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Since i volunteer at an animal shelter ilight>catilight> ilight>bitesilight> and scratches are pretty much an occupational hazard ilight>forilight> me. Got bit a couple of weeks ago on the back of my hand near the knuckles and it was a bit swollen for a couple of days. i just wash the wound thoroughly, use ice if it swells, and use some neosporin ointment and it fine in a couple of days.
They are quite over protective of ilight>catilight> ilight>bitesilight> and CDC recommendationa are to treat a bite of scratch (if akin is broken) with ilight>antibioticsilight>.
30 in the morning Swampy called ilight>forilight> the ilight>catilight>. She came jumped up on his bed, purred a bit and lay at his feet. At about 4:00am, a pillow fell off th bed and hit the ground with a thud. When Swampy leaned over to pick it up, the cat jumped up, clawed Swampy, then sank her teeth into his arm. Swampy pushed the cat back and just stared at her and said -- "kitty, why did you do this?" The cat growled. Swampy then got up to go to the bathroom to splash cold water on the wound.
Hopefully you cleaned the wound really good with soap and are keeping it clean. ilight>catilight> ilight>bitesilight> can go pretty deep (even kitten teeth) and if bacteria is deep in that wound an infection can happen. Think of it as their teeth are like little swords...go deeper than the width. if the wound gets red, hot, or any need to get antibiotics.
My problem is he's a biter! i had to go to the ER a month ago ilight>forilight> ilight>antibioticsilight>. my vet has suggested hormone therarpy, but the side effects haven't been well studied in cats. i've used Bach's Rescue Remedy to calm him, to no avail. i really LOVE this cat and want to keep him. My next step is a pheromone plug-in. Any ideas please? Thank you in advance!
i applied an 'inadine' gauze with a dry dressing ilight>forilight> approx 10 hours. it is approx 26 hours since the ilight>bitesilight> and the ilight>bitesilight> are more painful than they were, slightly red and warm. i know i ought to visit my doc, but it is the weekend and it didn't seem that bad at the time. i will see the doc tomorrow unless you think it is not necessary. i do not have a fever, but my normal body temp is low anyway and i may not show a fever (usually between 34.7 - 35.5).
They can NOT turn you away. ilight>catilight> ilight>bitesilight> are very very likely to become infected-more so than dog ilight>bitesilight>.
i noticed it's when you are petting him then the next minute his wrapping his legs around my arm trying to see if he can naw it off. i had a ilight>catilight> before him ilight>forilight> 19 years and never had him bite me. i am not sure what to do with him. i have tried flicking him in the nose, pointing my finger at him and telling him no only makes him want to bite you more.
update on kitties- The barn cats getting better, he needs more care tho more ilight>forilight> general health before hes set loose again. And greys doing wonderful. All i did ilight>forilight> their ilight>bitesilight> is drain them, flush them with sterile saline in a can from wal-mart, and then apply Penicillin directly to the wound 2 to 4 times a day. They both also got a 1cc shot of it as well when they first got hurt. Also used something called NFZ Puffer, which is Nitrofurazone on the barn kitty.
The only rooms with doors were up stairs so i decided to run so i threw the pillow that was in my hands down onto the ilight>catilight> and made a run ilight>forilight> the stairs but he ran after me and got ahold of me on the stairs. i do have either cat scratches or bites on my leg and foot where he got me. And i'm not sure if i shook him off my leg or not but he noticed the other cat sitting on the stairs and immediately went after him.
Additionally, there is no vaccine ilight>forilight> Feline Aids and this could be contracted by ilight>bitesilight>. Other possibilities ilight>forilight> the bump could be a penetrating foreign body, a splinter, other traumatic wound, scratches, etc.
Hi Lencute, From what i understand you are already under a doctors care ilight>forilight> this wound. That is excellent and as it should be. ilight>catilight> ilight>bitesilight> are serious because they carry a great deal of bacteria that is driven deep into the skin by the puncture wound they inflict . After a cat bite a doctor should be seen immediately and antibiotics should also be prescribed along with a Tetanus booster shot. Waiting over a day may have caused you some complications.
ilight>Antibioticsilight> are ilight>forilight> bacterial infections. Scabs are a stage of healing in wounds that inhibit infections. Pulling off the scabs prolongs their healing and increases the risk of infection. if the vets have ruled out allergies, bacterial or fungal infection, and parasitic bites, then they are wounds. Let the current ones heal and find the source of any new ones. She could be rubbing herself against something that is abrading her skin.
anything at all i could greatly use your help and would be super appreciative. i deeply love my ilight>catilight> but refuse to live in fear in my own home. HELP!! Thanks ilight>forilight> taking the time...
She is very hipper and bouncy, she runs around and ilight>bitesilight>. She had never been so hipper like this before in her life. it is unusual ilight>forilight> me to see ilight>catilight> wanting to run and jump like this after surgery. i had male cats before and they never had act like this after surgery. You are first person mentioned you cat being hipper and this is exactly i was reading this website. i am glad i am not alone.
