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Went for my yearly pap and checkup in December 2007. Test results show I am going through menopause. Recently I have been getting really bloated and have pain in my lower right side. Are these possible symptoms of menopause? Has anyone else hat these symptoms?
I am a 50 year old women just starting menopause, is it normal to have all the symptoms of starting a period, like breast swelling, bloating, weight gain, and then it just goes away after a few days, but with no bleeding.
Am getting severe bloating around stomach/waist i went to my doctors because i could not live with this feeling any longer and he diagnosed IBS, i don't believe this, i think its got something to do with PMT as i have always suffered from bloating around that time of the month, but over the last year i seem to be bloated constantly, i think it is something to do with hormones and my age 47.
I am 45 soon to be 46 I started missing my periods since I was 38 and at this time hav'nt experienced night sweats but alot of other things are happening and I am worried about all the different problems, I feel I am slowly losing energy, I get so exhausted, I take multivitimins and just recently added b12 and flaxseed and black cohash all this has'nt helped so I wonder if menopause no matter what you do you are going to feel lousy.
Can anyone help me with bloating and gas its been nearly two years since a full hysterectomy and my tummy just seems to be getting bigger,any thoughts on excerise too.
I also have a prolapsed uterus. Stage two. For the last yr or so I have been having a bloating feeling and mild cramps in my gut. And just about a month or two ago I had some spotting that lasted about 2-3 days. My mother had cancer of the uterus. Is it hereditary? How about ovarian cancer. Could this be a sign of it? Or is this just the sign of menopause?
surgical menopause causes abdominal changes, muscle and flesh tissue to shift, and weight gain is almost always noted. sometimes water retention also tends to add weight, diet control is possibly the best for you to do, eat fresh veggies and fruits, avoid all fatty foods, fast foods, eat smart. Get in touch with a good registered dietition and see if you can get help there.
Another new SX. Bloating between the 'girls' and bellybutton. Not below, but above. Looks like a wrap-around-about-to-burst ballooon. It's not painful or too uncomfortable but it sure looks awful! Anyone else get this inflated appearance in that region while on TX? Wyntre Oh, G1A, 32 weeks of 72 week TX.
Will have to go to drs to confirm, but looks like the start of the menopause. The two things i can't explain from this are the 4 faint positive tests and cravings. However, other than that...lower abdominal pain, mood swings, nausea, hot flushes, sore breasts, headaches, frequent urination, bloating, light headedness, sleeplessness, missed period...they all are symptoms of an early menopause. This does not run in my family, but i am the only one who's had an ovary removed.
Will have to go to drs to confirm, but looks like the start of the menopause. The two things i can't explain from this are the 4 faint positive tests and cravings. However, other than that...lower abdominal pain, mood swings, nausea, hot flushes, sore breasts, headaches, frequent urination, bloating, light headedness, sleeplessness, achy joints, memory lapses, missed period...they all are symptoms of an early menopause.
I have been having on and off uterine cramping and bloating (feels just like mentsrual cramps) Nothing really painful, but just a constant crampy feeling that lasts for several weeks and then kind of subsides for a few weeks, then returns. Also seem to retain fluid badly during this time. I use a progesterone cream, 3 weeks on 1 week off, but the cramping does not seem to start or stop in any cycle with the cream. My doctor did not offer any help last week during my yearly exam.
since then i have had no period at all,and a few hot flashes, my doctor did an FSH test and said that it indicated menopause. about 6 weeks ago i began having the old bloating, back ache, pain with intercousre etc. symptoms and an ultrasound showed a 5cm or so cyst. i will get a repeat ultrasound in 2 months, should this be happening?
What could make fibroids begin to grow three years post menopause? Has anyone had this happen? I have no bleeding, but a lot of discomfort and bloating, pressure. I do not take hormones. Could this be a hormone imbalance?
over the past several days everytime I eat i get lots of heart palpitations right after. I have had alot of stomach bloating and constipation for several months. Is there anyway that the stomach can cause heart paplitations? By the way the palpitations have been checked and are benign.
