Appendicitis pain after surgery

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My son took her to the hospital and they do not understand how she had been dealing with the pain that she was having. They took her into surgery about a week ago. My son told me they also took out a portion of her small and large intestine. My son is in the Air Force and they are in Hawaii, so this is a military hospital. Yesterday, 3/30 he told me she was feeling better, but they took her for a CT scan and after that she started to feel poorly again.
today morning at 5 i had swear pain i went to the doc, they asked me for blood test, urine test n ultrasound, urine test showed some sign of appendix but ultra sound didnt, they sent me home n gave some pain killers! now i am developing the same pain again after about 20 hours, so i want to ask can it be appendicitis even if ultrasound doesnt show it?
My question is- has anyone had appendicitis-- and what were your symptoms? I don't want surgery, but I don't particularly want my appendix bursting at any moment either.
I had a strange, still unexplained, episode of extreme belching, abdominal pain (shallow pain, not deep inside), and mild fever. I feel perfectly fine now, 10 days after the episode. I am trying to figure out what the ailment really was. Day 0: For dinner, I ate reheated leftovers from the previous night, which included mushrooms, chick peas and kidney beans. I had no gas the previous day. Day 1: I had slept late and woke up late. Had a late breakfast.
I could not get comfortable no matter what position I tried to take. The pain was making that impossible. Finally a few hours after I had arrived they had a conclusion, that I had appendicitis and called for a surgeon. By the time he showed up and explained what they would have to do, I didn't even care anymore. I was so miserable I just wanted them to knock me out and get it over with. They did the surgery and I had an inflamed, enlarged appendix that they removed.
Honestly it sounds more likely that it's something like your gallbladder. (especially if the first pain occured after eating something kind of fatty.) You need to talk with a gp to make sure that you're gall bladder isn't acting up. If it is it means a strict diet change and possibly surgery.
For the last five days I have been having pains in my back, kidneys, right side, right side abdominal pain, pain near my belly button, pelvic pain, pain right next to my hip bone, headaches, and nausea. I'm still able to pass gas, and eat, walk and jump without pain, and when my stomach is pushed on there is no pain. I have been to the doctor multiple times for pains like these, I seem to get them each month.
I don't believe them and am sure that I experienced chronic appendicitis. I am 8 weeks after surgery, and have no pain and lots more energy. Interesting thing the doctor told me was that he had a hard time finding the appendix. It was shorter and stubbier than expected; about half of the normal length.
on it because it's only been discovered in the last 3 years according to my doctor. He repaired it and after recovering from the surgery THE PAIN WAS GONE!! You might want to ask your doctor to look into this. I tried to find information on the internet to learn more about it but found NOTHING. I guess it's just SO newly discovered that there's not much to write about. Anyway, hope this gives you another avenue to explore. Good luck!
My initial symptoms were severe pain on my side. We did a CT scan to determine it wasn't. I ended up with 2 CT scans while pregnant. One over my abdomine and one of my head.
with a Thai CSW. Exactly 4 weeks after the exposure I was hospitalised with appendicitis which was removed via laparoscopic surgery, recovered normally. Then about 1 year after exposure I had a small area just above my liver which had a rash very similar to shingles, however it was painless so I am unsure if it actually was or not. The rash subsided by itself after 14-21 days. What would be your thoughts on HIV infection and the appendicitis was caused by lymphoid hyperplasia during ars?
Additionally, is menstruation sometimes delayed after an appendicitis or other surgery? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Leighanne: Crohn's disease can infrequently present as acute appendicitis. The findings at surgery in these cases are similar to yours: an inflammatory mass that encompasses and includes the appendix.
Additionally, is menstruation sometimes delayed after an appendicitis or other surgery?
The gastro doctor this morning was trying to tell me, yes you had appendicitis, but that doesn't mean that the three months of preceding pain was from that! Come on! Pull the other leg!!! The right sided pain is gone. What a relief! The recovery from the surgery has been very painful. They did a laparotomy (big incision) cause they wanted to have a good look around.
Their theory is that there was a subclinical infection causing both the colitis and the appendicitis and it became full blown after the surgery. Have had very little nutrition for a week now. Still on IV fluids and gatorade/pedialyte... supposed to be on soft diet but can't face food without retching now, and even water makes me nauseous. So still here and still hanging on. The surgical pain is manageable. Though retching with a new abdominal incision is agony!
I had a lot of stomach pain once after surgery, because I was trying to take and anti-inflammatory to reduce the pain without using so much oxycodone. My gastro put me on 60 mg. of Prevacid a day instead of 30, which pretty much took care of that. Phenegrin; is that the anti-nausea drug I get sometimes when I'm anesthesized? Sounds familiar. I ate my favorite granola this morning, and my stomach swelled up.
It showed that my appendix was inflamed and they said I probably had chronic appendicitis and that was the pain all along. But it didn't explain my other problems. Still, it had to come out. It was supposed to be laparascopically and they started that way, but turned out my appendix was bad but that wasn't what was the worst of it. I had a foot long section of my small intestine that was scarred and twisted and had to come out.
What is pain like after having an appendicitis? 33 year old male. Laser surgery. Pain seems to be excrutiating, even after 31 hours have passed. Running a fever, no appetite. Appendix was not ruptured. Any help is appreciated.
I was admitted last Tuesday for observation of suspected appendicitis. The pain was getting worse each day. The doctors were arguing is it or isn't it. My obe was insisting they proceed with surgery (she said in pregnancy the rule is if in doubt go with surgery) and though the surgeon was reluctant he was being convinced. They decided on Wed night that I would have surgery on Thursday. Thursday morning my Filipino Mum came in and raised hell.
The area where she had surgery is swollen and she is in extreme pain (even after taking prescribed medication). I have advised her to seek another doctor, perhaps something went wrong during the surgery.
I had chronic appendicitis 2 years ago. They did a normal surgery on me (not laproscopic) and after the surgery I get pains from the scarred area upto my right upper thigh area and the right side of my groin. It's a shooting pain which feels like I'm being pricked with needles. I've been to many doctors, they doon't seem to be able to actually diagnose precisely what the problem is. What can be done to cure it? This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.
Once I started to move around a bit I noticed the pain starting to increase little by little. The pain is in all of my head, starting in my neck and moving up and to the sides, behind my eyes and light hurts, and I also have intense cramping type pains in my lower back where the surgerys were and my right leg down the sciatic nerve all the time.
In my experience, the swelling went down after about 2 weeks. But it was even better after a bout a month. I'm glad you had your surgery and that everything went well! About working out, it's usually between 6 to 8 weeks that they tell you to wait, but talk to your doctor about it. Every case is a bit different with recovery time and your doctor needs to approve it. Good luck!
I have neuropathy that started in the arms after appendicitis surgery. It was first diagnosed as carpal tunnel. Since then it spread to the back of the hands, then legs and face. After exercise, when i go to bed, all the muscles in my body are twitching.
but Im just weirded out by this slight pain where my appendix is. Two docs told me its not appendicitis because Id be in much more pain and it wouldnt last over a what could it be? IBS usually hurts in the stomach area, not where the appendix is. Have any of you ever felt this kinda pain before? I still think something is wrong with my appendix even though I was told its not that. My roommate said it could be a hernia?
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