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post-opreration my thyroid level plummeted and my Dr. had to take me off the 60 mg. and now I am only on 30 mg and STILL I get the itching. to say I am frustrated is putting it mildly. I have been on the Thyroid blog with Mary Shoman and I see where others are also having problems but what are we supposed to do when we DO NOT want the articificial thyroid RXs the Drs are so quick to push.
of this year, I have started experiencing intense itching all over my body and really really dry,burning eyes. Severe dry skin and mouth also. I am presently on 90 mg. of Armour but, I am wondering should I ask my doctor to increased the dosages during the middle of the day or something to relieve me of these new symptoms? When the doctor changed my dosage to 90 mg. at first, I felt great, but now I am feeling all these symptoms, so I don't know? I was on 60mg.
take a look at the Armour Health Pages here on MedHelp. I posted the full ingredients and additives that are in the Armour. Just double check and make sure nothing jumps out at you.
Anybody have any strong opinion about my lab values in relation to my history, my current Armour dosage, and my escalated itching and insomnia? I want to get this right for my sanity, but also so I'm in the best position possible for my next IVF to be successful. I haven't called my MD back to question him yet, would like to hear from people outside of the equation first.
There are several other desiccated type thyroid meds like Armour. We know them as Nature-Throid and Erfa Thyroid. Erfa thyroid is available in Canada. Forum members have reported being able to obtain it from there, with a U. S. doctor's prescription. Perhaps that will work for you as well. I'll try to contact a member that has information about the source for obtaining Erfa.
Hi, I changed to Armour in February of this year. I've been on Synthroid and Levoxyl for years. I did months of research and wanted to to see if I could feel better and hopefully help my side effects. My Dr. started me on 90mg to begin with because I had been on 212 mcg of Synthroid. After 3 weeks of Armour my labs come back with my Free T4 low so he increased it to to 105mg daily. Now 6 weeks later my TSH is 12.80 and so he wants to increase my dosage to 120mg.
Good post, Jenny. That was the thing. I thought Armour would be better just because it was natural. I didn't research it as well as I should have before I took the medicine. The other thing that is interesting is prior to starting Armour, I had my Thyroid Peroixidase Antibodies tested nad Thyroglobulin Antibodies tested. I didn't have any at the time I started Armour. Now....I was on Armour for about a year and I began to have more problems in Nov of last year because my TSH got high.
I actually got the itching when i was taking armour and increased. It was from too much but went away quickly. It was horrible. If you look at the symptoms for "hyper" you will see the itching is one of them.
i also use aveeno skin relief shower gel, it makes a world of difference. and if the itching is horrilbe i take some allergy medicine and that helps, i either take benadryl or chlor-tabs, sometimes both if its really bad.
Good luck - if you have recurrent a-fib, it may be wise to change to T4 (synthroid or levoxyl) to avoid the t3 in armour -- if still recurrent and still normal TSH - then it's not the thyroid and other causes must be looked into.
I have been on thyroid supplementation for almost 20 years, starting with synthroid and moving to armour thyroid for about 15 years of the time. But since all of this has occurred I have tried various types of thyroid medications...often times in the switch, the itching returns but subsides (perhaps as levels balance?)...Currently I am taking a compounded form of synthetic thyroid (55mcg of T4/12.5 mcg T3 in a.m.
The antibiotics you listed do not interact with Armour Thyroid 3. Armour Thyroid has a narrow therapeutic index, and the dosage must be individualized. Chromium could potentially decrease the oral absorption of thyroid hormones. The hair loss may be due to taking Chromium since it's interfering with the Armour Thyroid.
I have been on thyroid supplementation for almost 20 years, starting with synthroid and moving to armour thyroid for about 15 years of the time. But since all of this has occurred I have tried various types of thyroid medications...often times in the switch, the itching returns but subsides (perhaps as levels balance?)...Currently I am taking a compounded form of synthetic thyroid (55mcg of T4/12.5 mcg T3 in a.m.
I have tried both 30, 60, and 125 pills, and the smaller pills are definitely worse as far as the itching is concerned...however, I feel slightly better overall on the smaller pills of Erfa...I agree with you, it's hard to know what to do! I have been tempted to try Armour Thyroid, but so many seem unhappy with's really confusing! Unfortunately, where I live, only Armour and Erfa are readily available.
Would test thyroid antibodies and ferritin. However the itching and rash will also need dermatology follow-up - this may be a primary skin problem and not a thyroid issue. The other thing to consider would be an ANA to screen for other auto-immune issues. Also take a multivitamin, lutein, biotin, zinc and b-complex to support hair/nail health. With poor night vision - check vitamin A level -- if this is low and you are on a normal diet then expore for malabsorption.