I haven't seen a question about ovarian cysts and menopause. I have cysts on both ovaries, but my main symptoms are extreme bloating (I look pregnant) and weight gain. All the weight is in my abdoman--I don't seem to be bigger anywhere else and it's making me really uncomfortable. I am really short and have went from 110 to 137 and still gaining. I have had a CT scan (which is how they found out I have the cysts) and have an ultrasound scheduled next week.
Hi, I'm 50 and past menopause...hysterectomy 5 yrs. ago. I still have ovaries. For some time now I've had problems with stomach bloating for no reason...has nothing to do with when I eat. I can have an empty stomach and it just begins to cramp and bloat and gets distended and full of gas. Also have pelvic cramps often, that feel like menstrual cramps only deeper and make me feel sick. Lately I've had a sour stomach a lot. What is the chance that these could be signs of ovarian cancer?
Hi l had a ovarian cyst after menopause and had it taken out in 2005 so you can still get cysts after menopause.
Hello, I am 48 y/o, going thru menopause, my last period was 05/2006, after a D&C for abnormal uterine bleeding, which resolved after the D&C (no more bleeding at all). At that time I had 2 small fibroids. Now one year later, I have another U/S and besides the fibroids, now I have a 2cm ovarian cyst. Since I am entering the menopause stage I am so worried that this could be an ovarian cancer... Can anyone help me???
Six month of chemo, and I started getting gas and bloating on and off, could this be a sign of recurrence?
I just assumed it was due to pms, but then I had my period, and then the problems persisted after. Along with the bloating I have had an excess amount of gas and I find myself burping a lot. One morning I woke up and it felt like a balloon had been blown up inside my stomach! Sometimes the pain is in the middle of my abdomen, then other times it is closer to my pelvis and feels more like menstrual cramps... Anyone else experience this? A little background info: I am 21 years old.
This year it was much better until a month ago. Since then I have had bloating and frequent urination. I can't jog, bounce, or walk too much or it feels like I have to urinate. I usually do urinate when I have the feeling, but sometimes after I urinate it feels like there should be more. Then some days I have no problems or pressure; however, it seems like there are more days with problems.
Do you think I am going through menopause or is this just peri-menopause and does the fact that I have Hashimoto's have any affect on menopause?
I am 51 and my labs say that I am not going through menopause. This seems odd since in the last eight months I have only had two periods., especially since I was 12 yrs.old never missed one till pregnan at 22 and 26. Two years ago bloating started after having a minor hemrhoid and so did the start of cysts. I have been fortunate in they have all gone away on their own except the current one has been here three months and on my last ultrasound was still there with two more.
Can I go throught menopause at 29. I have hot flashes,mood swing, loss of sex drive. Can it change or do something to your ovaries? I'm just trying to get a clue.
Here lately I have been having symptoms of early menopause especially intense migraines, extreme night sweats, heavy muscle tention, dizzy spells, dry mouth, different body oder, bloating, weight gain, at times I have trouble breathing, memory lasp at times, nervousness, and anxiety also at times. I was wondering if I could be hitting menopause so young because I started having children at a young age(16yrs.)!
What can I do to find the right help for abdominal bloating and pretty regular irregular bowel movement consisting of what looks like a pile of (usually) normal color rocks? I have not had my normal healthy bowel movements since experiencing what I perceived to be pain in the uterus (I'm 59 going on 39 and had no problem whatsoever with periods or menopause) last November.
I used loestrin as HRT for about 8 years and then started having much trouble tolerating it, I couldn't get through 1/2 a pack without extreme bloating, fatigue and breast pain. I was aslo told years ago that I had Hashimoto's and subclincal hypothyroid even though my TSH and other thyroid tests were in the normal range I went years being told that I didn't need to be treated until last year an endo said that subclincal hypo should be treated.
I'm only 24 and I've read the signs and symptoms of Menopause and I have alot of them. My MD briefly mentioned that it sounded like I was having early menopause but I didn't take her seriously. I'm only 24 there has to be some other issue. She put me on the pill for birth control it's low estrogen. I want to have more estrogen right?? I'm at a loss here.
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