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Avatar_n_tn on, and it got on my daughter's finger after the bite. Her finger already had hours-old hangnail and too-short cut nails as well as a tiny scab. If the lipstick was actually blood, would that change the risk? Unfortunately I have been worried about this since it happened, and I followed everyone's advice and did nothing (no testing) but I have a lot of anxiety (just anyway) and it's just awful. My other question is, if I test, how would I do it? Would the oraquick work?
Avatar_n_tn I am 32 years old with 3 children. My entire life I have had great nails. Long and beautiful. I always kept them filed and polished. Around the age of 27 after my second child, I began biting my nails some. However at that time I could consciously choose to stop and was successful. Now for the past 2 years I have bitten my nails and it has increasingly became worse.
Avatar_m_tn 3rd)march 1-2-3 there where 3 prostitutes that i kissed in the club but did not want to continue as there were asking me for money I also fingered her with minor cuts on my fingers (bite my nails) and gave her a very brief oral maybe 3 minutes but with out sucking or panetrating her vagina with my tongue just licking around it.. there was i guess some minimal contact with clitoris and vaginal fluids. i had some cuts in my mouth since i bite my lips too.
Avatar_n_tn I kid you not. I've never seen a child that young bite their nails. I have not had to cut his nails in at least a year I'm thinking. Seriously! My teenage daughter and her father also bite their nails. Maybe he sees it? I guess I have a house full of nervous people! However, my daughter now puts on nail polish so isn't as bad. Still, what do you do with a three year old who does it? A lot of the time I don't even see him doing it, I just see that his nails are real short.
162279_tn?1270604959 My 3rd daughter bites her nails. She just turned 4 and I have even caught her trying to bite her toenails. Gross! I almost think she does that one to get my attention because she sure thinks it's funny when I tell her to stop. My baby will be 2 next month. I have to say, I have never noticed but I never have to cut her nails. I did hear once (which makes sense), that if a parent bites their child's nails (instead of cutting them w/ clippers) the child will most likely be a nail biter.
Avatar_f_tn Although my nails aren't as short as yours, I also bite the skin around the nails, many times to the point of bleeding, and I've even lost a nail twice to infection. However, there have been two times that I stopped biting completely: when I got fake nails put on, and when I went to a counselor. There are nails you can get that don't damage your real ones...they're just plastic and you can apply them with a little drop of glue.
745313_tn?1323145898 org/hepatitis/factsheets_pdf/Wm_cosmetic.pdf Dry, Brittle nails • Keep nails short. • Use hand lotions and creams as much as possible, and especially after your hands have been in water. • Wear gloves to protect hands when doing chores such as dishwashing, cleaning, gardening, or using chemicals. • At bedtime, apply oils or thick creams to your hands. Smear extra on your nails. Wear cotton gloves while you sleep to protect your sheets and clothing.
Avatar_f_tn Ive seen it with kids who bit their fingernails like they bite them too short so the skin just grows in front of it. But ive never seen it on newborn toenails.
Avatar_n_tn Wear gloves when driving if you bite your nails when driving. 5. Wear light gloves in bed if you tend to bite nails late at night. 6. Cover scabs with bandaids and neosporin until they heal. 7. For the face, invest in a skin regimine that will give you results and help you not want to pick your face. Also wear gloves at time you pick your face. 8. If you bite your nails invest in store bought nails you can glue on.
Avatar_n_tn His grew out the same way and he thought it would grow into the skin too. It doesn't. If you think about people that bite their nails really short, then let them grow back out, they never have a problem with it growing in the skin.The nail grows slowly, so I guess it pushes over the skin because of that. You should be just fine.
Avatar_n_tn hello on the 31st of october i finger a girl at a party i didnt know her and was really drunk i have spoken to her since she says she has nothing and hasnt had unprotected sex of course you cannot rely on word alone..... ok so at the part i fingered her for a short while not too long but i did penertrate fairly deep..
Avatar_n_tn sharon, if the drugs aren't working then stop giving them. Try something natural. Do a search on "stop kids adhd naturally." Hyland's sells a peppermint formula called Insomnia that kids can take. Don't give him any sugar, definitely no sodas with sugar. Anything natural called CALM would be good to try. I cannot stress how important it is to stop all drugs that are not working. And remember: many kids have a lot of nervous energy, bite their nails, talk too much.
Avatar_n_tn #2 If you can't handle having too short nails, get acrylics. They are much duller, don't seem to cause the same amount of tissue damage. #3 Conciously think about the times you do it most. Is it when you're anxious, bored, angry, frusterated? #4 Do you wear makup? Sometimes, when I make a concious effort to look my best, I don't dare pick w/ makeup on. #5 Keep skin seriously moisturized and gently exfoliate with body gloves and moistuizing body wash every couple of days.
492921_tn?1321293496 It has been working he has been touching me very gentle usually when snuggling with me... it has worked with the hair pulling too. So, if he does bite I will do the same thing... say "no" sternly and maybe distract him and hand him a teether. I always give him something to chew on because he is teething heavily as well and wants to chew on everything even his I am very surprised he hasn't got me yet. They don't understand "no" at this age I have read.
Avatar_m_tn Can anyone help me???? P.S. i bite my nails far too much and the nails on his finger are getting a bit too short...
