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for the past 5 days i have the cold but its been 3 days now i have been seeing blood streaks ilight>inilight> the ilight>mucusilight> ilight>whenilight> i blow y ilight>noseilight>. but now the ilight>bloodilight> presence ilight>inilight> the ilight>mucusilight> is increasing. i am o antibiotics already. can you help me???
Your symptoms seem to suggest a cardiovascular condition, probably transient increase ilight>inilight> ilight>bloodilight> pressure due to ilight>blowingilight> your ilight>noseilight> or yelling, as a possible cause of your symptoms. Other causes that could also be related, but are less likely to be the cause are increased sinus pressure and tension headache. You should have you blood pressure checked and you cardiovascular status monitored by your doctor to rule out any serious condition. Hope this helps.
The same thing about ilight>whenilight> ilight>blowingilight> your ilight>noseilight> and having ilight>bloodilight> ilight>inilight> your mucus is happening to me. This is my third day now and i have been told that when you blow your nose a lot you can pop a blood vessel in your nose and the blood that comes out it because of that. So i was told not to worry about it because it happens to a lot of people and its very common and it’s not fatal nor anything.
it would be very unusual, but extremely hard ilight>noseilight>-ilight>blowingilight> could cause a perilymph fistula (tear ilight>inilight> one or both of the membranes separating the middle ear from the inner ear). This would cause hearing loss and dizziness (but not just transient dizziness like y'all are describing). Holding in sneezes (sneezing with your nose and mouth blocked off) could also cause enough pressure to cause a perilymph fistula. So--please be careful with the nose-blowing and sneezing!
i mention here only in an effort to suggest the ilight>noseilight> spray is not causing my question of ilight>bloodilight> content form the left nostril only ilight>whenilight> ilight>blowingilight> ilight>inilight> the morning.
whenever i suck out ilight>mucusilight> i find some ilight>bloodilight> ilight>inilight> it and a couple of times ilight>whenilight> i blow my ilight>noseilight> i see some blood too... i have been suffering from runny nose and i have been also coughing for like about 2 weeks and i have only used otrivin for the runny nose... what could be wrong with me?
when i blow my nose ilight>inilight> the morning ilight>mucusilight> comes out as light yellow, white and ilight>bloodilight> all mixed. Then as the day progresses the mucus turns more white and blood. Sometimes it is a little bit of blood and sometimes it is a good amount. my throat has also been hurting for over 2 weeks.
if it's just flecks of blood it could be that your sinuses are irritated and/or very dry, ilight>blowingilight> your ilight>noseilight> too hard can rupture the tiny ilight>bloodilight> vessels ilight>inilight> your ilight>noseilight>, drips down your throat and it gets coughed up with the stagnant mucus in the morning. Try a humidifier in your bedroom if your climate is dry, or use Ocean Spray during the day, wait a few minutes then blow your nose gently. if you're coughing up more than a half cup of blood see your doctor asap.
Last night, i had just finished eating a hamburger, and soon after, i had a brief sneezing spell while ilight>inilight> the restroom. ilight>whenilight> i went to blow my ilight>noseilight> right after, something felt weird and more solid than usual going through one of my nostrils. What popped out the other side in my tissue was this ashy, crumbly gray/brown stuff.
it is sometimes normal to see small blood vessels present in ilight>mucusilight> from your ilight>noseilight> if you have been ilight>blowingilight> your ilight>noseilight> a lot and sneezing, etc. You should not be seeing this in your chest mucus though, although it is not unheard of and could also be harmless. if you see anything other than very tiny blood vessels and little bright red traces of blood then you should definitely seek medical assistance and evaluation.
i cannot stop ilight>blowingilight> and sometimes ilight>whenilight> i blow,i blow out ilight>mucusilight> mixed with ilight>bloodilight>.. i believe this has happened due to excessive use of cocaine on a specific night but not an ongoing use....This has been happening for the past 4 days and my nose feels soar because of the excessive blowing. i am interested in any feedback anyone has, thank you very much...
i've been noticing a fair amount of ilight>bloodilight> ilight>inilight> my ilight>mucusilight> ilight>whenilight> i blow my ilight>noseilight>. i've recently recovered from a cold. i'm a 24 year old female and i am a smoker. is this something i can expect to go away in time or do i need to seek medical attention? i don't have any other symptoms like a cough or pain in my sinuses.
After rushing to the toilet and ilight>blowingilight> out ilight>mucusilight> that had ilight>bloodilight> mixed with it, the horrible pain ilight>inilight> my tooth seemed to subside as well. i am most perplexed about this syndrome and i do hope i can be enlightened to whatever it is for it causes utmost discomfort to me.
i can heavily smell it ilight>whenilight> i put a finger ilight>inilight> my ilight>noseilight> ot ilight>whenilight> i sniffle. ilight>whenilight> i sniffle the smell will be about 15 minutes in my nose and eventualy go away. i had no complaints yet about it, it seems that there is something there which releases an odor when it's being irritated.
For the past three days now, when i blow my nose, i have these quarter sized, rubber like things that come out of my ilight>noseilight>. it is a light yellowish brown color, and ilight>inilight> the middle of it, it has small ilight>bloodilight> vessels. when i do blow this thing out of my nose it will temporarily clear the congestion from the side of my nose that i blew it out of. it is really freaking me out, should i be concerned, what is it, and what should i do?
it'd only my ilight>noseilight>. ilight>whenilight> i wake up, my ilight>noseilight> is stuffed up and ilight>whenilight> i try to blow it, i can see ilight>bloodilight> on the tissue. it's more like a dry blood pieces. i live in AZ so the air is pretty dry. Might this be the cause? i read somewhere that pregnancy can cause bloody mucus in my nose too. Please advise. Thank you.