Usually increases are needed in Armour patients and thyroid patients who take Armour benefit greatly by splitting their dosages throughout the day,
You can't stay off thyroid med indefinitely, if that's what you're asking... you have to have thyroid hormones to live and if your thyroid doesn't make them, you have to have the replacement hormones. At this point, the symptoms you've listed are those of hypothyroidism and since you said when you were put on Tirosint, your dosage was lowered, (sorry I missed that - what dosage are you on?), I'd say your dosage is now, too low and it's time for an increase.
Cycles of doxy and cats claw = treatment! Re hashimoto's -- there can be some connection between Lyme and thyroid disorders, but I don't know much more than that about it. I recently was put on thyroid supps and they are fab. Naltrexone for thyroid? Wiki says: "Naltrexone is an opioid receptor antagonist used primarily in the management of alcohol dependence and opioid dependence." Maybe there is a secondary usage for it that I didn't see.
He had his Tsh checked a few months ago, and we didn't hear from the doctor, so assumed the same dose of synthroid was needed. Perhaps it is not so. This itching is making him miserable, and nothing helps.
But back then I was fatigued and had hypo and perimenopausal sx's. I took Armour, hrt and Isocort for nearly four years, had to adjust the dose every few months and finally felt like I got it dialed in last year when my TSH went to about .5. During the last year I had decreased the Isocort from 5 or 6 per day down to 1 or 2 but had not done cortisol retests. We had assumed my adrenals were recovering. I had taken supplements to heal them and gotten more rest, gentle exercise, etc.
I've also tried levoxil, armor thyroid, tirosint and they all cause some kind of allergic reaction ie swelling of my tongue not being able to swallow good feeling like Someones choking me. I ve been drinking benedryl like water. I no longer have a thyroid gland I had it removed 4 years ago. vie run out of ideas,I need the medicine but can't handle these reactions. has anyone else dealt with this? anyone have other medicines try. Please I'm desperate.
I am hypothyroid and I am having reactions (sneezing, itching, chest pressure and anxiety), to every single thyroid medicine: I have tried synthetic, natural and compounded t3/t4. I have tried them together and alone (t3 only or t4 only). Cortisol AM and antibodies normal. Even the smallest doses cut in half give me reactions and can't pass the first day. The fist two months felt great until dose was increased and my problems started. I have't been able to start over.
TED is found in persons with Hypothyroidism, Hashi, Hyperthyroidism, Graves', persons taking Armour, and in people with no other evidence of thyroid dysfunction, and, is more severe in people who smoke. For that reason, the preferred name is now Thyroid-Associated Ophthalmopathy (TAO), or Thyroid Eye Disease (TED) rather than Graves' Ophthalmopathy (eye disease). There are certain variations, some which are connected or related to Graves' or hyperthyroidism, however are separate issues.
She suspects Gilbert Syndrome. Is there some sort of connection between GS and thyroid disorders since the conversion process takes place in the liver?
I had two thyroid surgeries - each one a lobectomy for thyroid cancer. All four of my sisters and my teenager daughter have also had TTs. For each and every one of us it was the easiest surgery and recovery that any of us have experienced (and we've had a lot of surgeries). Getting the suspicious nodules and your thyroid out will take a huge weight off your shoulders and you can begin healing and dealing with whatever they find during the surgery.
If your TSH is low as well as your free T labs, this would seem to be a problem with your pituitary not sending a good signal to your thyroid, and therefore your thyroid not producing enough t4 and t3. I'm afraid that doc hunting is in your future until you find a doc that understands this.
I have been experiencing itching in my armpits. The left one especially and my upper back area. I just saw my test results. Thyroglobulin AB 32,146 Tpo 16,075 TSH 7.515 T4 5.0 T3 112 T3 Free , 2.9 T4 Free 0.8 Is this inflammation in the lymphnodes? Anyone?
Suddenly I wake up with fluid filled bags under my eyes, that don't go away all it thyroid related? My last labs interestingly showed my T3 and T4 levels and just less than 50% of the range, up until this point my levels had steadily increased with a steady increase in medication. This was the first time although she had increased my medication 8 weeks prior, that my levels actually dropped.
I have ear and jaw pain on the left side- I definitely do not think this is TMJ- The pain from ear and jaw started the same time I began taking armour thyroid. I have seen several doctors, including ENT, all seem confused, and convince themselves it is TMJ which again I feel certain it is not. I think this is directly related to armour thyroid. I have a growth or something on my left jaw that I noticed after the pain started.
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