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Good day. My question is about the use of Augmentin. I was diagnose by a Doctor with nonspecific pneumonitis. The Doctor prescribed me with Augmentin 625mg 2x/d/7days. The Doctor had prescribed the drugs without taking any of my history and Im on my 3rd day of the medication and I recently find out that the drugs can increase liver function test. Moreover I was diagnose with Hepatitis A 3years ago. Is the drug safe with patients with history of hepatitis A?
Don't know about augmentin, specifically, but I have heard of both drug-induced hepatitis as well as alcohol induced hepatitis. Here's a link that discusses it. (I know it's VERY long - you can just google drug induced hepatitis and you'll get quite a few hits). wyntre
I did develop a infection (3 different bacteria - went to infectious diease dr too) from the breast reduction and was on antibiotics (augmentin) for a month prior to the radiation. I am begining to think the increase in my viral load is attributed to that infection plus my immune system being taxed by the radiation and cancer. I think I might have to speak to the infectious diease doctor again. My radiation onconoloigst insists that the radiation had nothing to do with it.
Hello,I was diagnosed wit hepatitis c in 2011 and was placed on augmentin and livolin and adviced to stay off protein n fat..after treatment in 2011,I felt ok,but it re-occured this year again!..pls I need your advice!
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The MD and the Gastro doctor at the hospital decided that she had drug induced hepatitis from the Augmentin. She didn't test positive for Hep. A,B or C. Her yellow has faded a little. She is so tired she can barely move. Her blood pressure is a bit better and also her tempature. They have her on a drug to heal the liver called Actigal.
Liver - other I am a 50 year old, generally healthy male who over used Zantac(up to 150mg four times /day) over a two week period. Also took Augmentin for day and half. When Zantac no longer brought relief my GE's Nurse put me on Prevacid. Severe itching began same night plus amber-colored urine and pale stools. Switched me to Prilosec (solved heartburn) for two days then off everything when blood test showed elevated liver enzymes. Symptoms have now persisted for one week.
I'm suffering inflammation of the tonsils and taking now augmentin 1g (875mg amoxcillin + 125mg clavulanic acid). Also, i take some antiseptic and anti-inflammatory medication like bradoral 0.5 mg (domiphen bromide ). Also, I take a syrup for common cold and influenza (dosage teaspoonful 5ml which contains 160mg paracetamol, 1mg chlorpheniramine maleate, 15mg pseudoephedrine HCI, and 4.5mg dextromethorphan HBr).
Could i have hep c and they've been normal for ten tests and now show up? I was on a lot of meds the month prior - augmentin, senna, tylenol, etc. Please rspond if you can?!
4 weeks prior to the test I had taken a 1 week course of Augmentin for sinus infection. 2 months post test and 2 months post unprotected encounters with my long time partner (Female) I have irritated tip of penis specifically the opening. I went to the Dr. and did a urinalysis leukocytes etc as well as examination said all was fine probably in my head or soap irritant etc.
2)Does the use of antibiotics (namely augmentin) temporarily improves the symptoms of syphilis 3) what tests for syphilis are conclusive and when? 4)does augmentin alter test results and if so how long do I have to wait for it to clear out and thus receive accurate results? 5) I am taking augmentin and the red spots (slightly raised) are slowing fading but new ones are popping up(1 or 2). What does this mean?
In addition to all of this miserable stuff (which I'm being treated with the infection by use of Augmentin - antibiotic), it looks like Miss Piggy came sometime in the night last week and left her lower legs & ankles on mine! Swear ... I cannot wear shoes - thank God for Nike slides. That's not getting better either and the HepC doctor said she's not seen this type of swelling associated with the treatment.
He refered me to a Gastroenterologist who said that I had chemical induced hepatitis caused by the Augmentin. He also said we should monitor it through blood tests. Neither doctor gave me any advice on dietary concerns other than "no alcohol" which I abided by faithfully.
B6 Although some attribute even the rising tides to Hepatitis C, I don't think you can make a strong case that hepatitis will prolong sinus problems. That said, the treatment for Hepatitis C could prolong sinus problems while you're on the drugs.
Other tests to consider would be a repeat hepatitis screen, ANA level (to evaluate for autoimmune hepatitis) as well as an abdominal ultrasound (which can evaluate for fatty liver, anatomical liver disease, or gallbladder disease). If all the tests are negative and the liver enzymes remain above 100, a liver biopsy can be considered to further evaluate the cause. This can be discussed with a GI specialist. Followup with your personal physician is essential.
The doctor treated me with augmentin for 7 days. After this period of 7 days, I went back for check up and nothing was found in my urines. After 3 months, I went back to the hospital and tested negative for HIV and Hepatitis B and C. I was told also that my urines have no infection But it's been four months since then, and I'm not feeling okay at all. - My penis still hurts. I feel constant pain inside. - My penis looks somewhat bruised, and it looks bad outside.
hepatitis A, hepatitis B, influenza, meningococcus, pneumonia (pneumococcus), polio Vaccines: Measles, Mumps, Rubella (in this category because there is no proof that the MMR vaccine causes birth defects, but it is never purposefully used during pregnancy because there is some fear that the rubella component could adversely affect an unborn child) Category D Category D medications have clear-cut problems in pregnancy and should not be used unless there are no better alternatives.
