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I tested my blood sugar this morning and it was 105. Would you say this is out of the normal range. I had blood work done about a month ago when I had my annual physical and my sugar level came back at 109. My doctor didn't seem to alarmed.
But please let me know is this levels are of that particular night which shows in the morning or is it considered as an average level or capacity? Buy doing exercise I have reduced Postprandial blood sugar but why Fasting blood sugar is normal but on the higher side ?? How to reduce it apart from reducing carbs ??
"last week i had 98 and today its 101 " I wouldn't be too concerned unless fasting glucose consistently remained between >100 mg/dl and <125 mg/dl , prediabetes. Do you know a bit of exercising helps to burn off excess glucose? "I didnt take PP as last time it was just 96" What is "PP"? Preprandial? Postprandial? Priority Precedence? Program Plan?
Your fasting blood sugar is at high end of normal, but your hba1c is normal. Did you ready a lot of carbs the day before the test. You probably don't need to worry about diabetes at this point. Focus on healthy minimally processed diet, exercise, maintaining normal weight.
5.8 mml/l fasting equates to 98 which is , to me , a pre-diabetic reading, sadly and I hope that I am wrong. If you ask any doctor, except Dr. Richard Beirstein, they would tell you that you are a NON-Diabetic. Why?, to me the vast majority of doctors, even in the USA, know so little about this horrible malady called Diabetes 2. What they studied at school was 30-50 years old infos about diabetes 2.That is the main reason why treatment to diabetes 2 is not so succesful, not so effective, sadly.
I am not diabetic, but I have been on the South Beach diet for about 12 weeks, which is a diet that greatly restricts the use of refined sugars (i.e. table sugar, fruit juice, white bread, white pasta, etc.) but encourages the use of complex carbohydrates, such a beans, whole wheat/grain products, starchy vegetables, etc. I eat small meals about every 2-4 hours. I have lost 25 pounds so far.
I failed both test. I am now monitoring my blood sugar levels to see if I need insulin. So far, so good. I have been avoiding sugar and carbs. I am going to start adding small carbs to my meal today to see if I will spike. It's only been 4 days for me. I think part of the reason I failed was because of the food I ate the day before.
HI I am 40 Years Old I smoke 20 Ciggarates a Day, I am a Non Veg By Birth i do drink occasionally. Regarding My Sugar Levels Fasting will be 98 and PPBS will be around 50 to 70 I dont know Why? My HB is 18.2 and my hematocrit is 55.8. The Pheripheral Smear Examination Shows "Relative Neutrophila" Can U Please Advice me what other Test should i undergo and what should i do to have a helathy Life.
If your doctor tells you that you suffer from hypoglycemia, he must then tell you the cause because low blood sugar is the result of something going wrong in your body. It is not a cause. Your brain gets more than 98% of its energy from sugar in your bloodstream. There is only enough sugar in your bloodstream to last about three minutes, so your liver constantly releases sugar from its cells into your bloodstream.
Tonight she had taco salad with shell and since we are trying to see if the blood sugar would rise. She drinked a Mt. Dew and ate a little Debbie cake. Blood sugar two hrs later was 94. She has a new meter and my sister is helping her a lot. The doctor had told her she just needed to watch and see what foods are bothering her. She is determined to watch her diet if it is diabetes but right now her blood sugar is not high. Are we missing something?
My triglycerides were high good cholesterol low and bad cholesterol high blood sugar was 98 fasting and acl diabetic test showed 5.8 but when hypoglycemic are you supposed to eat carbs?? I love carbs and have had to eliminate them. Btw 6.4 is considered diabetic. And how do we know what kind we will end up with 1 or 2?
normal readings for high carb intake.. well fasting blood sugar has been as low at 67 some days, when i had lab check ups i ate two pancakes before getting blood drawn for complete blood panel etc.. well my glucose on that was 68 and i had the pancakes 1 hour before.
A diagnosis of prediabetes is a fasting blood glucose level of 100 - 125 mg/dl. A fasting blood glucose level of 126 mg/dl or higher is a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes. You'd have to have repeated tests to confirm the diagnosis however. CRP is an inflammatory marker. A more specific test for cardiovascular risk is high sensitivity CRP (hs-CRP). Either way, the lower the inflammation the better. Vitamin B12, vitamin D (25-Hydroxy) and ferritin could be higher.
The determination for fasting blood sugar in the diabetic range is 100 for pre-diabetes and 126 for diabetes. Again, Type 1 is very sudden onset, a slow progression to pre-diabetes levels would indicate type 2. Blood sugar is not related to height and weight.
Hello, your fasting is very slightly higher than optimal for the ones that are above 90, but likely you could not be diabnosed with anything from this. however, it would also be important to know whether your blood sugar goes too high after eating? You can also do a test called Hba1c, which gives average blood sugar over past 3 months. Truly normal is < 5.0.
hi, I am 32 week pregnant and I have blood sugar 98 fasting and I have also done GTT with value 142. I m really scared with diabetics . what should I have to do?
