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Sincere wishes to all. . #3 days ago I had an appendicitis attack OMG was it awful. I had no Idea what was happening to me. I finally started to throw up and not be able to breathe and my son looked at me with concern in his eyes. It was then I knew to go in. When you are in that much pain your reason goes away until I said take me in I can't stand it any more. By 8:30 that night they pulled a 6"x 1" round appendix out of me that was nasty and diseased. Terrific pain.
whenever i have discussed this is the past she has made jokes that i will need her there and i wont care when im in labour. but that annoys me more because i know shes right but Its not the point i want her to do as i ask and i agree with her that when im in labour all that will go out window. i'm really stressing because i want her there so bad but feel that because we are so close it will end up being about me and her and not a close intimate thing with my boyf.
Most people in the ER aren't in the mood for stupid jokes, I would think. Some times ER doctors just aren't trained in the intricacies of female development... When I had severe abdominal pain (hard to dx case of appendicitis) the doctors tried to tell me the pain was from an ovarian cyst.
I don't want PEOPLE PITY either. Just like you said I just want understanding. I know that the laughs and jokes aren't suppose to hurt but they do and not because I can't take a good joke but because it just reinforces that they don't get it and I don't know if they ever will unless I am in a wheel chair or worse. My neuropsychologist says that one of my brain problems is perception and that I shouldn't assume that I understand them I should ask them what they are thinking or feeling.
Pneumonia, Urinary Track Infections (UTI), a skin infection called cellulitis, untreated appendicitis, and many other areas of the body can produce these microbes that can spread and lead to sepsis. Even an post-op infection can lead to Sepsis..... including something as simple as a wart removal. Sepsis can even result from something as seemingly harmless as a scraped knee or nicked cuticle during a manicure.
They were capped, and I even asked if they use clean needles, the nurses laughed at me and made sarcastic jokes (like "oh yeah, I stick everybody then I stick myself"). I noticed her throw away the needle though, but I'm still paranoid. So now I'm counting the months until I can have another test done. Sorry to go on and on, but I know how painful and annoying it is to be in fear of EVERYTHING. I just hope that everyone suffering from this is able to overcome it and be happy again.
Hello Im in tears reading your posts. I am so pleased to have found others who understand and have been through what I am currently going through. In September 2007 I went in for appendicitis and a couple of days later went back to surgery due to a "blockage". They had accidently cut my colon which resulted in peritonitis. They had to remove 50% of both my colon and small bowel. Its going on 10 mths and Im still going 10 times minimum a day...
That urge could return, but I'll work on the marriage sex first...imagine it's more my communicating it's so important...though he jokes I should find a girlfriend...maybe his fantasy but maybe not if he doesn't get to be there...who knows, maybe I would explore that option one day, but I remind him men and women have tongues). My lover had no complaints of me after childbirth. Never mentioned complaints of his wife after she'd given birth to three (two were his).
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