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Has anyone had an angiogram with the catheter inserted in arm or neck instead of the groin? I don't think I could take the groin without serious nerve spasms.
Well I had my angiogram and they found a 90% blockage in my LAD. They put in 2 stents side by side to open it up. I hope this is over now. Thanks to all that have helped me through this.
One of my friends, a physician's assistant with coronary artery problems which have required several catheterizations in the past, just told me about his last angiogram in which they ran the catheter through the WRIST, via the radial artery. He said it was a piece of cake compared to his previous experiences. Here is more info about this procedure:
Long story short she had an angiogram procedure done, she felt a pain in her chest and went into cardiac arrest. after 35 minutes she was brought back. The doctor said she had 2 blood clots and it magically disappeared and no surgery was needed. She is up and very well. She feels that the angiogram caused her heart to stop. We are looking into it since there was no shortness of breath, and she was shopping and totally fine all day.
I'm a 28 year old female, and I was just told I have suspected coronary artery disease. After a myriad of tests, angiogram (through the wrist) is my only option. I want to know about females here who have had angiograms and how they were. I'm actually petrified, and I'm supposed to go in two weeks. I know the risks are relatively low, but they stand out so much in my mind that I need to have some positive feedback here to help alleviate some of my fears... Thanks in advance!
Kind of a contradiction.........(jk) In either case, it sounds like the wrist would be a much more comfortable procedure if there was a qualified individual to perform it.
I am 63 years old working in Shanghai, China where the air quality is poor (100-400 AQi in the winter, but hit a record over 800 once in December). I have only started wearing a respirator outdoors in the past two weeks, but plan to wear it any day the AQI is high (most days!). I have never been a smoker or heavy drinker. I am 5'6", 155 lbs. My blood pressure has not been more than slightly high until a couple of months ago after I spent a week in Beijing (December 7-13).
I have had a Sciatica problem in the past and had my disc decompressed in an outpatient procedure. I have had great relief but occasionally if I stress out my back the disc gel oozes out the rupture and I have to squeeze it back in. The other day I wore a lumbar back brace, the kind with elastic in it, and the multiple velcro fasteners.
Also my cardiologist says he is going to do the stents through my wrist ,I had the angiogram through the groin .I was hoping they would put the stents in that way as well.
After some consideration,they both agreed for me to get this procedure.The angiogram revealed that i had a 5cm narrowing in the mid ventrical of the RCA,it was 98% blocked,which they had to intervene imediately.I recieved two 25mm drug eluting stents.I also had 50% narrowing of the LAD.I was told at the time that i would need another stent at a later date.I was kept in overnight,which they gave me warferain intraveniously.
I have had a angiogram 10 years ago and everything was clear, no blockages anywhere. Now, there is slight angina more often than it used to seem to occur, but when I excercise, nothing hurts, all is well. Blood tests are all OK, but the physician suggested the CT scan.
To rule out your arteries I would have an angiogram (line in leg). This is a painless procedure and will tell a thousand stories about your heart in detail. An angiogram will see all blockages, including bridges or even spasms.
I'm betting that the doctor had a question in his/her mind when the procedure took place, and in the months that followed, read a research bit that make him/her think twice about what happened with you. In my work, I've had that experience where recent research brought up new information and I would call up a company and suggest there is more information and my fix wasn't complete and we needed a second look. I'm thinking you have an outstanding medical team working for you.
pulse Along with the flip-flop feeling, thats how I used to feel them, I wonder now if I could be having them a lot more than I think - that is if they can happen with no pause in my wrist pulse. Or maybe I'm having pacs and maybe they don't cause as much of a pause in my wrist pulse. I just keep telling myself that it doesn't really matter since both pvcs and pacs are benign, since I'm not having other symptoms and all my cardiac tests have been normal.
Now I still suffer some pain in my chest and toward my back area. I am going to get another angiogram in October 2013. I am going to tell my doctor of the continued problem. My conclusion to all this is either the medication is making sick or already caused an ulcer on the esophagus by the sternum area. Or I still have a heart problem. Once in awhile I go a day or two without any pain or problems I have talked to people that have had a heart attack even died in the surgery room.
All I have to say to that is that your cardiologist was right and you should have an Angiogram. The Calcium Score alone won't tell you anything and I heard from too many people on this forum that a CT-A misses a lot of the soft plaque and should, therefore not be used to get a definite answer on the degree of your blockages.
