Benazepril withdrawal

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Avatar n tn My question is should I take my Cymbalta and also half dosage of my Zyprexa and slowly come of it? I have read all the horror stories of Zyprexa withdrawal. I also take Ativan 1mg and Benazepril. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Avatar f tn It was prescribed by my primary doctor. 5. Benazepril 5 mg - I take 5 mg. I was prescribed this back in April. It protects my kidneys and it keeps my blood pressure in check. I've never had high blood pressure so it's mostly to protect my kidneys. 6. Glimepiride 2 mg - I take 4 mg sometimes. I was prescribed this back in April for the diabetes. I check my glucose daily and when I see it's high I take it but if it's okay I don't.