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393419_tn?1228450993 It took weeks for everything to regulate, and given my history of medical anxiety (you name the disease, I've had the symptoms) every sensation freaks me out. Fast forward to yesterday and today. . .my levels have been normal for a few weeks and I've been feeling pretty good, calcium numbers stable, and I'm off most of the medication, but yesterday I got some scary news about possible complication my 7 month pregnant sister may have with the baby & hersel.
Avatar_f_tn I have the same symptoms. I don't think it is easy to get used to the symptoms of anxiety. I try to calm myself down by telling myself that it is only anxiety, but the attack is very powerful.
Avatar_f_tn It's common to have anxiety over the sensations that happen during an anxiety or panic attack and then the symptoms cause more anxiety.
Avatar_f_tn I get tingling in my feet that seem to last awhile could it be anxiety.. I've been under alot of stress..
Avatar_m_tn One month ago, I felt sudden pain in my left arm then the pain became tingling, and gradually the tingling spread to the the other hand. After a while, the tingling spread to my both legs. Now I have tingling in my face, neck, both arms, and both legs. I don't have any other symptoms. Can multiple sclerosis be the reason ?
Avatar_f_tn I have tingling in my feet and hands, which is getting worse. Nigh time I an also have rest less legs This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/296681'>Tingling in hands and feet - Anxiety or MS?!!</a>.
Avatar_m_tn About a week and a half ago I started feeling a tingling sensation at the tip of my penis and my butt feels like I have swamp ***. I went to a general practitioner and planned parenthood and nobody could see any signs of a physical outbreak. Has anybody just had these symptoms and it ended up being psychological? I am conceding right now that I most likely have a minor case of HSV 1, but are there any other things that could be causing both symptoms?
Avatar_n_tn Late stages, perhaps. Not early. Tingling of the hands and feet is a very common anxiety symptom. Or the symptom of perhaps a hundred other things.
Avatar_n_tn My daughter is now over a year old, and I still have symptoms. My symptoms are basically sensory - tingling, burning, prickly, stabbing, tightness in muscles everywhere and migraine headaches. I had an MRI, spinal tap, Visual evoked potentials and an EEG. The MRI showed 9 spots - neuro said likely due to history of migraines and the spinal tap showed high protein (81). Again, neuro said not to worry - there could be a million different reasons for this.
Avatar_m_tn Wednesday I felt better until I masturbated and started reading about Non-specefic urentitis, gonnorrhea and chlamydia symptoms and I felt worse. I get a tingling pain, but I really don't think I have more-than frequent urination and I have had no discharge. I have several questions: 1. Is less than 36 hours too soon for Chlamydia/Gonorrhea/etc. to start to show symptoms? 2. If I had anything could I have given it to my girlfriend before symptoms show up? 3.
Avatar_m_tn At the time i felt a little soreness afterwards Since a few days later, ive felt an itchy tingling mainly in the glans- no noticable pain urinating, but some discomfort which seems worse at night. Would this be indicative of some sort of rubbing damage rather than signs of an underlying infection?. Ive been of a mind to see if it goes on its own..there are no noticeable lumps or marks. Thanks.
Avatar_m_tn Never anal 2 weeks ago i part took with a guy who i had been with before, he swears he is clean. 2 days ago i began getting a odd feeling in the tip of my penis, tingling almost, and a need to urinate more often.I often get the feeling i need to go again and do, almost a full bladder. i am showing no symptons, no dischared at all, and if i am busy at work i dont seem to notice the odd feeling, but when i think about it i do.
Avatar_n_tn I have been tested and preemptively treated for gonorrhea, syphilis and chlamydia. I am experiencing mild tingling on the head of my penis, I am nervous that I may have been exposed to herpes. I have been experiencing the tingling and mild numbness for about 3 days. I do not experience any pain while urinating. If I am going to develop blisters, should I already have? If not how many days will thing sensation go on before I see ulcers or blisters? Do you think this is herpes?
Avatar_m_tn Also, as I was losing sleep worrying about the tingling I even started feeling tingling in my genitals! This is a new one! I did not have genital exposure so was not initially worried about that, but now I'm worried that I might have somehow transferred the oral infection down to my genital area! Is it possible that all of this is just due to my heightened nerves? Does all this seem atypical or standard for prodome?