Well I just noticed that there is a doctor on this forum so I thought it might be a good idea to give the full result of my blood test. I was told to take the test in the morning before eating. Because it is really hard for me to wake up in the morning I decided to not sleep (I have three alarms in my bedroom + my child who screams WAKE UP in my ear but nothing works... i am like semi-comatose) So, I stayed up all night; had my last meal at 2.
Because if you were fasting then you're prediabetic. A blood sugar above 5 means pre-diabetes which can also work against treatment. If you're planning to treat again you should look into that before you start.
Skiied 3 more hours and did it again diaphoretic, feeling in throat that I cant; catch my breath as after running, no chest pain. Mon went to work checked fasting sugar finger stick 104 ate and prior to lunch was 90 . B/P wa 110/70 took half hyzaar. wEnt to Dr. Monday and b/P in afternoon 98/50 dizzy, no energy and feeling in throat chest..Blood work back Tues and okay think mabye pre diabetic 104 fasting, took me off all blood press pills and no ALLI..
You are absolutely correct. Fasting blood sugar can vary from day to day. If my fasting blood sugar came up at 103 on a single test I wouldn't pay any attention to it. I am hypoglycemic (reactive). My blood sugar after fasting is as high as it gets. After I eat, it drops. But a superficial look at my blood test results might have a doctor warn me about diabetes. In fact this has happened to me. One doesn't question the validity of a test, or its fallibility.
Hello, truely normal fasting blood sugar is in the low 80s. So your fasting number is truely a little high, and I think your doctor is being cautious and safe in wanting your to monitor. Hihg fasting blood sugar can precede high post eating numbers. I think getting a meter and monitroing your food and response of blood sugar toeating is a good idea. You can then make sure your numbers do stay good and take action early if they happen to rise. I am not a big fan of 'diabetic' diet.
Has anything changed during this time - foods you eat, medication/s [new, increased, modified], fasting and postprandial glucose [blood sugar] levels elevated than what you posted? Are you getting proper amounts of sleep? "I have even thrown-up a few times" With all your health issues it would be wise to seek medical advice. Throwing up is not a good sign. Might be worth a 30 min drive into Ft Worth for Baylor Medical Center to see an Gastroenterologist to start with.
glucose : 98 mg/dL,, range(74-106) TEST2 (January 07, 2014): glucose (fasting) : 92 mg/dL,, range(<100) TEST3 (May 26, 2014): glucose : 100 mg/dL,, range(74-106) TEST4 (September 12, 2014) glucose : 75 mg/dL, range(<100) TEST 5 (September 19, 2014) glucose : 100 mg/dL, range(74-106) Based on these results, do I have pre-diabets (impaired fasting glucose)? I will be happy for feedback.
That said, fasting glucose alone can miss cases of impaired glucose tolerance(where your fasting is fine but your blood sugars go up after eating). The best way to find out is through a glucose tolerance test. Hang in there, ask your doctor about doing a glucose tolerance test, and I think the other appointments/tests are a good idea too. If nothing shows up on the diabetes test, then perhaps a referral to a neurologist may shed some light and bring you a diagnosis. Best of luck and take care.
If you ate anything within a 12 hour period, then it's not a fasting glucose test. Eating a full meal (pizza and soda) 1 hour before a fasting test IS NOT fasting at all. It is a random test. Your numbers are WELL within the normal limits. Not even slightly elevated. If you do not trust what your doctor tells you, then you really need to get a 2nd oppinion.
If you really want to be sure, see a doctor and set up an appointment to have a real fasting blood sugar test... and by fasting that means at least 8 hours with no food, though water and your usual meds are generally ok (again, ask the doctor setting up the lab tests)... Even if the doc initially tries to say you don't need the test, tell him/her you are worried about it given your past experience and results and he/she should ok it.
2 mg tolterodine L Tartrate 1 mg I took these medicine for 4 days and my condition became much worse and i discontinued use I thought that i have developed diabetes so i went for fasting blood sugar test it came out to be 98 .and doctor told me i do not have diabetes Recently i have started using the medication after a break excluding tolterodine and smegum is seen on penis foreskin .
2gm ESR=4mm/1st hr TLC =5300Cells SUGAR FASTING=77.80MG/DI TOTALcholestrol=175.3mg/dl HDL=24.25 MG/DL LDL=123.25MG/DL VLDL=27.
If you regularly have high fasting numbers that might be where your most difficulty is with blood sugar (it is called Dawn Phenomonon.). Has your doctor done other tests besides the fasting? An A1C would show your average blood sugars over a period of a couple month. An OGTT would show your reaction to a sugary drink over a period of two hours. Those tests might give you a better idea of what is happening with your blood sugar.
Hello all I'm new to this forum but just wanted to know if my atc1 test came back with a reading of 5.8 and fasting glucose of 98 is there a way to make the 5.8 go down and not be prediabetic. There have been a couple of occasions where I felt like I was going to pass out and just felt bad I hadn't eaten one time and the other time I hadn't eaten very much. Thanks and also how does one know which diabetes they are headed for 1 or 2?
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