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Again, the caffeine itself isn't too terrible for you and it won't cancel the effects of the antihistamine. I often have to drink coffee if I take Benadryl or Zyrtec, just so I will be able to stay awake. Drinking caffeine in moderation is still key. Too much caffeine is still bad for your health.
Costco sells Diphenhydramine HCI 25mg at good price. But if I take this antihistamine 3 nights in a row, I develop this cough, ring in my ear and general not-alertness. Is there anything similar to antihistamine to help fall asleep out there, but without this side effect?
Had an eczema with itching outbreak on forehead area and took a Benadryl antihistamine pill. Fine for 24 hours, then took another and that night had a three hour AFib episode. I remember about 20 years ago, I last took an antihistamine and got flutters. Is there a connection between AFib and antihistamine, ie have others an opinion or experience of this?
There are some otc meds that can really make us loopy. Make sure you read all the side effects. I know l-tyrosine is recommended for energy often but even that can create anxiety. Also if you are on certain anti-depressants you shouldn't take it. Just google everything before you take it lol.
For the last 4 years I’ve been using nutrition—Intravenous and oral—to rebuild and repair the biochemistry pathways in the body and mind. Over four years experience —this includes heroin, and all other street drugs, alcohol, and prescription medications--has taught me that natural detox works 100 times better than detox formulated and predicated by the use of other mind altering chemicals.
I am so sleepy all day long. I take the pill about 5am and I feel like I have taken antihistamine. This is my 2nd day on Phen, I'm calling my doctor to see what I should do about tiredness. Please let me know if anyone else has this problem.
LOL!! I woke up last night at 4 am in back pain and had to get ice. I luckily took an antihistamine (one pill) and fell back asleep. I promise I won't be as mean to Tara Reid anymore ok? LOL! But I was groggy. Coffee helped me get to work. I used several packs of emergen-C (I swear you guys must think I sell this stuff) in a big 50 ounce bottle of water. I put TART MONTGOMERY CHERRY JUICE in it also. Highly recommended. It eases pain in joints and helps withdrawal even with Benzos!
I am allergic to pseudoephedrin, aspirin, amoxicillan and erythromycin. I now have build up in my chest and drainage affecting my throat and voice. Besides expertorant and nasal wash, which I have been doing are there any other suggestions. I am assuming this recent flare up is due to visiting my sister who has a dog I am allergic to, but I would appreciate any additional advice because this does occur when pollen counts are very high. Thanks!
I thought I could beat this thing If i abstain form the booze and try to watch my stress, caffeine, sleep etc...
One time I took a medication, can't remember the name, it was high caffeine in it, it was a prescription med and it took the migraine right out. It is highly addictive though so I didn't want to take it again. In 2011 I had a migraine 24/7 from January until May when finally a neurologist gave me prednisone and that took it away. It was horrible. No relief with any of them.
Nothing better then Hot Black Coffee in the morning and a Latte or two in the afternoon.... and I pay dearly for my caffeine addiction. I had looked up the side effects of Flexeril and were going to include them in my response to you. Forgot!! Must have been a menopausal moment! :o) From a trusted Medication Info Site: "Most Common Side Effects of Flexeril: Constipation; diarrhea; dizziness; drowsiness; dry mouth; fatigue; nausea; nervousness; stomach pain or upset." AND...
You can take some OTC oral antihistamine medications like Benadryl or Claritin and see if it helps. For mild-moderate symptoms a weak steroid may be used (e.g. hydrocortisone as dermacort), whilst more severe cases require a higher-potency steroid (e.g. clobetasol propionate, fluocinonide). Also use good quality hypoallergenic moisturizers.If the rash persists then pls get it evaluated from a dermatologist. Hope it helps.
u have ot avoid certain foods while this is flaring ....acidic, greasy, spicy,carbonated drinks and alcohol, caffeine,.....and raising the head of ur bed 6 ins, no eating 3 to 4 hrs b4 laying down...and more. The health Pages here have several articles in there that may be of help to u....
I continue to suffer the symptoms and have nothing to do but live through them. You are young and I pray that you find an answer to your problem early! If you do, please let the rest of us know. If you read the archives on this site, you will see that many are suffering with these same symptoms. However, Miniere's Disease supposively only strikes 1 out of 2000 people. Your stabbing headaches at the back of your head sound more migraine related to me.
this includes anticholinergic drugs over long periods, in particular ethanolamines such as Benadryl, used as an antihistamine and sleep aid, and Dramamine for nausea and motion sickness. Stimulants can cause fasciculations directly. These include caffeine, pseudoephedrine (Sudafed®), and the asthma bronchodilators albuterol/salbutamol (e.g. Proventil®, Combivent®, Ventolin®).
the stress levels, avoiding caffeine and relaxation i agree with. the artificial tears i do not. that doesnt work.