612551_tn?1450025775 He would snap at the brush and accident or not sometimes hit the groomers hand. He has been groomed a couple of times, including nails trimmer and I assume the groomers used a muzzle to prevent being bitten. The rescue person who is also a Westie breeder and shower said she has had some that it takes two people to accomplish a trim, one to hold, the other to trim.
Avatar_n_tn hello on the 31st of october i finger a girl at a party i didnt know her and was really drunk i have spoken to her since she says she has nothing and hasnt had unprotected sex of course you cannot rely on word alone..... ok so at the part i fingered her for a short while not too long but i did penertrate fairly deep..
Avatar_f_tn This is embarrassing to admit but I find I that I'm often unaware of the things I'm doing. For example, I'll bite my nails, fidget, scratch or pick at my skin, play with my hair, stretch, etc. while in public. I do these things without even noticing. Sometimes coffee will drip onto my clothing and I won't notice until I see the stain. Or I'll walk or bump into things because I'm so wrapped up in my emotions and don't notice my surroundings.
1670363_tn?1311226798 Firm mattress (not a waterbed) 3 waterproof pads to place under baby Light comforter (keep away from baby's head) Sleep sack Other necessities Approved infant safety seat for car Stroller that reclines so newborn can lie flat Nail clippers or scissors (or just bite off baby’s nails as needed) Bulb syringe for suctioning mucous Baby thermometer Eye dropper or medicine spoon Medication in case of fever Nice-to-have items Change table (or just use change pad on top of dresser or
Avatar_n_tn I tried the nails too and kept them up for a couple of years with a break in between. The were great at first because they were so blunt and I couldn't pick. However I eventually learned to get past that and pick anyway. I did stop biting the cuticles too until the end and then the nails started to drive me crazy until I decided to take them off. Did the meds help while you were on them?
506570_tn?1215839900 1) A short pronged undercoat rake. Brush out all the undercoat you can with it. 2) A rubber curry brush. This takes off loose overcoat and some leftover undercoat. 3) A shedding blade. This takes off most of the loose overcoat. 4) A slicker brush. Use this on a weekly basis to maintain loose overcoat and undercoat. You can buy all these brushes at Petsmart.
Avatar_f_tn I thought I was the only one, I bite my cheeks and the bottom lip area and I pop the bumps on my face when irretated.. But I bite my tounge too, I just found out its called the (papillae).. Im a normal person, i dont take any medication or go to any doctors i just do it and i dont know why. I've done this for at least 15years and I'm 25 now... It was really bad during my teenage years I felt like I was biting my tounge off, it hurt but I could never stop doing it.
Avatar_n_tn (That's assuming that you do indeed ovulate. Some women with short cycles don't ovulate.) So to figure out if you could have gotten pregnant look at the date of when your last period started and see how many days later you had sex. The closer to the time you ovulate, the higher your chances of pregnancy. I would not be too concerned about it because it is really unlikely that you did get pregnant this way. If your next period is late then you should take a HPT just to make sure.
198187_tn?1190637930 my god....what an a@@ your boss is being....he should have HIS throat sliced and parts of him removed and told HE has cancer and see how HE feels about working a full day or being docked etc etc etc....sheeeeeesh...makes me sosooooooo mad I could bite nails....what is wrong with people? no matter what the "rules" may be...there is such a thing as human compassion!
Avatar_m_tn I've only been taking it a short while. I am itching less from the bug bite on my back - using it sometimes with lotion and sometimes dry. I have also taken about 1/2 teaspoon in water and have found some parasites are leaving my body. At least, that's what I think they are. (Dr. says they are fibers, so we may be talking Morgellen's IDK). I have also used a little here and there around the house, at one point where the Pharaoh ants come in the house and they have disappeared.
1049259_tn?1295092078 I get ALOT of other anxiety traces like irritability, cant relax, pace, fidgit, bite my nails ect... they come and then it goes so I am convinced there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with me. so my steps now are to work with myself and rid myself of these panic attacks then start planing totry for another baby in febuary.
Avatar_n_tn Keeping his nails cut short can be beneficial, because this makes it less likely he'll be able to actually grasp the nail and tear it (sometimes causing bleeding). It would be helpful to check with his teacher and sports coaches/instructors and learn what they are observing about your son's participation and activity in the school and sports settings. Does he appear to be anxious? Do they notice the finger biting? In what specific contexts does it occur?
Avatar_n_tn Maybe the 18-30 month old class is not overcrowded. At least, it will not have teachers that bite, too. Try using a nail file or emory board to file her nails so that they aren't sharp enough to scratch her skin. If they never see it happen, how can they be sure that she is not getting scratched by another child?
Avatar_f_tn You can also try having her do something else whenever she starts to bite her nails such as write or draw or exercise. I am sorry to hear aout the TAKS test. That is such an anxiety provoking time for kids in Texas and they have soooooo much pressure put on them to do well. I am sure by the time she gets to retake it she will be feeling better. DOnt' forget to take care of yourself, sounds like you really have your hands full. Take Care!
768617_tn?1371531434 I don't cut but I pick constantly. Or bite my nails. Or pull my hair. It doesn't hurt. I personally think it's more of an OCD thing for me, but I don't see it as a big deal so I don't feel the need to seek help for it. I've also done the compulsive hair cutting thing. I've had very short hair for about 8 years now and I can't stand it when it starts to touch my neck. Unluckily for me, my stylist is out on medical leave and I can't get in for another week.