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You usually get PID from Chlamydia, but you can get it from bacteria getting in the pelvic region. you're probally going to feel pretty nauseous from all the meds. Gatorade and crackers will help alot. Once you're done with all the meds, you won't get it back. Good luck, and it's always good to ask questions. You never know until you ask.
He did not want to come clean with his girlfriend about what he picked up and since it was still detectable by taste in water, he thought to hide the dosage in her breakfast. The pharmacist had told him it was okay to take with food, though I'm pretty sure with food doesn't mean mixing it in. I don't want to get in between them and it's not like she will be getting tested regularly, as she is "in" a monogamous relationship.
The NP at the clinic gave me treatment both for gonnohrea (just in case) and a double dose of azithromycin. It is not understood why it didn't clear up the first time. Everyday, I feel worse. Even after all the meds. It has only been a couple of days but I feel I should be getting a little better not worse. I'm scared of becoming infertile because of this. I already have one child but would like to be able to have another if I decide to. Oh.
Symptomatic or asymptomatic chlamydial infection can spread from the primary site of infection, the cervix, into the uterus to cause the problem that we call PID. The best estimates are that this occurs in about 10% of women with chlamydial infection. 4. Some (about 10-15%) of women with PID develop infertility as a result of their PID. 5.
they put a bunch of antibiotic IVs, did an ultrasound that revealed a cyst and a vaginal culture came back positive for chlamydia. Ever since the PID I've had a dull ache where the cyst was in my ovaries it sometimes hurts when i cough or lie on my stomach. I don't know if I would describe it as pain or just discomfort and a feeling of something being in my lower right abdomen. Is this normal?
It feels really weird because I don't get sore throat easily and it doesn't feel like my regular sore throat, it is deep in the throat. I'm suspecting that I have PID rather than a simple uncomplicated case of Chlamydia. Am I right? I've gone to the doctor already and now waiting for test results. The doctor also told me that if the result comes back positive for Chlamydia, she will prescribe me a single dose of Azithromecin.
If PID was a possiblity for your GF, both she and you should have received the same antibiotics and been asked to abstain from sex until you both finished them. Not all PID is an STD but in general, it is convention to overtreat rather than take chances. Virtually any type of discomfort within the penis might be a bacterial STD such as gonorrhea, chlamydia or NGU. At this time, your doctor is indeed correct that azithromycin is likely to be adequate treatment for least chlamydia or NGU.
But it doesn't sound like you had chlamydia that long, and probably wouldn't have gotten PID that fast. Have you had a swab done in the vagina and had that sent off to see what grows? If that hasn't happened, it should be.
Should I be worried about posisble PID? If it is PID would the antibiotics for the chlaymdia also treat the PID? If I ate food shortly after taking the antibiotic and I don't think I was supposed to, but I think that was just so that I wouldn't get sick. Is there any chance I made the antiobiotic ineffective by eating food? Or could the ADD drug adderal make the antibiotic ineffective? (as I also took that that day) Not sure what my next step is. If my lower back pain is indicative of PDI?
8/25 - slight burning/urgency to urinate no burning while urinating or reduced flow 8/26 - Menustration cycle begins lasts long normal after B 8/27 - unilateral pain in back PCP prescribes Zmax for UTI 8/29 - PCP urine dip (-). Gives Cipro 500/5D Call back that PM slight pelvic pain says BV w/ poss. PID adds Metro 2/D 7D.did pelvic no motion tenderness,no disch.cervix looks pink,clean healthy. 9/2 - Back PCP insist having tests does DNA probe for G & C.
My symptoms are sharp, shooting pains in the vagina and urethra that happen when I'm not urinating (I could be just waking up, lying in bed still, or at my desk at work). I also have pressure in the lower pelvic area between the ovaries, and a lot of small bumps covering the folds of skin that shield the urethra, as well as frequent urination. From the antibiotic, I suspect I also have a yeast infection. My questions are: 1. Which other STDs should I be tested for? 2.
Females can also carry Trich for a long period of time without detection and without showing symptoms, but can manifest its self down the road as PID and Cervicitis in women and prostatitis and epididymitis in men. Please do not let anyone dismiss Trich as possibility. In cases of persistent NGU, the CDC even recommends treatment for Trich (not that everything the CDC puts out is true either).
He should have tested you at the same time that way the Dr would have known if you had an STD or not. How long were you with your ex? And how long ago did he tell you about his STD? Did he say he got it while with you or after you?
And it would not stay in a woman's body for that long without causing PID. Doxycycline will work as long as she got a prescription for 7-10 days. Azithromycin is usually the preferred treatment but the doctor may have not prescribed it for reasons only he or she knows. It sometimes takes a few weeks for they symptoms to go away completely. But she should start feeling significantly better in about a week.
It's the kind of thing that can occur with traumatic intercourse, as might be expected from forced sex at age 9, and could result in PID-like infections.
