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Avatar_n_tn When I was a little girl I used to use hair pin to clean my ears, I probably have them inpected and never seen a doctor for it. Till I lost my hearing on my left ear. I went to see an ear doctor and I get it check sure enough I lost my hearing. So he have a little tube put into my ear. This happen 10 years ago. Now I get the other ear having problem, I have a severe cold allergies which I get ones a year.
Avatar_n_tn I am dealing with the same exact issue right now with my nine month old. He was taking amoxicillin for an ear infection and he had the same reaction. His rash is worse today than it has been. I am guessing that the medicine is just still in his system even though we have quit taking it, therefore he still has the rash. He is now on a different antibiotic and I am giving him benydryl too. I wish someone who knows would respond to your post.
Avatar_f_tn Doctor, im pregnant im thinking im about 7 weeks pregnant and I have a sore throat and ear ache. Is there a cettain type of medicine i can take while pregnant to get rid of this sickness?
Avatar_n_tn I've got this ear ache that irritates me my right gland under jaw is swollen and it hurts but it moves around and my right tonsil is swollen and sore when eat or swallow
Avatar_n_tn Hard lump behind the ear. For almost a month now, I have been having sharp throbbing pains on my left side of the skull, mainly above the ear located right on the bone and thought it was just a migrane due to dizziness and have been taking exedrine migrane.
Avatar_m_tn They are not excruciating but as I say they just feel as a muscle ache. The 'ache' is more apparent when I lay down at night to go to sleep it feels like the ache gets worse as I am lay down rather than stood up. Does the problem in the neck and clogged ear sound linked to a possible ear infection from swimming?
Avatar_n_tn ahhhhhhhh this season is bringing more n more sickness.... i had sinus congestion and then had ear ache too right ear... few days ago it felt blocked with sharp pain using motrin worked..also right side throat was sore n neck was swollen... but i've seen a doc n have ear fluid n infection ...i am on amoxicillin, nasal spray n also sudafed to clear congestion...feel much better now...gud luck greywolf007 n dont delay to see a doc...
Avatar_n_tn chronic headache, massive ear ache, ear fullness, dizziness, nauseousness, and vertigo that lasted two days and suddenly went away. I also ended up getting paralysis on the right side of my face (later diagnosed with Bell's Palsey). Eventually, after MRI, Spinal Tap, x-ray, and blood tests, I was diagnosed with viral meningitis, resulting in nerve damages to my ear and a mild case of Bell's Palsey. They put me on Prednisone for the nerve damage to my ear.
Avatar_n_tn So eventually, I went to the doctor who gave me pills named Starclav 500 (which i found out was Amoxicillin and clavunic acid). I took the pills for three days, which made the symptoms go away. After that I seemed to be alright and was back home by mid Jan. Mid Feb 2010, I have had some strange discomfort below jaw (what seemed like a swollen lymph node), went to check neck lymph nodes no problem. Went ENT doctor told him about Thailand, and swollen gland on the right side.
Avatar_f_tn I also have pain in my ear,tongue, and jaw on the left side. I've been trying to find relief for more years than anyone on a medical help board would want to hear. Have you gotten any help since May?
Avatar_f_tn When I went to the doctor, he said he saw no problems other than in my left sinuses which he assumed was the problem for my ear ache/runny nose/sore throat, etc. I've been taking nasonex, sudafed, and just today stopped taking my amoxicillin pills. My problem is that now I have no ear infection, but I have a LOT of bright green mucus in my nose, and I have a persistent cough every time I take a deep breath and even when I'm talking for more than a few seconds.
Avatar_n_tn Hi - Not sure if i am posting in the correct area,however...I have a sore gland on the right side of my neck. If i turn my head to the left,i can hear a "shoosh" noise in my left ear. The gland in my neck will ache & thump under my right ear It makes me feel moody & or alter my sense of where i am,if that makes sense? My left arm is a bit weak & if i yawn,i feel a nausia feeling and the gland in my neck will ache. I also feel short of breath a bit.
Avatar_n_tn To say that it's unpleasant doesn't quite capture the torture that it causes but anyway I notice now that the weather is warmer where I live and although I lost my job which was a big source of stress I no longer feel the ear and jaw pain for over a week now which for me is better than winning the lotto. I do feel you should try the acupuncture they will get to the root of the problem also if your already seeing a chiropractor adjusting your neck will also help.
3051583_tn?1352469361 As inflammation in the nose and sinuses can cause inflammation around the Eustachian tube, which is the tube that runs from the back of the nose to the middle ear and is responsible for draining the middle ear of fluid. If there is Eustachian tube dysfunction from nose or sinus inflammation, fluid can remain in the middle ear which can lead to dizziness. If you do have a chronic sinus infection, typical antibiotic treatment is for 4-6 weeks.
Avatar_f_tn i will also do duo test after 28 days and may i take it as a good sign for my duo test. please need advice on pcr rna test. really feeling worried.
223152_tn?1346981971 I was just going to try another round of antibiotics, like Amoxicillin though, because my throat and ear hurt, on the same side as the tooth ache....