Hi, Really, they happen so fast that I don't think I could get my fingers to my other wrist in time to see if I can feel them as individual beats. It's just a brief flurry of activity. Very rapid. As I said, in my case, my Cardiologist said that they were insignificant. You should consult with your Cardiologist, perhaps you could be given a loop event monitor. Hearts can do some strange things.
The EP is the one who specializes in electrical problems with the hearts conduction system. He is right in saying that the Atrial Tach will NOT kill you and I agree, it is definitely a nusience. I hope that this post will calm your fears. Feel free to ask any further questions.
The key to any successful cardiac surgery is the experience of your surgeon and their preference for valves ( bioprosthetic vs. mechanical ) or repairs ( the Ross or David procedure ) in your case. The stentless valve has far more experience in Canada and is used less extensively in the U.S. You may want to discuss specifically with your surgeon their experience, pump times and long term efficacy with this particular valve.
Sounds like a stupid question, but I haven't known anyone who had this situation and i do not want to go thru the angiogram again if this is just a typical or normal event after stent is put in. I haven't dared do anything again, and trying to treadmill walk produces the same "jaw ache" after 3 minutes at 1.5 mph.
5 days in the hospital they found a blood clot in one of the veins in my brain. My neurologist gave me the diagnosis Transverse sinus Thrombosis. I have searched all over the internet and have not found a lot of information on this and it will be about a week until I see my doctor. Does any one know if there is any complications or information on this kind of clot?
I went into the hospital on Jan 14, 2009 for a routine procedure to fix the pseudo-aneurysm and while the doctor was performing the diagnostic portion of the procedure (an Angiogram) the catheter caused a new dissection in my right carotid artery. They stopped the procedure immediately, sent me to ICU and I have been on warfarin since. They also put me back on propranolol (a beta blocker used to keep your blood pressure low) to try to prevent any migraine attacks.
Feel your pulse at your neck or wrist. Count the beats in a minute (you might even feel the skipps to) but just count the beats if it is under 100 it is still normal.....:) ACCORDING TO WHAT I HAVE READ... ++++But definetly see the Cardiologist, and make a little list of quesitons so when you get there you don't forget. Even something that you think might be silly to ask, just ask it and get an answer. WE ARE NOT DR'S HERE.
The procedure entered into the artery of my right wrist, not the groin. I was in the hospital about 30-hours and walked out without any assistance or major concerns. Today, I completed a 20 mile bike ride and can't believe how effortless the bike ride was. Thanks to CCFheartMD11 for your spot on response to my concern. My ego seemed to have gotten in the way of the obvious signs of an impending heart attack.
2 weeks after the birth of my daughter, I started having tingling / burning in hands and feet, abnormal sensations and cramping in right wrist, tendons would tense up when I bent down and my muscles twitched. Well most of this has went away except I`m still slightly twitching and the tendons in my left heel still tense up when I bend down, and I still get a slight tingling in that ankle. But I`ve also seemed to have developed a new symptom...
Three years ago something happened to me that I still haven't figured out - my heart started beating very fast and my BP went way up (so high that with every heartbeat I could see the tiny capillaries in my eyes as an overlay on my visual field). Paramedics couldn't bring them down so took me to "A&E" (aka the ER - I'm American but live in England).
He also said that this injury/condition is very rare and that there is no surgical procedure in any of the text books to address this. Anyway, he told me that he has seen this once before. Someone from China flew in to see him since nobody in China could help him. This person did end up needing surgery. I really liked this ENT doctor/surgeon...especially since he said to me "I will give you any infomation I can give you with your options...
I am freaking out because my dad passed away this past March due to a rare appendix cancer (pseudomixoma peritonei) that several MD's could not find, nor diagnose properly once they found it, another story in you know how the paranoia sets in. I don't have a lot of faith in MD's right now. Anyone out there have any input? Can the liver be screwed up for this long and still avoid being detected? Can inflamation be detected by ultrasound?
G., etc.) and now they want to do an angiogram which would cost $20,000.00. The only thing they found in my stress test was that my heart's lower chamber seemed to have a slight lack of blood flow, but they said it could be a false positive.
My symptoms started to go away and I was able to get back to my normal activities, and felt better than I ever had in my life. Couldn't believe I was walking around in such misery for so long!! I since moved and have went about 2 1/2 months without going to the chiropractor and guess what-- symptoms slowly started to creep back. Then 2 weeks ago I had to call 911, my heartrate was extremely fast and I was dizzy and very sick.
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