Avatar_f_tn so the numbness and tingling is pretty common as a symptom.....anxiety is a symptom so just tell urself this is bcuz I have Chiari and do not let it take over. ......try to relax as the more stressed u r the worse u will feel. Take a deep breath and remember to exhale....
458072_tn?1291418786 Tingling could be from low Vit. D or being Hypo. I had tingling and once I started taking Vit. D it got better and went away after starting Synthroid.
Avatar_m_tn I have been having many symptoms such as worrying, tingling over my head and face, worrying I was wondering if I should be worried about the tingling on my head and face....
Avatar_n_tn I know that I do have a lot of the anxiety symptoms and I tend to worry about health stuff but I have never heard of related stress problems being on one side of the body. I also get a goosebump feeling on the same side as the other symptoms. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.
784382_tn?1376934640 please tell me your anxiety symptoms...... i feel like im constantly dizzy/lightheaded, sweaty palms and feet, seems like im ALWAYS thinking about how i feel or what symptom im having are these all related to anxiety?.........
Avatar_f_tn Assuming that you haven't spent too much time on the internet, reading about symptoms and convincing yourself they relate to you (we've all been there)... Tingling and numbness are neurological symptoms and together with head aches, blurred vision and one-sided symptoms., you ought to see a neurologist. I hope you've received an all clear from your cardiologist as well.
Avatar_f_tn If you read past posts you will see that many anxiety sufferers experience the same symptoms as you. You can have anxiety without panic attacks...... one less thing to bring you down. But there is help, and I feel you owe it to yourself to see a psychiatrist and get a professional's opinion on this. It's just as imperative to check for anxiety as it is anything else, as anxiety can be like any other medical condition requiring daily medication to control the symptoms.
Avatar_m_tn Hi, Wondering if anyone can provide some insight or advice on some symptoms that i have been getting lately and possibly if they are linked to anxiety. Ive been getting some tingling sensations that usually occur on my face or the top of my head but can occur all over too. The sensation usually only lasts around a minute but it is starting to worry me a little. Ive also been experiencing a pain that feels like my bones or muscles are aching.
Avatar_m_tn Hello there, What you are describing are common anxiety symptoms and i don't think they are related to a medical condition. I do experience the brief BPM increase while taking a deep breath and it is normal and is related to the pressure happening while the lungs are contracting. But after the brief increase it is followed by a slower heartbeat rate. Deep breathing exercises are always good to reduce you heartbeat rate and lower your blood pressure.
Avatar_n_tn Continued symptoms of tingling in feet, head, lip, cheek,etc.,along with minor numbness. Also signs of possible anxiety-palpitations,difficulty swallowing,trembling,chills,nausea.1st neurologist said not TIA related-wanted 2nd MRI with contrast. Had 11 days after 1st MRI-results normal. Neurologist scheduled EEG-normal. Said does not know what it is. Saw 2nd neurologist-same practice as 1st-he thinks was TIA. PCP had prescribed XANAX (.25 mg 3 x day) for anxiety.
Avatar_n_tn Yes, numbness and tingling are anxiety related. I get the numbness and tingling around my mouth and tongue at times, and sometimes in my hands. Go to and click on anxiety symptoms on the left of the homepage. It gives all symptoms of anxiety...Hope this helps.
Avatar_m_tn Yes, anxiety can cause all sorts of symptoms. Stomach problems are high on the list and so are muscles aches. If we think about these symptoms they can feel worse because we do have anxiety. Hopefully the endoscopy will give you some answers as to what's going on with your stomach. If it is GERD that can cause the weird feelings in your throat.
Avatar_m_tn I then worry it might be something else. Normal body ensations suddenly become symptoms of onr illness or another and our anxiety levels increase, which inturn causes us to worry more, which in turn makes us notice more things. I knwo this might not be the answer you`re looking for. Headaches for example are normal. Everybody gets them. Stress and anxiety and fear bring on tingling and nausea as well as a host of other` feelings`. You`ll probably find when you`re alone they`re worse.