Was prescribed azithromycin to take in one dose totaling 1 gram. Took both medications exactly as prescribed. Finished them ALL. The problem I had been having during and after treatment was the pelvic pain. Waited approx two weeks to go back to the doctor to be tested again. I mentioned to the doctor that I had been still having symptoms and he informed me not to worry about it at this time. Here's the whammy...tests results came back positive again.
She has since been thoroughly tested and been negative but I am worried of the chances she could have silent PID. She had 8 differnet tests wjich were all culture based. The only symptom she seems to have is a loss of appetite after a bout of flu?
Sometimes it seems that it comes on later in the afternoon almost routine and then it sometimes happens out of the blue in the morning. I try to change my underwear twice a day and don't wear any underwear at nigh for bed. I'm not sure what triggers this...I know about 2.5 years ago I got a really nasty vaginal infection..Then it was treated and I've been tested for STD's all negative. I sometimes wonder if it came from the boyfriend at that time.
Is Cipro 500 mg BID #14 a proper treatment for Chamlydia, Gonorrhea, or PID?
I have since taken 2 separate doses of azithromycin, and then given a shot of rocephin and have been on doxycycline for almost 7 days and my back pain is still unrelenting. Is this normal? They are treating me as if I have mild PID although transvaginal ultrasound was normal. I am in so much pain and I'm wondering is it possible for chlamydia to not go away with antibiotic treatment?
The GP suggested this treatment regime and the STD clinic said they only give the IM ceftriaxone treatment in the patient following delivery + azithromycin. In studies ceftriaxone gives slightly better cure rates than cefixime but for a heterosexual male, the difference is not meaningful. Many clinics prefer knowing that the antibiotic is actually using an injection. Further, in the future, as gonorrhea treatment may evolve to only involve ceftriaxone but for now the cefixime is fine. 3.
I had to be treated 3 times (1st time with ofloxicin but after 3 days had such bad side effects I couldn't even go to work, the second time I was given azithromycin but threw up 45 minutes after, third time azithromycin again but with nausea-reducing pills so I did not vomit, and hopefully, it worked!) It has been about 6 weeks since the third treatment.
However, this didn't help whatsoever, as symptoms all persisted. Today I was given a 1000mg dose of Azithromycin, after inflammation was detected in a swab test. I am concerned that this will also not treat condition, as Doxycycline didn't change anything and from what I know these two antibiotics are equally effective for treating NSU. Do the two antibiotics work differently in any way or is it unlikely that the Azithromycin will do anything, as the Doxycycline was ineffective?
Although chlamydia is a common trigger of PID, other bacteria often are responsible for symptoms. Also, even when PID is cured completely, pain itself can take a long time to clear up, sometimes several weeks. Your doctor is being appropriately cautious, and it is reasonable for you to be tested again. However, it will be extremely surprising if still positive for chlamydia. If there is continuing evidence of ongoing infection, your doc may prescribe still additional antibiotics. Good luck!
If you took 1000 mg of zithromax all at once it would cure chlamydia, but won't cure PID. Are you in the US? Refer your doctor to the CDC's STD Treatment Guidelines. It clearly states the treatment needed for PID infections, as well as other stds.
There is only one case of azithromycin resistance in chlamydia reported in the entire world's literature and some people question that. One question I wonder about is whether your partner had a second test positive for chlamydia or the health care provider who diagnosed her upper genital tract infection simply made a diagnosis of upper genital tract infection and ascribed it to chlamydia because she mentioned she had it earlier and was treated.
1) is it possible for my partner to have a PID before becoming sexually active? We have had sex 3 times in our relationship during menses if is helpful 2) Is it possible that I have reoccurring Urethritis, even with time spans that far apart? 3) The past instances of an infection while testing negative for chlamydia and gonorrhea happened after having protected sex. I thought this may be an allergic reaction to latex condoms and I have since switched to a polyisoprene condom.
If it was NGU and I passed it on to my wife - Could untreated NGU cause pid in women? And if not what are the NGU symptoms in women. Thank you again - Its so crazy how 5-10 minutes of a mistake could cause so much anxiety and guilt. I truly hope I can move past this situation! Thank you very very much for your insight and help.
hi i was wonderng if someone could maybe help me out here . in august i started to have little signs something was wrong ..was having like period pains and little bleeding inbetween . i went to the docs he asked me to do a test for chlamydia but at the time i was going away and to scared of results so didnt go back .. i ordered a chlamydia home test and today it shown i am postive and have this infection . which means now i must go see the doctor after all .
It helped but, I still hv a slight burning sensation deep in my throat, but it's inconsistent. Then, I decided to take 1gram of azithromycin realizing it could be an std, at same time giving my bf the same dose thinking he could be infected also. I also am experiencing a period w heavy flow every 2 wks w some cramping and lower back pain I hadn't experienced in a long time. I was tested for Gonorreah n chlamydia and was negative.
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