He took some blood and prescribed me some Claritin and Zantac to control the hives. When the blood results came back they didn't show anything very remarkable. He said that I had minor food allergies to corn, wheat and shrimp. I had never had any sort of noticeable allergic reaction to these food before and when I eat them now, they don't cause any sort of difference with the hives. A month or two passed and I was taking the Zantac and Claritin every day.
I read everything in the library on the subject of anxiety, I learned relaxing techniques, bought tapes, music, dvd's. Changed diet. Eliminated alcohol and caffeine. Got massages. Everything provided only a temporary relief. I started to make notes... the most severe anxiety started every 28 days (for a week) and sometimes in the 14 days. This when I suspected that mirena may have something with it. Then I found this site and several other sites.
I wore a halter for 24 hours, during that time I did not feel the usual pounding and skipped beats (of course), but it still came back showing benign premature ventricular contractions. I was told to be careful with caffeine and alcohol consumption and not to take antihistamine, I have had other tests done and was told they were normal and basically the Drs. were satisfied.
after 2 hours at the hospital she said she felt like a small child in the mind and her speech remained very slow and jerked and she could not walk unassistaed with very little control of her legs. they did blood tests CT scan of the head, chest xray, and all came back fine, all the response and nerve tests they do are all fine.
I have seen my GP about this problem and he has prescribed a nasal antihistamine spray called, Allecort. I used it one day and stopped, because it made me feel worse. The dizziness has now turned to lightheadedness for me. I am currently taking Benadryl-D Allergy & Sinus when I go to sleep and during the day I take Tylenol Sinus Congestion & Pain - Daytime tablets. These drugs seem to be helping, because I have not felt dizzy.
I have seasonal allergies to pollen, trees and outdoor molds and take an antihistamine every day starting in spring. 6. No injuries to any of the areas mentioned and I don't wear eye makeup at all. When I used to wear mascara I noticed that my eyes became very watery when I had it on. I moisturize my face every day with a mild, fragrance free moisturizer for sensitive skin, but even so, the lesions return periodically. The problem was worse a few years ago.
I do not want to stop taking my medication and I do not consume caffeine because this triggers my anxiety sometimes or makes the chest pain worse. I also am very aware of different relaxation technique and mindful meditation, breathing techniques. I am getting my masters in clinical psychology and I have tried everything I know to reduce my anxiety but the chest pains and increasing panic have persisted to the point where I am not able to finish my thesis.
I know cutting out caffeine (coffee, tea, chocolate, all soft drinks) helped me greatly. It's really important to cut out caffeine, and that means all caffeine, not just reducing it. Caffeine raises blood pressure and elevated blood pressure is the biggest risk factor. Good luck to you. I hope you feel better soon.
i suffer from this myself. helped by topical antihistamine use (like zaditor or alaway), oral antihistamine use (like claritin), and warm compresses. exacerbated by lack of sleep, lack of rest, caffeine, stimulants. 99% of all eyelid 'twitches' are this. sometimes takes weeks to go away. will come back again if you're still stressed or not getting enough sleep. 2) blepharospasm: nerve damage usually from an old virus (mono, etc).
The effect of the analgesic is boosted if either caffeine (a cup of coffee) or a dose of the sedative antihistamine diphenhydramine (Benadryl, 25mg) is taken at the same time. This should help.Pls do not take any stress and eat and drink healthy and do moderate exercises daily. If the symptoms persist then pls consult a neurologist and discuss the other possibility of occipital neuralgia and cluster headaches with him. Hope this helps.
It began with complete ear fullness. Went to internist, and he gave me Rhinocort and said to take Sudafed. It then appeared to go away for 2 weeks. Then it returned, but not to the severity as the first time. I proceeded to an ENT who peformed the test analyzing the pressure in the inner ear canals. Came back negative. I have continued to use the Rhinocort along with Sudafed and Claritin D. I then began to experience slight jaw pain in the area below the ear. Hurts when I chew.
plastic surgery in July (breast reduction and tummy tuck; high blood pressure and I am hypoglecemic. My PCP states he heard something in my neck and has ordered a Caritoid Ultrasound but I am concern that this is not my problem and it is something we are missing. I am having a low grade headache;some low grade burred vision; dizziness when turning over in the bed and some facial pain behind my eyes. Please tell me if we should be looking at other things.
Remind yourself that the fear, anxiety, sadness, moodiness, agitation are not real but the products of thoughts brought on by a brain out of balance chemically. Stay away from stimulants, caffeine and alcohol. Excercise regularly and eat well and often, don't let your blood sugar levels drop, it makes things worse. Don't overeat and watch your simple sugar intake. It's literally mind over mind on this one folks.
I also have a love/hate relationship with caffeine and wean myself off of it and then start back again probably 3 or 4 times a year. I will say, everytime I have had these episodes, have been in times that I am using caffeine. (with working 3 jobs and having 2 kids, not depending on it to get me through is easier said than done.) I am 31 and overweight, but exercise and am pretty healthy otherwise. any suggestions? good luck to you all!
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