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i had been on statins for 2 years, and four years later i just had my complete blood test. my LDL was 194 and my trigycerides came in at ilight>overilight> ilight>500ilight>! my doc increased my statins to 40 mg/day for 6 weeks to see what happens.............. my left arm is sore..........but no chest pain or jaw pain. how serious is this? i am have muscle pains in my thighs, suffer from extreme fatigue, and do not sleep well.
has been a diabetic for several years now. recently we've found that his ilight>bloodilight> ilight>sugarilight> has been fluctuating like crazy. there have even been instances where d range has been as low as 40 with no other side effects whatsoever. have heard that when blood sugar drops so low there should be other symptoms ranging from shivering to loss of consciousness but he's experienced none of these.
4 nights ago i woke up to find that my husband's ilight>bloodilight> ilight>sugarilight> ilight>levelilight> had dropped severely and he was in diabetic shock and apparently had a seizure (he bit his tongue and is now complaining of severe pain in his shoulders which the drs have attributed to muscle contractions that took place during the seizure). No adjustments to his insulin has been made at this point (he takes Lantus at night). my concern this evening is that his sugar level before going to bed tonight was 526.
please inform me if by taken ofther medication your ilight>bloodilight> ilight>levelilight> could get high as 400 - ilight>500ilight> my mom has her ilight>sugarilight> ilight>levelilight> out of control she take medication for her arthristis and i think the medication is making her blood level high she does not eat sweet or out of control eating eats very little small potion . med. name are Methotrexate 2.5 Prednisone 5 mg. Metformin mg.
i have also been diagnosed with secondary adrenal insufficiency----and i learned that cortisol is what regulates your ilight>bloodilight> ilight>sugarilight>. i've had my ilight>bloodilight> ilight>sugarilight> drop on me when i went from sitting to standing off and on for years--but it hasn't been an issue in a while for me---it is a symptom of adrenal problems, though.
i have always, as far as i can remember, had high ilight>sugarilight> ilight>levelilight> results when having my ilight>bloodilight> tested for annual check-ups. however nothing was ever done about recommendations or advice from the various doctors over the years. Recently after a yearly physical a doctor started me on metformin which made me physically very drained, not tired or weak, but very loose, if that is the right word, and sort of wiped out in a physical sense. The prescription dose was 500 mg.
i used to take Prevacid every day to avoid terrible reflux and even with Actos+Metformin my morning fasting ilight>bloodilight> ilight>sugarilight> was never lower than 165 and my scrip-happy doctor at the time was about to put me on insulin. Within 2 days of starting the diet i was below 120 blood sugar and i have not taken any med whatsoever in 7 months. my reflux is gone and my blood sugar is completely normal - 90ish when not cheating; 110ish when i am.
i have Diabetes ii and taking 2 tablets of Metformin (500 mg) in the morning and 1 tablet of Metformin plus 1/2 tablet of Glipizide (5 mg) at dinner time. my ilight>bloodilight> ilight>sugarilight> ilight>levelilight> goes down after dinner (around 7 p.m.) to 45, 50, 55 and feel very weak. Could it be that Glipizide is too strong for me? Should i stop it? my A1C is 6.
When i went to the emergency room, i was given iv fluids and potassium again. my ilight>bloodilight> ilight>sugarilight> levels have been ilight>overilight> 200 and at times beyond 275, despite my poor appetite and at times inability to eat due to nausea. my blood pressure has been elevated despite the use of medications to treat the conditions.
i am 61 yrs old having CAD-stent in LAD/HTN/T2DM but presently having ilight>sugarilight> ilight>levelilight> 72-110 sometimes 150 not more than it any time, previously it were of the order 210 mg/dl put on METFOREMiN 500 MG OD in 2008 it was changed to piopad15 mg / glimipride. presently i am having prickly / tingling skin burning below feet/toes redness/burning sensation over legs / arms. please advise suitable ointments / medications to recover completly to prolong life to max period....
So, will it elevate the ilight>bloodilight> ilight>sugarilight> of someone who has no insulin/ilight>sugarilight> impairments or only someone who does? it's my understanding that a "normal" person's blood sugar would not have gone up to 149 an hour after eating that bread because their body would've taken care of it before it got that high. is that correct?
my normal ilight>bloodilight> pressure is around 75/65. Today my BP is 160/8. Purchased a brand new meter and my ilight>sugarilight> level was higher then i have ever know it to be @195. Should i be concerned? my vision has cleared some what, but i still feel as if i may hurl at any moment. At what point should i become concerned? i do know in the 400-500 range is very bad, and could cause a stroke. i am just confused if there is any dangers for meat 195. i have never been higher the 85 ever. Going to lay down now.