-i can trigger the smell at any moment i choose(i usually do not do this for the heck of it) just by ilight>blowingilight> my ilight>noseilight> or taking a deep breath ilight>inilight> through my ilight>noseilight>. it lingers for hours! i can smell it every single second until i am unconscious in sleep. i don't smell it in the morning upon waking. After brushing my teeth though, i usually have to blow my nose...
Hello, The symptoms that you are having are due to epistaxis(bleeding from ilight>noseilight>).Common causes are picking of ilight>noseilight>,dry weather, ilight>blowingilight> it too hard,trauma to ilight>noseilight>,allergies and sometimes bleeding disorders. Sometimes liver disorders,sinus and nasopharyngeal abnormalities or serious causes like bleeding disorders and leukmias can also cause epistaxis.
So far so good till in 2002 she started having a runny ilight>noseilight> with constant ilight>blowingilight> of the ilight>noseilight> (with/without ilight>mucusilight>). She was treated my a throat specialist who told her that she might have some kind of allergy. She was sent for test with negative results EXCEPt for extreme allergies to almost all kinds of antibiotics ( this is meant seriously) except for one which is called Zenat.
No amount of trying to clear my throat seems to work as it never feels like it has all gone. ironically, it seems less blocked up ilight>whenilight> i have a cold ilight>whenilight> i am constantly ilight>blowingilight> my ilight>noseilight>. when i blow my nose or try to spit it out when i haven't got a cold, it is a clear, sticky substance. i have tried various decongestant remedies that don't work as i thought it might be that.
well, so anyway, now that you know all of this, i went to an ENT last year and he said there were broken vessels ilight>inilight> my ilight>noseilight> that needed to heal so he said stop ilight>blowingilight> my ilight>noseilight> so much. i have had a bad cold ilight>inilight> the past 2 years since i stopped smoking but the blood is still there. the ENT said it was bloody post nasal drip. so a few weeks ago i went back because the blood was still appearing and he did a pharyngoscopy thingy where he put a camera through my nose and down my throat.
it keeps me from sleeping some nights. Since around Christmas i have had a lot of ilight>mucusilight> from my ilight>noseilight>.(and ilight>whenilight> that's not going on, it is stuffy)i am leaning more towards allergies now. (since i put a fuzzy blanket i received at Christmas away in a closet wrapped tightly in a plastic bag)Two days after i put the blanket away i started feeling better!Not totally cured, but may have found one of the allergy triggers. i finally broke down and made an appointment with my doctor.
The nasal cavity is a pretty delicate area. Very dry air, ilight>blowingilight> your ilight>noseilight> too hard and certainly picking your ilight>noseilight> too much can cause a bit of a nose bleed. i would guess forceful vomiting would do the same thing. You probably had some bleeding in there that clotted and then cleared out when you self-suctioned (?) :-) Do watch for sinus pain in your face and around your eyes and for fever in case you develop an infection.
a couple of episodes of post nasal drip, yellow/green mucus right nostril, remnants of ilight>bloodilight> ilight>inilight> left...not relly stuffed up, but need the odd ilight>bloodilight> dripping from left, but it blows out, and evident on kleenex wipes Wednesday: Terrible odor from right nostril, mucus on kleenex smells aweful, the left is same as yesterday. Thursday: (Today) Odor really bad, somewhat constant (90%) other than that, no fever/cold, not really stuffed up...
All day yesterday i was ilight>blowingilight> my ilight>noseilight> and the snot was a dark yellow. ilight>whenilight> i got home last night, i blew my nose and it was red. when i woke up this morning and blew my nose its still red. i also have a really bad cough. What could be the problem?
This was my second sinus surgery (first was ilight>inilight> 2004 ilight>whenilight> i had stents ilight>inilight> my ilight>noseilight>). i continue to visit my surgeon every two weeks to have my nose "evacuated". i am so tired of this smell. i use saline, a humidifier and bacitracin. i will never have sinus surgery again. The doctor now tells me the smell can last up to six months. With my luck, it will be six years. Very discouraging.
i've the same, bright yellow/orangy out of my left nostril and normal green ilight>inilight> the other nostril, and ilight>whenilight> its dry ilight>inilight> the ilight>noseilight> ilight>inilight> the morning its all hard and like crystal, its runs out also!
i have read several messages from people with similar symptoms such as mine - cough mainly ilight>inilight> AM with ilight>mucusilight>, again ilight>inilight> the evening. i plan to try some of the suggestions such as taking an antihistamine/decongestant and a remedy for GERD (although i do not have symptoms of that particular problem). i have been hacking for about 3 months, have been to the doctor who has given me antibiotics along with cough medicines. Seems to help a bit but then i'm hacking again.
i've been on antibiotics, and the pain in my throat has almost completely disappeared. However, i am still constantly ilight>blowingilight> ilight>bloodilight> out of my ilight>noseilight> (along with green ilight>mucusilight>). Do i need to go back to the doctor, or will this bloody issue disappear as the infection clears?
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