It was all the signs of gonorrhea, except white fluid (I had once in college). Being the coward I told no one, but had access to take Augmentin (took 3 grams). No help. By the end of the week I started thinking of all the above STDs. So I had a complete test HIV, Herpes 1 and 2, Clamydia, Hep B, Gonorrhea and Syphillis. Refraining from sex for the obvious reasons. So yesterday HIV, HEP C and Clamydia were negative.
I had an emergency appendectomy last month (the appendix had burst) and I developed septicemia which was treated with augmentin - I was hopsital for almost 2 weeks. I was in a lot of pain to begin with (which is normal) but it then felt a lot better. About 10 days after I came home I started to feel extreme pain in the upper right side of my abdomen (it is particualrly bad when I breathe deeply or eat food).
I took it over a 24 hour period. I am now on Augmentin 875 because I'm still having problems with the ear and sinus. So a lot of antibiotics in the last 16 days which I know aren't the best thing for me. With the antibiotics and in the absence of any physical symptoms (and after reading this forum alot), I'm pretty sure I'm in the clear for anything of a bacterial nature. My concern is related the blood borne viruses (HIV, HSV and Hep).
I've make many test but all came back negative and normal Take 1 week cipro, make allergy 2 week make fbc, normal Chlamydia,tpha vdrl,gonnorrea, herpes, hepatitis abc, hiv and urine test.all came out neg Take 1 week bactrim forte, doxycycline. 5 week, hospitalise blood, urine, std and hiv 1 2 and p24 , stool.came out negative and normal. Given augmentin 2 days then 8 days rosephine and fragyl Make x ray and ultrasound scan 8 week blood and hiv test normal except sgpt high.
The specialist has prescribed Augmentin 625 Mg but said that he will send my samples for further tests and that if the condition (after further tests ) requires any specific medication then they will let me know. Also the specalist had mentioned from the initial tests that he did not feel it was an STD from the 'pus count' but that he could not say for sure.This was after about 20 minutes of having taken my sample. Still awaiting further results.
Antibiotics are prescribed all the time for people with hepatitis c, whether they're treating or not. I think I read the same post you did on another site? The study cited was from an alternative health site that happened to be selling their own cures. As always, check with your doctor before taking anything.
FibroScan Phase III MedlinePlus related topics: Hepatitis B; Hepatitis C Study Type: Interventional Study Design: Diagnostic, Non-Randomized, Open Label, Uncontrolled, Single Group Assignment, Efficacy Study Official Title: Comparison of FibroScan with Histological Evaluations of Liver Fibrosis in Patients with Hepatitis B and C Presenting for Liver Biopsy Further Study Details: Primary Outcomes: To diagnose cirrhosis in patients with chronic hepatitis B virus (HBV) and hepatitis
I saw a doctor today and he was certain this was Cellulitis, and he prescribed me Augmentin 875-125mg for 7 days. I just wanted to get some other opinions. I guess the timing of all this is what has gotten me stressed out. Does this sound anything like herpes?
Recently I became ill with symptoms of stomach act, intermittent nausea, dark urine, diarreha, and itchness all ove my body. I went to my doctor who suggested that I have Hepatitis A most likely. He ran some blood work and had a ultrasound done to rule out gall stones, which it did. I also had been taking Augmentin 875 mg 2x/day for 10 days which was given for a sinus infection. My doctor sad that I could have developed a toxic reaction to the antibotic and gotten toxic hepetitis.
I went to my doctor who suggested that I have Hepatitis A most likely. He ran some blood work and had a ultrasound done to rule out gall stones, which it did. I also had been taking Augmentin 875 mg 2x/day for 10 days which was given for a sinus infection. My doctor sad that I could have developed a toxic reaction to the antibotic and gotten toxic hepetitis. Some of my blood work came back and he said if I had hepatitis my liver enxymes would be in the 1000's.
Is it a side effect left over from the antibiotics? (I was on augmentin, amoxycillan, erythromycin, ciprofloxicin, and some IV antibiotic I forget the name of- I was on the erythromycin, cypro. and augmentin at the same time). 3. Or is it a side effect of the disturbance of my digestive tract? 4. Or do you think it is psychosomatic/ emotional? If you think it is 1,2, or 3 can you at least guess how long it will take for me to get back to normal (ie stay awake all day).
cipro is one of the antibiotics listed in hepatitis magazine that is not very favorable to use with liver disease. it would probably depend on what stage of damage your liver is in. here is a list of the ones that are not good for the liver: Augmentin Trovan Erythromycin- family Tetracycline - family Cipro (Ciprofloxacin) Chloramphenicolum- family the penicillin family appears to be the best ones to use.
It is not a symptom of hepatitis C though. The stomach issues can be related to doxy or lyme. Doxy is hard on the stomach. I had diarrhea for months when I first got sick. I think when your hep C test comes back ( hopefully negative), this will convince you that you don't have the other diseases you are concerned about. I know it's hard. I was convinced for the longest time I had MS. I didn't believe any of the normal test results.
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