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For the past two weeks my lower right side has been hurting, it usually hurts when I stretch or when I touch it rarely will it ever hurt on its own. It feels like the pain is coming from the lower part of the ribs. I dont know what is going on but my friend said it might be appendicitis.
I have had a dull pain below my ribs for 5 days that feels like hunger but doesn't go away when I eat! It began with intense pressure but now is only annoying, and I don't want to over eat. Any idea what it could be? Someone said this happened to them for a month before their appendix burst, or I read something about gastritis, and I did drink too much alcohol last week, as I had visitors.
Always afraid that I have appendicitis, docs always say i do not. Anyway, went to doc today, told him that i was concerned about appendix, felt the abdoman checked the rectum no pain, no fever, no real stomach pain...the only pain i have is when i touch my lower right side. The pain feels more muscular than anything else?> Could I have actually created the pain by pushing down on the abdoman so many times checking for appendicitis??
the pain catches me off guard its like im winded. the pain also feels like it is effecting my muscle in my leg, i end up limping. i take nurofen for the pain but it is always there. WHAT IS WRONG??????????
The pain is NOT intensified by pressing the stomach area. The pain is hard to describe. It feels like cramp/bloated/trapped gas feeling. My stomach often makes rumbly/bubbly noises. My MAJOR concern is appendicitis - as I know how important it is to get the appendix taken out before it bursts. Given that my pains are not concentrated in the right and not that intense, does it seem unlikely to ne appendicitis? Could appendix symptoms drag on this long (it's coming up for a week).
The surgery was a surgical cure and I didn't require any additional treatment. I have recently been experiencing menstrual cramping. It feels just like the onset of a period. I have also been taking 1 tsp. psyllium husk in water daily for about 6 months now,. just to inrease my fiber intake. What could it be ??????????
I wish it was my appendix and personally to me it feels like it is, as i am really scared now that i may have something a whole lot scary like, bowel cancer or crohns disease!!
What makes a person decide that it might really be appendicitis and to go to the doctor? If I throw up, get a fever, what? Thanks for any ideas, thoughts, input of any kind.
A week or so ago, I had asked a question about a sore spot I have just to the right of my belly button, which I think is a muscle issue of some sort (it feels like it's bruised or like I got kicked there and there is a lump in that area that could just be muscle--not soft like a hernia, but hard and sore). for the past few days I have had a shooting, kind of cramp-like pain in the right side of my lower abdomen--just above my hip bone and a little below and above that.
the pain is usually right or left or even underneath the belly button, and feels like a pinch with a needle or, if more severe, a hot knife. Get a scotch tape test done, best in the week after full moon (they are more active then). Good luck.
My husband had a laprascopic appendectomy on Jan 12. His appendics did not burst, so therefore surgery went fine. He came home from the hospital the next day. He could eat and drink anything he wanted, was having regular bowel movements and we thought he was on the way to a full recovery. About 3-4 days after surgery, he began to have a burning sensation on his lower left abdomen.
I don't know if this sounds like a cyst or not and would appreciate input from those who know best what it feels like/looks like. Last month just before my period, I had incredible pain. It was in my back the way my period cramps always are but was sooo much more intense. I was in the middle of teaching a class and thought I would be sick. I just couldn't stand to be in my skin.
I wish it was my appendix and personally to me it feels like it is, as i am really scared now that i may have something a whole lot scary like, bowel cancer or crohns disease!!
Last night I woke up in extreme abdominal pain (almost felt like I was being ripped in 2) kind of like I was either going to have diarrhea or I was going to be sick to my stomach, ended up being violently ill, (almost projectile vomiting), but today I'm still in extreme abdominal pain, it's hard to explain how this feels exactly, but my abdomen is very rigid, and I still feel ill. What are the signs & symptoms of MS Hug and what can it do to you? Can it make you vomit?
It's not painful or just feels like a muscle needs to be stretched, like a weird pressure. I can usually feel it at all times, although it tends to be worse at night for some reason. I looked at organ diagrams and the only thing in this area is the appendix, and I'm positive i don't have appendicitis. When passing stools, it does burn a little while coming out but the pain goes away shortly after finishing. So what does this sound like?
I've been having cramping on the side of my stomach, that hurts when i walk and i'm unable to run. Its a bit like a stitch but hasn't gone away since saturday night and i believe its getting slightly worse (today tuesday midday). It's much like the pain you would get if you had appendicitis and i know i've had that when i was young, but as i said its the oppositte side of my stomach between my kidney and large intestine.
I've been having weird stomach pain that feels like needless i dont remember what side it happens on but it gets a lil bit difficult to breathe when it happens and it occurs everyonce in a while.
I've had some extremely unexplained emotional episodes myself lately. The pressure, the pills, the shots, the follicle studies, the excitement, the sadness, it feels like your on a crazy big roller coaster sometimes. Hang in there. I'm 9dpiui and cd26. I've been extra hungry and bloated, but that's it.
ive been thinking it might be appendicitis because i have a fever currently but dont know about a loss of appetite. Also it feels like a pinching pain internally, but i have a feeling its not appendicitis since it didnt originate from near the central part of my abdomen. also i occasionally but not as much get the same kind of pain on my left pelvic area on my left hip. so since it has been about almost a week is it possible for it to still be a possible appendicitis infection?
having pain on right side and runs down to my hips feels like trap gas but already cleaned out my stomach and still have pain .
This is not hyperacidity pain - I do know what that feels like! This pain is concerning! I suspect a low grade fever (ranged from 37.8 - 38.5), but can't be sure of the accuracy of the electronic thermometer I was using. Woke up this morning with tummy pain, also having tingling / burning sensations right side of body. This got less with moving around and focusing on meetings etc. The visual flashing is noticeable increasing again. I am definitely going to have to see Dr. again soon.
my fiance has had stomach pain just today that isnt going away but isnt getting worse. he says it feels like he needs to poop but he already has had a bowel movement today. what is the cause of this?
I have pain in the right side of my abdomen, near my belly button, it feels like I need to vomit. However I don't. It also hurts when I deep breathe. I have swelling in the abdomen too and its tender to the touch. Any ideas what this could be?
He feels uncomfortable to talk with public.He feels like motion coming out and gas leaking out of his body. because of that problem he feels stress inside him. what is the problem and how can we solve this? Is this temporary or permanent problem?
Lately ive been having a lot of abdominal pain and my appendix hurts sometimes and it feels like its getting bigger. I also have toilet problems, its been a couple of days now that i cant do number2 in the toilet and im starting to get scared now and i haattee the doctors! What do i eat? What do i do??
It is very hard to explain it kind of feels like a twisting or pulling or maybe like my pulse in my neck beats really hard, but It does not feel like my heart is beating funny or anything, the pain just comes and goes it is very weird. If it continues I will go to the Emergency room any suggestions?
I doubt it. I wonder though if you might have had an ovarian cyst rupture. Also, is there any rebound tenderness if you press on it? If so, please go in and get checked to see if you have appendicitis.
may in fact be that you have a fever. Lower side abdomen pain may be appendicitis, or a viral or bacterial infection of the lymph gland in that area. Lymph glands that are inflamed in the abdomen can mimic appendicitis. Swollen lymph glands in the abdomen is called Mesenteric Adenitis. If the problem is caused by a bacterial infection your doctor can prescribe an antibiotic.
This has only been going on for 2 days, but it feels as if there is air in my back. My pain runs from around my ribcage to my waist. I am a male of 32 years old and around 190 pounds. Could this be my appendix?
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