Avatar_m_tn Within about 5 days, however, the sore throat returned with a vengeance, and the next day I experienced severe ear pain, jaw ache and tooth ache. My ear felt blocked and I couldn't hear properly through it. I went to my GP and he diagnosed me with an ear infection and prescribed the antibiotic Klaricid. Again, this took care of my sore throat and slowly eased the pain in my ear (though bloody pus discharges were coming from it).
Avatar_m_tn had Swollen and painful lymph node behind the knees ,under armpits for 1 year or more 4.Now have swollen and painful lymph node behind the ear 5.Recurrent Low grade Fevers 6.Fatigue 7. Had a bout of Jaundice 6 months back 6.Folliculitus 7.Rash on palm every few months over past 2 years 6.Mouth ulcers inside the wall of cheeks and tongue and gums 7.Ongoing thin white ridges on tongue sides 8.
Avatar_n_tn The pain then moved to the other side, and the nose bridge became tender to touch. The nose cartilage itself seems to be infected. Started amoxicillin two days ago (prescribed for the earlier sinus infection). It is starting to feel a little better. I was really worried about staph or MRSP. Glad to know I am not the only one with this bizarre infection. I'm giving it two more days.
Avatar_f_tn To further clarify the point I was trying to make above, I should mention that there is a major difference between "drug side effects" and "allergic reactions." The commonly experienced side effects of chemo drugs (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, hair loss, fingernail and toenail changes, etc.) are related to CHARACTERISTICS OF THE DRUGS, and are therefore experienced to a greater or lesser extent by just about everyone who takes them.
Avatar_m_tn Also, I received propoxphene for pain, which works well. The swelling continued into my ear and eye by the following day (today), and I was in great discomfort, so I went to a local "express-care" facility for a second opinion. The doc changed my med from amoxicillin to Levaquin 500mg / 1 per day. The persistant pressure in my face is driveing me absolutely nuts. Any advice???? Would an IV of antibiotics be better? What should i do?
480448_tn?1426952138 So, he started me back on ATB's and referred me to an oral surgeon, to extract a tooth in the back (not the tooth I suspect is the cause of my woes), and for him to evaluate the situation, to make sure there isn't something my DMD is missing, which I admire him for.0 I took 2 double doses of the Amoxicillin yesterday as per his instructions, and within hours, I noticed some changes.
15211698_tn?1439163236 This is the approximate date this "episode began." I believed it to be an abscessed cavity in my bottom far right molar. OR my long over due wisdom teeth pushing through. I have been having mild on and off again bouts that I related to mid life teething! I chalked it up to wisdom teeth. This time however it was anything but mild. I begged for any pain killer I could find from friends. I went through a tube of jell and a bottle of liquid tooth numbing agents..
Avatar_n_tn They are for many things, like ear ache, tooth prevention of infection, for a commonn cold, and the latter is a pain killer.
Avatar_n_tn On Monday I had a low grade fever (99.5), dizziness, and a dull ache in my right ear. I was told by the Nurse Practitioner that I had fluid in both ears, and my right ear was infected. She prescribed Amoxicillin 250mg capsules 3 times per day for 10 days. On Wednesday, after 7 doses of Amoxicillin, my right (infected) ear was extremely itchy deep inside. Is that normal? What is that caused by? (Why did it change from ache to itch?
Avatar_n_tn Hi - I have a sore gland on the right side of my neck. If i turn my head to the left,i can hear a "shoosh" noise in my left ear. The gland in my neck will ache & thump under my right ear It makes me feel moody & or alter my sense of where i am,if that makes sense? My left arm is a bit weak & if i yawn,i feel a nausia feeling and the gland in my neck will ache. I also feel short of breath a bit. I assumed it was a possible respiratory or sinus infection.
Avatar_f_tn By the end of the week however, by body aches were terrible making me weak and stuck in bed. Now its the second week, no aches, no sore throat, occasional ear ache, but I had sore armpits for two days. I could not palpate anything, just soreness lower breast and armpits. That has resolved now, but I'm still very weak. I had a boyfriend whom I suspected of cheated and went and got tested in June, which was negative for everything and I'm going back at the end of Aug.
Avatar_f_tn I was tested for strep after 2 weeks and that came back negative. I was given amoxicillin for a week and that did not improve anything. I also have had an ear ache with the sore throat, though it seems to be more behind or under the ear at times. I do not have GERD, I have recently been to a GI and everything was fine there. I do not have spots or patches in my throat, though I have what looks like a single flesh colored bump on one tonsil though that may have always been there.
Avatar_n_tn Hello, My husband has had a severe ear ache and sore throat for over a week now. He has seen two rn's, and has been told that he has tonsillitis. However, he has been on amoxicillin, zithromax, rocefrin (3 shots now), omnicef, and a shot of steroids. He is still not better. It hurts to talk and swallow both in his ears and throat (mostly in his right ear). Does anyone have any idea what's going on or what he should do to get some relief? He did go to an ear/nose/throat dr.