in some cases it can mean labor is close but don't get nervous it can still take a while before labor actually happens some women lose theirs early in pregnancy and it grows back to get more information Google mucous plug info it could help far more than I good luck and congrats your so close
Avatar_f_tn 40 weeks today.. brown discharge. May look like im loosing little goo spots. Sign of labor? Or is it cause my cervix was checked earlier? Although it hasnt happened when its been checked before.
Avatar_f_tn I am 36 weeks pregnant and noticed a brown discharge after urination. Should I worry?
Avatar_n_tn I am not positive in regards to your daughters case but I had some brown discharge after a pelvic exam and was told that if the cervix is touched or irritated during an exam you can experience brown discharge. I only have it for a couple hours though. My Dr. did tell me as well that in general if a woman is getting ready to miscarry, her HCG levels will usually be inconsistant. I have been having what feels like mentrual cramping for a week noe but only off and onn.
Avatar_f_tn The Process of Labor It is most important that you trust your body when you go into labor. Remember, your body was built to carry, nourish, and safely deliver your baby. Some of the factors that affect the course of labor include your health, nutrition, size and shape of your pelvis, size and presentation of the baby, your educational preparation for labor and birth, and the practice of exercises, relaxation and breathing techniques.
Avatar_f_tn I went to the dr today for my weekly checkup and when I used the bathroom this afternoon I had a light brown kindof hurt then she checked me earlier, but she said that I have not started to dilate yet...has this happened to anyone else..should I be worried?
Avatar_f_tn It could be your mucus plug. And means labor could be soon.
Avatar_f_tn You experience any bleeding or bright-red discharge (not brown or pinkish). Your water breaks — especially if the fluid looks green or brown; this could be a sign that meconium is present (which is your newborn’s first stool; it can be dangerous if your baby inhales or ingests it during birth). You experience vision changes, a headache, or sudden or severe swelling. These can be symptoms of preeclampsia, or pregnancy-induced hypertension.
Avatar_f_tn Dropped them off came home and went to the washroom to find brown discharge in my underwear and now mentral like cramps. I'm 38 weeks 4 days scheduled for a c section on the 31st. Any ideas? I lost my mucous plug about a week and a half ago, called doctor but of course had to leave a message. Maybe in denial of labor starting?
Avatar_f_tn I'm 34 weeks 4 days and yesterday when I wiped had brown discharge then wiped again and it was bloody and mucusy. Called my on call doctor and she said it's probably just mucus plug and to stay home unless I get contractions or heavy bleeding. It continued all day yesterday and into today still. Still no contractions but has anyone else gone through this? How long until you went into labor? I'm nervous about going too soon I'd like her to stay in there a few more weeks if possible.
Avatar_f_tn Why is it brown? Also last night I started to lose my mucous plug. I felt something wet on my panties and went to the bathroom and there was a blob of brown stuff. Wiped a couple times and seen a clear blob, looked like snot. Assuming that's my plug. I have also been having some sharp pains and pressure in my v-jay. Could all this be a sign that he is coming very soon. Like within the next day or so? I'm hoping for today because it is my husbands birthday and yesterday we got married.
6363715_tn?1394229381 when you wipe look at the tissue if you see mucous like really thick discharge with a brown pink or red streak in it that is called bloody show/mucous plug which would mean your cervix is open
Avatar_f_tn Hi everyone am 37 weeks and 3 days today and i noticed brown discharge is this a sign of labor? Am also a ftm so dont know much please help.
Avatar_f_tn I'm 37 weeks today and for a few days now I've been having a lot of discharge? I just feel wet constantly? Sorry if tmi but is this a normal pregnancy thing??
Avatar_n_tn A plug usually looks like snotty discharge, varies in color, like yellow//clear/brown and can sometime sbe accompanied by some pinkish hue like blood. Some people lose their plug altogether at once while others just lose bits and pieces up until delivery. Some don't lose their plug at all. I would let your doctor know though.
433412_tn?1232558056 I ws just in the hospital Friday because of discharge and Preterm labor. They did a internal exam and a "Papsmear" type thing just to get a sample of my discharge. The doctor said it's the normal type that they would find for woman at this stage in the pregnancy. She told me to watch for blood~brownish-pink in color~then return if it gets really bad. My mucus plus with my son was NASTY!! It was the day before I deliveried him, I had this snot like glob come out.
1950374_tn?1332387736 Id call l&d since u have to have antibiotics....
Avatar_f_tn I'm 38+3 today and yesterday I had a thick brown discharge. Today it turns into a sticky bloody discharge and some back pain. Any similar experiences? Can you tell me is the labor approaching or there could be a days to it? Please help! Thanks a lot!