So insulin is an option but there are other medications that help too. Problem with insulin is it cause weight gain which can perpetuate the ilight>overilight> -weight high ilight>bloodilight> ilight>sugarilight> issues! Vicotza can work as a weight loss aide as well. Call an endo soon!!
i have also read that there are times when a person is having no trouble at all but then they are told that there ammonia level is high i was told that the lactulose would not bother my sugar...
can these kind of results in an asymptomatic person due to any particular food intake he has taken prior to his ilight>bloodilight> test that could have aggravated the rise of the CA 19.9 ilight>levelilight>. in cases of this nature, is there a possibility of the CA 19.9 level to go down to the below normal level of <37. Hope to hear from your kindslef soon. Thank you. K.Mahendra Thank you.
my blood pressure 160/110 mg/dl i went to my Doctor and gave me glucophage and i returned to my previous diet and i have a 0 urine ilight>sugarilight> ilight>levelilight> ilight>bloodilight> pressure 140 /93 mmHg . but my Fbg becomes highest in the morning and lowest at bed time 260 FBG morning and 180 mg/dl at bed time. ( i am on 0 carb diet and i lost so far 10 kgs of my weight.
You mean 100 or so? Not ilight>overilight> ilight>500ilight> is it? Micronodules vs macronodules indicated the progression of the disease. it really isn’t important it is just another indication of cirrhosis. Good luck to you and your father.
This light gray area which i started noticing almost 2 months ago did change in shape ilight>overilight> the past month and a half. it used to be bigger and i thought it was new ilight>bloodilight> (as what the doc said) from the small tear in my retina that the doc lfound and lasered a month ago. i just noticed that it is getting smaller very slowly or maybe stopped getting smaller (i hope not!). 1) are you going to a new doc to get a second opinion on what this really is and on how to solve it?
my blood ilight>sugarilight> stays from 169-ilight>500ilight>, im never the same....i have watched my diet and even lost weight (about 20 lbs) i have had stents in the LAD of my heart and several Heart attcks, i have C.O.P.D. Gout, the front of my heart does not beat any more due to heart attacks.i also now have Artheritis in most all bones in my body.
however this week i have woke up every morning looking like Robert Pattison with dried ilight>bloodilight> all ilight>overilight> my mouth and pillow from my bleeding gums. Joe, i hope your numbers are good. i get winded pretty easily. i was running before i started treatment but i had to stop because i sounded like an asthmatic oompa loompa.
it started in my shoulders and has moved all ilight>overilight> my body. i also had testicular cancer, and one treatment of chemo and syphillis last year. Rheuamtology tests have comeup negative and doctors are at a loss for what is going on. Am fully recovered at this time from both. Also beginning to feel numbness and tingling in my hands and fingers. Also it is not just cracking, there is strange movement and sometimes i have mild involuntary twitching though it is becoming more frequent.
i'm 40, a very healthy vegetarian, have low ilight>bloodilight> pressure, and was tested with a good vitamin D ilight>levelilight> (on an unrelated check up). i would love to know if this should be of concern. i'll post if i get any helpful feedback from my doc.
Our son has had high ilight>bloodilight> sugars for ilight>overilight> 3 months. He also has stomach pain and diarrehea. Blood tests and stool samples have ruled out Celiac Disease. He's going for an endoscopy and colonoscopy next week. Has anyone else experienced high blood sugars and stomach pain for extended periods?
it causes me to have spasm coughing and if i cannot control this to 3 or 4 coughs my windpipe closes ilight>overilight> making it hard to breath in or out. The last one about 2 years ago stopped me breathing in and out completely for 10 to 15 seconds and i thought i had bought it. The spasm cough causes it all and when it goes away (usually 4 to 5 days) things are relatively normal although a normal cough stays with me for weeks after.
i am 58 and post menapause and the itching stated at menapause. insane all ilight>overilight> body itch in my ilight>bloodilight>. Like a tickle to an intense deep zing that you want to scratch till the skin gets so hot and the itch turns to pain. Hot hot filtered shower water brings the itch to a creshendo that allows me to calm down a little. i am currently making and drinking collodial silver water with the Dr Beck Zapper. And am zapping my blood at my wrists.
Simple question here, has anyone ever had a negative ilight>bloodilight> test and negative urine test and went on with their daily routine and a month or so later found out you were in fact pregnant while having ultrasound done. if this has happened to anyone or perhaps someone you know, please respond, i'd appreciate the information. Thanks.
Your ilight>bloodilight> ilight>sugarilight> ilight>levelilight> is supposed to go up and down, especially after you eat and during the time you are asleep. The best mesure of how your blood sugar is doing is a test called a Hemoglobin A1C. This test gives your average blood sugar over the last three months. Your doctor should run the test every three months. i'll bet based on what your takeing that it's a lot better than you think. There is a home kit for this test but i don't recomend it because it's very complicated.
This is why drinking on an empty stomach can lead to very low ilight>bloodilight> ilight>sugarilight>. Alcohol can cause low ilight>bloodilight> ilight>sugarilight> for up to 12 hours after drinking. All kinds of factors can throw off your blood sugar with unpleasant and sometimes dangerous consequences.
is it due to 1) Normal syptoms after post surgery if so will it subseed after some time? 2) Due to ilight>sugarilight> ilight>levelilight> in ilight>bloodilight> ? 3) Side effects of the medicine ? 4) Stress level ? 5) Over control in food level ( strict diet)? Please advice me at the earliest. Awaiting your response. regards, Kplall.
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