Anyway, i have started w/litter change, trying him on all chicken ilight>catilight> treats ilight>forilight> now. i have cut the end off of an ankle sock and put it on his neck. it looks like hes wearing a dicky. it doesnt seem to bother him at all and he isn't scratchin his neck area. He hasn't been outside in two days and already i can tell he isn't in a panic mode as he has been. So i hope it will be a simple allergy to woods or litter.
Can you clarify this for me and tell me what the source of the problem is with ilight>catilight> ilight>bitesilight>? Thanks ilight>forilight> any help you can offer.
i couldn't do that. Specifically, i'm asking ilight>forilight> confirmation that ilight>catilight> ilight>bitesilight> can be as dangerous as i've been told. No one on the support forum i follow has been warned of this by their doctors and they even appear to doubt that this can be true. Can you clarify this for me and tell me what the source of the problem is with cat bites? Thanks for any help you can offer.
He was an EXTREMELY aggressive cat, there were many times prior to using this technique that his ilight>bitesilight> were deep, to the bone and one time even required a trip to the ER ilight>forilight> iV ilight>antibioticsilight>, a cats bite can easily become a dangerous infection. But as i have stated there is hope, if my Sami could be trained than i believe any cat can. good luck and continue to post and let us know how its going ok.
it really sounds like you are getting the proper treatment from your doctor . i know a few people who had to get the series if shots after dog ilight>bitesilight>, ilight>catilight> ilight>bitesilight>, and one from a gopher and they were all fine. if you feel i'll at all or the areas look infected, give your doctor a call.
Since than we have been giving her ranitidin and all was fine until a month ago, at that time my mother, who is living with the ilight>catilight> left ilight>forilight> a holiday (this might be related or not). ilight>catilight> stopped eating once again. This time she was tested for HiV and FiV (negative) and given infusion and apaurin and half an hour later she started esting.
This is js horrible ilight>forilight> me. i am a huge ilight>catilight> lover and i mean who hasnt gotten the occasional surface scratch or bite when you play with the furry feline? i am so disappointed and angry at the moment. This has never happened to me where i need to go to a dr to get medical attention! Last weekend we rescued this stray by my bank wells fargo. (Now his name) we are treating him, and releasing him so that he knows our house/area and comes for food.
When we first got her she was lovable and would lay with us. At her vet appointment (a week later) we were told she needed 3 kinds of ilight>antibioticsilight> ilight>forilight> the week. One went in her eyes, one went in her ears and the last was an oral medication. We had to "kitty burrito" her just to get her to take the meds. Needless to say she was not happy. After that she has been really skittish. She runs from us but will warm up after a minute or 2 and then come to us.
VPi, the insurance company, recently released the top 10 list of wild animals which most frequently attacked and injured companion pets in 2008. ilight>Bitesilight> led to over 500 laceration/bite wound claims. And the culprits are... 1. Snake 2. Coyote 3. Raccoon 4. Squirrel 5. Scorpion 6. Javelina 7. Porcupine 8. Ground hog 9. Skunk 10. Rat Not sure what a javelina is?
i NEED SOME iNPUT FROM SOMEONE THAT KNOWS ABOUT catS AND STUFF.... So i have this ilight>catilight> and he only goes outside for a few hours every night. So yesterday we noticed that he has a huge squishy lump on his head. Right on top. it looks exactly like a abscess before being drained. But here's the kicker...there's not sign of trauma on or around the lump. No bites/punctures wounds, no scratch marks..nothing. Just a lump with no signs of how it got there.
//>catilight>-scratch-disease/page1.aspx http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.
The Feliway diffuser that you plug into the wall is an excellent choice. Also regular exercise ilight>forilight> a young ilight>catilight> is also very good. Those little birds on fishing poles that you can buy at any pet store really do the trick. My MewMew who is a Maine Coon goes off on tangents too and then i know that she is not getting the exercise she needs and out comes the birds on the poles.
i did manage to get him to eat a couple of ilight>bitesilight> of wet food and then he walked away (odd ilight>forilight> the guy who LOVES to eat!
When we first got her she was lovable and would lay with us. At her vet appointment (a week later) we were told she needed 3 kinds of ilight>antibioticsilight> ilight>forilight> the week. One went in her eyes, one went in her ears and the last was an oral medication. We had to "kitty burrito" her just to get her to take the meds. Needless to say she was not happy. After that she has been really skittish. She runs from us but will warm up after a minute or 2 and then come to us.
if its crystals plus a UTi than he will also need ilight>antibioticsilight> very soon. if it were my ilight>catilight> i wouldn't wait, i'm really upset with the Vet that didn't check this out for him. Of course it could be a many other problems...this is just my guess of the most likely. Did the Vet even do bloodwork? You are the best judge of your cat not acting normally and like i said the hiding too are both indications of PAiN.